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Update 26th February 2021

Dragons Zoom Fitness Sessions For All – Every Saturday during Lockdown at 9.30am – We all need to get fit for when football starts again.

To join click on the link at 9.25am:  .The session starts at 9.30am sharp and will last 45 minutes:   

Restart of Grassroots Football:

You will have seen the Government’s route out of Lockdown. If the progress on vaccinations, and decline in infections, continues we should be able to restart from the 29th March. We know however that The Middlesex County Football Association has decided to cancel the County Cups for this 2020/21 season. We do not know how our various leagues intend to respond to the reopening. One can see their difficulty as it is not a straightforward matter. In the same way it takes two to tango it takes all the clubs taking part to run a league and the various pitches to be available. We will continue to monitor the situation and let you know as soon as we know.  We will be restarting football but we do not know in what form yet.

Next Coaches’ Conference Scheduled for Tuesday 9th March:

All our coaches should attend. The topic will be “Kick-start your Coaching Philosophy bearing in mind the Dragons Ethos” . Further briefing documents will be sent to the coaches in the next few days.

Best wishes

Update 19th February 2021

Dragons Zoom Fitness Sessions For All – Every Saturday during Lockdown at 9.30am – We all need to get back to peak fitness. Join in, you will be delighted you did.

To join click on the link at 9.25am:  .The session starts at 9.30am sharp and will last 45 minutes.   

Players who are already joining in  sessions organised  for their own team can always join this extra session.  As a famous coach once said “A Fit Dragon is a Good Dragon”

Next Coaches’ Conference Scheduled for Tuesday 9th March:

The topic will be “Kick-start your Coaching Philosophy bearing in mind the Dragons Ethos”. Again there will prove not to be always easy answers.

Restart of Grassroots Football:

Boris Johnson has said he will set out a ‘route map’ out of lockdown in the week commencing 22 February –  ie next week. In the past, sometimes these announcements have then needed to be interpreted by the FA, MCFA and the three leagues we play in.  We hope to be able to give more guidance in our next update. In the meantime keep fit in the sure knowledge that the end is coming in sight

Best wishes

Update 11th February 2021

Dragons Zoom Fitness Sessions For All – Ever Saturday during Lockdown at 9.30am – Join in, everybody  who does is delighted they did.

To join click on the link at 9.25am:  .The session starts at 9.30am sharp and will last 45 minutes:   

The format is :

  • 15 mins – Fitness Test (series of basic exercises lasting 30 seconds with as many repetitions as possible followed by 30 seconds rest).
  • 25 mins – Workout with exercises to improve speed, agility and stamina
  •   5 mins – Cool Down and Stretch

Please have a bottle of water, towel, paper and pencil  handy. You will be able to chart your progress week by week.

Rose, our trainer,  is very experienced having had to train to become the UK Karate Champion for 5 years in a row,  winning the European Gold medal along the way.

Successful Coaches’ Conference held on Tuesday 9 Feb:

There was an excellent turnout for our Conference. The “Break Out Rooms” proved a successful technological leap forward and allowed the smaller groups to discuss:

  1. At what age do you feel it is reasonable to focus on winning as opposed to player development ?
  2. How long would you allow your team to play in a certain style, that has been worked on in training, but yet you keep losing or not putting into practice?
  3. What considerations do you take into account to inform your decision ?
  4. How many substitutes do you feel is realistic to take on a match day (for 7, 9 and 11 side matches) ?
  5. What are the main tasks that need to be carried out on a match day for the Coach and for the Manager ?
  6. At what point do these preparations start if a match is scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday ?

There proved to be no easy answers but one overall important conclusion was that Managers and Coaches need to work together as a team.  

Best wishes

Update 3rd February 2021

Dragons Zoom Fitness Sessions For All – starting this Saturday 6th of Feb at 9.30am – Join in, you will delighted you did.

To join click on the link at 9.25am:  .The session starts at 9.30am sharp and will last 45 minutes:   

Rose has been holding zoom fitness sessions for our U12 Girls team for the last few weeks. They have proved a tremendous success with parents and siblings joining in – to begin with often behind their sofas but increasingly in full zoom view! Such has been their success that Rose offered to run sessions for the whole club so everybody is encouraged to join in. The lockdown will be one day be over so we all need to get back into peak condition and joining Rose is the way to do it. Rose’s sessions are designed for all abilities.

The format is :

  • 15 mins – Fitness Test (series of basic exercises lasting 30 seconds with as many repetitions as possible followed by 30 seconds rest).
  • 25 mins – Workout with exercises to improve speed, agility and stamina
  •   5 mins – Cool Down and Stretch

Please have a bottle of water, towel, paper and pencil  handy. You will be able to chart your progress week by week.

Rose is very experienced having had to train to become the UK Karate Champion for 5 years in a row,  winning the European Gold medal along the way.

Coaches’ Conference –  Tuesday 9 Feb from 7.00 to 8.15pm

All our coaches and Football Development Officers should attend the next Coaches’  Conference. We have invested in Zoom break out rooms so we will be able to split off into groups to discuss issues and report back to the main group. The zoom link will be send out separately.

Remember “A fit Dragon is a Good Dragon”

Update 29th January 2021

Newsflash: Zoom Fitness Sessions starting Saturday 6th Feb at 9.30am.

Rose, U12 Girls Manager, is holding free fitness sessions for players, parents and all. Rose’s passion is football but, after her professional career in Milan was cut short by injury, she switched to Karate to become UK Champion 5 years in a row,  winning the European Championships Gold medal along the way. Rose will structure the 45 minute sessions into:

  • 15 mins – Fitness Test (series of basic exercises for 30 seconds with as many repetitions as possible, followed by 30 secs rest). Participants will be able to track their progress each week
  • 25 mins – Workout with exercises to improve speed, agility and stamina
  •   5 mins – Cool down, Stretch

The Zoom link will be sent out next week.

The Riddle:

The response to last week’s riddle has been intense with your correspondent hardly able to open his metaphorical front door for the pile of wrong answers.  Indeed it was apparent that skulduggery was afoot when an innocent looking parishioner at St Johns turned around at the end of last Sunday’s service to enquire as to the answer. Under vigorous cross questioning it transpired that she had been engaged by a certain striker and goalie to prise the answer from your correspondent. Rules are of course Rules, as our various Leagues are fond of reminding us, so no information was forthcoming.

The answer is “One for All and All for One” as in Alexandre Dumas’s motto of the three Musketeers:  Aramis; Porthos and Athos. A fitting motto for our Dragon football teams

Our overall winner was Helen Wilson, U13s Boys Manager, who emailed the correct answer at 11.18am last Saturday morning. Adam Brown, our IT Manager had pipped her to the quiz post at 11.16am but was judged to have entered the pitch early and disqualified. The next correct answers were: Robert McMillan (11.32); Sandra Crane, U12s Boys Manager (11.48); Piers Wilson (12.25, with the Referees’ Enquiry judging that he had not peeked over the shoulder of his lighting quick wife Helen); Rob Burleigh, U17s Manager (12.36);  Rob Matthews, Senior Football Sec (12.39); Emma Turner- Samuels (13.48); Trudy Crockett (14.08) and Stephen Toth (16.41). The final whistle was blown at 5pm. Well done everybody – you left the rest kicking their literary selves. Tremendous prizes await you all at our next in person event.

Coaches’ Training Conference:

All our coaches should attend the next session on 9th February, with the theme “How do you Approach Match day?”

For those of you trying to remember last week’s riddle:

  • Man U             4 – Man City    1
  • Arsenal            4 –  QPR         1
  • Rangers           4 – Burnley      1
  • Charlton           4 – Chelsea     1
  • Fulham             4 – Liverpool    4

All the best everybody

Update 22nd January 2021

  • Kensington Dragons Update:

    If only Trump had been a Dragon – he would have learnt to how to lose gracefully and shake hands when leaving the pitch.

    We carry on following the lockdown rules but at least the end is in sight. To keep our coaches in peak condition we have continued with our Training Conferences. The next one is on 9th February, with the theme “How do you Approach Match day?” – not with trepidation one hopes. All our coaches should attend.

    For the cerebral among you see if you can work out what well know literary phrase the followings represents:

    Man U             4 – Man City    1

    Arsenal            4 –  QPR          1

    Rangers           4 – Burnley      1

    Charlton          4 –  Chelsea      1

    Fulham            4 – Liverpool     4

    Clue: It has nothing to do with football. The first to email me with the correct answer will earn a tremendous prize

    All the best everybody

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Update 5th January 2021

Kensington Dragons Update 5 January 2021:

As you probably know, our matches and training have had to stop again.  The good news is that when we come out of this new Lockdown we are probably coming out of it for ever. By then the vaccine program will be in full swing and the sun shining. The season may be extended until June and even July.  In the meantime we will press on with our virtual Coaches’ Conference and Training Program whilst making significant progress in our quest for better facilities. We will burst out of this difficult past year like a chrysalis to stun the footballing world – splendidly attired in our new training tops which are even now wending their way to London.

To fill the possible void I can recommend reading  “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman – it is a clever, funny, murder mystery which is heart-warming in places.

This organising then de-organising football reminds me of the grand old Duke of York:

He had ten thousand men
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again

And when they were up, they were up
And when they were down, they were down
And when they were only half-way up
They were neither up nor down

All the best everybody

Update & Results W/E 20th December 2020

We have secured our first promotion  – to Tier 4.  We would now naturally have a rest over the Christmas/ NY break and plan to start matches again on the weekend of 9th & 10th January. Our current advice is that at least youth football will be allowed to start again then. This has certainly been an unusual year for all of us. On the narrow footballing front it has been difficult keeping the “Footballing Show on the Road” through stop/starts, coaches and players off due to Covid and council staff furloughed – a perfect storm.  On the whole we have pulled through by working together and covering for absences where possible and generous donations, so well done everybody for being so helpful and mostly cheerful in difficult times. A certain bleak humour helps –  as one of our managers said “Even though we don’t produce much in the UK we were the first with the new Covid mutant”

Results W/E 20th December:

We end the footballing year undefeated with all our teams winning over the weekend. The mathematically inclined may notice that most matches were postponed due to Covid but never the less all those Dragons that entered the field came away victorious:

The U12 Boys beat Celtic 6-2 away. This was a fantastic performance from the Dragons who, despite going down 0-1 early on, kept their composure and as the game progressed got better and better.  Every player had a big contribution to play in the win. It is a tribute to the Coaches, Managers and Players that they have progressed so much since the end of last season as Under 11s – mostly with the same players. They have hugely grown in stature and maturity. Well done.

The U13 Girls beat Wealdstone 2-1 at home in a tense, exciting match. The first half was an even affair but the Dragons went into the break 1-0 up with a goal on the stroke of half-time. Unfortunately the Wealdstone parents have yet to reach that state of maturity where they can cope with being behind in a match they assumed they would win. They complained about everything from the pitch to the referee. A commotion at half time affected the Dragons at the restart as Wealdstone equalised from a Dragons mistake,  playing out from a goal kick. The match continued to be evenly contested until the Dragons found a winner in the final 10 minutes. This was a tremendous performance from the Dragons who kept their composure right to the end and in doing so scored the vital winner. Well done to the Coach, Manager and  Parents.   

The U10s trained and then played a match against the U11 Boys. This was their only second only match but one could see definite signs of improvement in the U10s as they start to progress to being entered into the League.   

All the remaining matches could not be played due to Covid. The Coaches, Managers or Players from the oppositions or Dragons either had symptoms or had to isolate because they had been in contact with somebody with Covid. Frustrating but the whole world is in much the same Covid boat.

Happy Christmas and New Year to everybody – it may be quieter for most than usual but good news is just around the corner.

Update & Results W/E 13th December 2020

 With London in Tier 3 we must all be extra careful to continue to socially  distance. The Government’s ruling is however that outdoor organised football matches can continue. There is therefore one weekend left before we break for the Christmas / New Year break.

Results W/E 13th December:

The Firsts drew 3-3 with Indian Gymkhana away in the Premiership.  Despite the long break the Dragons played well, despite conceding an early goal, before equalising and playing fantastic football for the next 30 minutes. Two 2 clear chances should have put the Dragons in front but  it was Gymkhana who scored – twice! The second half was absolutely fantastic with the Dragons playing with passion as they camped in Gymkhana’s half to score twice to equalise. Unfortunately time prevented the elusive Dragons winning goal. 

The Blues lost 2-4 against Old Hat at home. This was one of those matches where the Dragons were not in peak condition

The U11 Boys played fantastically to beat Wealdstone 4-1 at home.  The teams had first met at the Dragons first ever match at the start of the season with predicable results.  Wealdstone arrived at St Marks confident of another win but were rocked back in their footballing socks by the focused professionalism of the Dragons who held them before then pulling ahead to secure an impressive win. What an improvement.  

The U11 Girls lost to Ashford Town in the League Cup. The Dragons showed flashes of brilliance but not quite enough to win against a good team.

The U12 Boys beat Samuri 4-3 away in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons started strongly to take the lead early on before a lapse in concentration resulted in an equaliser just before half time. The Dragons showed great mental and physical strength to come out fighting and were rewarded with two great team goals from counter attacks. Despite a second Samuri goal, and a missed Dragons penalty, they pushed on to win by scoring a fourth just before conceding a consolation goal at the end. 

The U12 Girls lost away to QPR in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons girls put up a brave defensive effort with the whole team fending off wave after wave of QPR attacks. This left little opportunity for offensive breakouts.  It was a character building test against a well drilled team, perhaps the best one the Dragons have faced all year. 

The U13 Boys did not play

The 13 Girls beat Hampstead 4-2 at home in the League Cup.  The first half was very tight with Hampstead scoring first from a defensive error. The Dragons regrouped to equalise before Hampstead took the lead again. The Dragons dug deep to come back 2-2 before finding another gear in the final 10 minutes to score twice more to reach the next round.

The U14s did not play

The U15 Boys had no match

The U15 Girls lost to Denham at home in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons were missing players due to players isolating so agreed to play a smaller sided match with the opposition. The referee intervened to insist that Denham however field 11 players. Denham hammered at the depleted Dragons but Wow! on the 51st minute, the Dragons scored a goal from a break-away by the lone striker who danced around the back-four, took a shot in the penalty box, which was saved close-range by the keeper, but the ball luckily fell at the feet of a Dragon player who tapped it into the net.

The U17s did not play

The U18s trekked out to the Pinnstars ground only to have the referee to call off the match off due to a waterlogged pitch.

 The U10s trained

Update & Results W/E 6th December 2020

Thank you all those kind people who responded to our financial appeal. For those parent and players who meant to contribute, but it slipped their mind, just click the “Donate” Button on our website –  you will be surprised how good you feel after.

On the pitch we came out of this most recent Lockdown in surprisingly good form:

Results W/E 6th December 2020:

The U18s soundly beat Belmont Bees 7-1 at home.  The Dragons at times played sublime football with back passes cleverly opening up attacking routes at such speed that Belmont could only stand and wonder. Inevitably towards the end Belmont allowed their frustration to show through and their behaviour slipped a little below the ideal. This was a tremendous performance from the Dragons

The U17s match against Pitshanger away was called off as Pitshanger could not raise a team

The U15 Boys beat FC Starz 3-0 away in a tremendous display. The Dragons were – to quote their coach  – “a bit rusty”  after their long break but they faced up to the challenge, despite the added pressure of playing away, and triumphed.

The U15 Girls had no match

The U14s had no match

The U13 Girls beat Vicky Park Rangers 8-4 away. The Dragons started at a huge pace to be 5-0 up at half time. The second half was a different affair as Vicky upped their game to score before the Dragons were awarded a penalty which was converted after rebounding off the crossbar. Vicky were  then awarded 2 penalties which were put away to bring it back to 6-3. A fourth Vicky goal could have had the Dragons doubting themselves, but in last minutes they gloriously scored twice more.

The U13 Boys lost to Wealdstone at home. The Dragons were depleted with players having to isolate due to Covid but bravely decided to fulfil the fixture

U12 Girls home match against Kinja was called off as Kinja could not raise a team.

The U12 Boys beat Venceremos 4-2 at home. The Dragons got off to a tremendous start to score 4 goals in 15 minutes. Venceremous scored just before and after halftime in a remarkably similar fashion. The Dragons performance slipped in the second half but nevertheless  they secured a secure win.

The U11 Girls just lost 0-2 against Alexandra Park away. The Dragons were missing half their squad who were taking secondary school entrance exams. Despite the huge disadvantage the Dragons played so well that after the match they regretted not taking their chances to win.

The U11 Boys lost against Elite London away on Wormwood Scrubs. This was a competitive match where the Dragons could see that relying on natural skills is not enough – it is teams that win matches not individuals. The rematch will be a different affair as the Dragons continue to improve in this their first season.  

The U10s trained

The First had no match

 The Blues had no match