Team Sports have been exempted from the new Government CV rules so we can continue to train but we must all continue to follow Social Distancing Rules. As KD’s activities are carried out in the open air the risk of spreading CV is reduced, but never the less we must continue to be sensible and careful – no group hugs after scoring!

This season we have 14 teams which include 4 girls teams, a new U10’s training squad and two senior teams. Last year’s U17s have combined as one U18’s squad. Booking venues for training has been complicated as venues closed during lock down and some need repair before they reopen.  By this time next week every team should be sorted out.   

The fixtures for the competitive matches have yet to be issued but they should be starting in October.

Many of our teams are now virtually full and unlikely to sign many new players as we do not “let players go” if they have been loyal to the club.  There are however likely to be opportunities for U11 Girls and U11 and U12 Boys as well as U15 Girls. We will review the situation over the weekend and next week advertise for players for selected teams. The contact details for each team can be found on our website.

Please remember players should bring their own drinks – no sharing! – and follow the now customary social distancing rules. We must have a completed Club Membership form for each player so that we know who was at each session.

The New Season

We are looking forward to seeing the younger Dragons at the first training of the 2020/21 season at St Marks Park tomorrow, Saturday 4/9/2020.

Because of CV social distancing the girls will use the pitches first and then the boys. The Main Pitch will split into 3. The arrangements are:

Girls Training 9.15 to 10.15am

  • The U11 Girls are on the top small pitch and should use the St Marks Road entrance to the park
  • The U12 Girls and U13 Girls should use the Oakworth Road entrance and will be on the big pitch
  • The U15 Girls should use the Pangbourne Avenue entrance and will be on the big pitch

Boys Training 10.30 to 11.45am

  • The U10 Boys should use the St Marks Road entrance to the park and will be on the top small pitch
  • The U11 and U12 Boys should use the Oakworth Road entrance and will be on the big pitch
  • The U13 Boys should use the Pangbourne Avenue entrance and will be on the big pitch

Players should bring their own drinks – no sharing! – and follow the now customary social distancing rules  – ie no hugging after scoring a brilliant goal! Parents must fill in a Club membership form for their child before he/she trains. These forms have been emailed or can be collected tomorrow morning.

Update W/E 23 August 2020

We are planning for the new 2020/21 season, having 2019/20 brought to an untimely halt:

  • Our Senior Teams have started training and are waiting for the MCFL to issue fixtures which we expect to start in September
  • Our Boys’ Youth Teams will start training from Saturday 5th September. The HYF League have postponed the start of the season so the first matches will be from Sunday  4th October
  • Our Girls’ teams will also start training on Saturday 5th September. The CG League have also postponed the start of their season so the first matches will be from Saturday 3rd October

Everybody will recognise that we start the 2020/21 season in unusual circumstances. Sensible plans are being prepared so that we can all get out again playing sport in the fresh air, whilst following the Government’s guidelines in terms of social distancing. For many youngsters the last 5 months have been very difficult – particularly for those who do not have a garden. We must all pull together to try to get back to some sort of normality. The Managers of the various teams will later communicate directly with their squads to finalise the details.

Update W/E 26th July 2020

We trust you all remain well and in peak condition.

The FA has reached agreement with the Government to restart grass roots football, albeit with social distancing and other precautions.  As of this Tuesday we have not had relevant guidance from our various leagues. We do not know when the season will start nor whether there will be additions and/or relaxations to the rules to accommodate the precautions needed to prevent CV. Some Leagues will be more innovative and flexible than others. Similarly our pitch providers have yet to indicate when the venues will be reopened and under what conditions.  After the initial euphoria at the good news there has therefore been some reflection which is understandable. We have, for example, written to our leagues enquiring:

  1. If one team is found to have a player with CV – How long is that team suspended for?
  2. What will happen to the opposition teams it has played in the last 1? or 2 Weeks?
  3. Will any proof that the player in question no longer has CV be required by the League etc?
  4. If a fixture is postponed because of the above, how will the League treat the match – reschedule? forfeit? record a draw? other?
  5. What happens if a player thinks he may have CV so the team pulls out of a scheduled match but then, on receiving the test result, finds that he/she had flu – not CV?
  6. When and how will referees be paid if not by cash?
  7. Is there any further update on when the season will kick off? Or will it be delayed?
  8. Etc

It is not surprising that our Leagues have yet to respond as these are unprecedented times.

In the meantime enjoy the holidays and keep fit. We should be kicking off the new season in September. We are very aware that we will need to start preseason training in time to prepare and are developing the necessary Risk Assessments etc. We know that there are players, and even teams, climbing over fences at closed venues to play football but as a formally constituted club with the much coveted FA’s Community Status we will follow the guidelines. We do not want to contribute to another lockdown, as in Spain.   

For those of you seeing the precious months pass by take heart from this link and watch to the end – there is always time to make a comeback:  https://youtu.be/BhPEqFfRku8

Update Season Ended 14th June 2020

Our final matches often drift into May and even June if it has been a particularly wet winter. Climate watchers will recollect that this winter was the wettest on record so we can safely assume that, without Covid, the season would have finally ended at the weekend. The question we are now asking ourselves is What next?The latest FA guidance, based on Government direction, is that a maximum of 6 people can train providing:

  • Clubs have the requisite insurances that allow for socially distanced training
  • Coaches agree in writing to coach sessions within the current regulations
  • Players keep two metres apart and no physical contact is allowed.
  • Playing of any games is prohibited
  • If a player gets injured only a member of their household can give aid and others need to stay socially distanced
  • Equipment should be cleaned with disinfectant if handled by more than one person and at the end of a session.
  • First-aiders should be equipped with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others
  • For youths Clubs require a written record of parent/carer’s consent
  • Players must have their own water bottles and hand sanitisers.
  • Records must be kept of cleaning regimes and coaches’ health self-assessments.

Kensington Dragons cannot bend the rules so before we start training we really need a further relaxation,  which may not be too far away. Many believe that the 2020/21 season will start in September as normal. Let’s hope that there is no second significant surge of CV to interfere with society returning to a new normal. 

In an effort to make you gasp with astonishment enjoy this video:

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Update W/E 3rd May 2020

The Smartphone Journalism Workshop was successfully held during the week with the output on our website under the Education tab. It is now onto our next technological challenge of which more next week

In the meantime looks can be deceiving!

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Update W/E 26th April 2020

We are still mystified as to when we will move towards a degree of normality but there are signs that the NHS has weathered the peak. Our various Leagues should eventually be in a position to finalise plans for the 2020-2021 season. Similarly I have looked at this bar of chocolate being cut and remain mystified by the result

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The Smartphone Journalism Workshop this coming week will be our first venture into online training – we wish the organisers Graham, Palmira and especially the BBC’s Shajan the best of technological luck!

Think on the bright side – there is always a silver lining somewhere

Update W/E 19th April 2020

The lockdown continues but there are glimmerings of light. In tough times it helps to be resilient and creative – there is always more than one way to succeed. Be amused and surprised!

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The Smartphone Journalism Workshop, organised by Graham and Palmira, will now be online. Everybody who signed up will be contacted. We are very grateful to Shajan MiahBBC Sport Digital Journalist and founder of the Journalism Club, for running the course He has worked on many major sporting events from the FIFA World Cup to the Olympics, the FA Cup, Six Nations Rugby, international cricket and top tennis, athletics, boxing and golf tournaments.

We press on!

Happy Easter

We should soon know the next stage of the lockdown – maybe more of the same! Luckily, our characters have been honed to a steely perfection by cheerfully enduring wet, dismal, muddy Decembers, whilst being robbed of sure victories but for the bounce of the ball. We will pull through as we always do.    

For your correspondent’s part he would normally be off to Ireland over Easter to mastermind the annual England v Ireland Family Football match, but it is not to be this year, although it did look hopeful on watching:   

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Happy Easter Everybody from the Dragons

Results W/E 22nd March 2020

Results – None Until Further Notice

We are all now one big global team joining together to defeat Coronavirus and give time to our NHS to cope with the increasing number of very ill patients. We will win and be back on the football field, but in the meantime we must temporarily lay aside our footballing dreams to all work together to do what we can to reduce the spread whilst helping others – eg ringing a lonely friend or relative for a chat to see if they are OK.
If you would like to explore being a volunteer to help the NHS then click here:

Volunteer for NHS

It is important for all of us to keep fit and get out in the fresh air and sun – but not in groups, unless you live together. If you want to see an exercise that went wrong, click here:

What Not To Do
On the plus side the pitches are enjoying the rest and should be in peak condition for next season.