Results W/E 22nd March 2020

Results – None Until Further Notice

We are all now one big global team joining together to defeat Coronavirus and give time to our NHS to cope with the increasing number of very ill patients. We will win and be back on the football field, but in the meantime we must temporarily lay aside our footballing dreams to all work together to do what we can to reduce the spread whilst helping others – eg ringing a lonely friend or relative for a chat to see if they are OK.
If you would like to explore being a volunteer to help the NHS then click here:

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It is important for all of us to keep fit and get out in the fresh air and sun – but not in groups, unless you live together. If you want to see an exercise that went wrong, click here:

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On the plus side the pitches are enjoying the rest and should be in peak condition for next season.

Results W/E 15th March 2020

We live in odd times with Mexico urging Trump to hurry up with the “Wall”. In the meantime, the Dragons had a few last matches before they were suspended due to Coronavirus:

The U14 Boys beat Brunswick 3-1 at home in the League Trophy Cup. This was a solid performance from the Dragons playing a team in the division above. They scored quickly to draw 2-0 ahead only for Brunswick to score a superb, efficient goal. There was the potential for a wobble, but it did not happen, and the Dragons scored again to make the point. Every Dragon won their individual battles which contributed to this solid, enjoyable victory.

The U12 Girls just lost to Ruislip Rangers at home in the League Cup despite putting in a fabulous performance. The match was slow to start with, as some would describe it, the overly precise Ruislip Manager being the first person ever to minutely measure the pitch. There was much excitement comparing length of strides with the added confusion that some thought in yards whilst others preferred meters. The calm referee injected sense into the proceedings by wondering we should just get on with the match. The Dragons went on to display fantastic team work to end the first half 1-1. The second half began with the same intensity with the Dragons showing tremendous determination and persistence, despite not having their usual goalkeeper. There were some outstanding individual performances, but the real achievement was their team performance. Ruislip scored a few lucky goals late in the second half to win but the Dragons should be very proud of themselves.

There were no other matches

Results W/E 8th March 2020

What a season! Thank goodness years of character building has inured us to the fleeting difficulties of the wettest winter, Corona Virus and now staving off a global downturn. We press on:

The Firsts beat Stonewall 2-1- away. This was a good Dragons performance as they controlled the game from the beginning to score in the 35th minute. The second half was more equal but Stonewall could not create scoring opportunities whilst the Dragons scored again from a penalty before conceding from a corner.

The Reserves had no match

The U17 Reds had no match
The U17 Whites match v Belmont United was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U16s just lost 2-3 at home against Concorde Rangers in the League Trophy Cup group stage. This was a close match and, despite the result, it was good to be back in action

The U14 Boys match against London Eagles was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U13s beat Celtic 6-3 in the League Trophy Cup group match at home. Both teams had been having a good season, but it was the Dragons who performed best to lead 4-0 at the break. To give Celtic credit they performed better in the second half to score twice before the Dragons responded. In truth the Dragons had stepped down a gear but nevertheless kept their 100% cup record. A wonderful goal from their centre back and a first goal from the other centre back were both worthy of special celebrations.

The U12 Boys had an unfortunate time against Pro FA away in the Trophy Cup. All started well enough, but two Dragons had to retire from the pitch which left a small band of resolute Dragons trying to stem the tide against overwhelming numbers. These things happen – at least it was better than being stuck on a cruise liner.

The U12 Girls had no match

The U11 Girls lost to Vicky Park Rangers. A last-minute venue change, coupled with some injuries, left the Dragons’ match day roster depleted. Still, they rose to the occasion and made progress against a strong opposition. The Dragons also welcomed one new teammate who made an immediate positive impact. Watch out when the squad gets back to full strength!

The U11 Boys lost to Hanwell away. Again, this was an improved performance from the Dragons who are beginning to play as a team. The main weakness of the Dragons is the lack of a striker.

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League

Results W/E 1st March 2020

With the wettest February since records began it was another weekend of limited matches which however did not prevent the Boys U13s from recording a record win:

The Firsts just lost 1-2 to Pitshanger Dynamo away in the Quarter Final of the Alec Smith Premier Division Cup. The match had originally been scheduled at home, but it was waterlogged and unfit to play on.

The Reserves had no match

The U17s Reds had no match

The U17 Whites lost away to Drayton. The Dragons looked the better side for the first 20 minutes and were comfortable at 1 nil up, but awful tackles took out their captain and another their central midfielder, with both ending up in A&E. We wish them a speedy recovery but fear they may be out for the rest of the season.

The U16s home match against St Joseph’s was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U14 Boys away match against Celtic Red was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U14 Girls away match against Whetstone Wanderers was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U13s thumped West Drayton 9-1 away. Returning to action after 3 weeks out the Dragons started slowly but managed to score first. By the start of the second half the Dragons had found their footballing feet and were raring to go – scoring goal after goal. It was particularly gratifying to that so many of the team scored showing how well they have come together as a team. Onwards and upwards!

The U12 Girls away match v Barnet Nightingales was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U12 Boys lost at home to Premiership Hanwell Town in the League Trophy Cup group stage. Having played little football in recent weeks the Dragons were ill prepared for such an encounter but nevertheless it was better to back on the pitch rediscovering their footballing skills.

The U11 Girls home match v Vicky Park Rangers was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U11 Boys just lost to Pitshanger at home. With the Dragons again having played little football in recent weeks, and missing key players, their fans feared the worst but were proved wrong by the increasingly doughty young Dragons. If it had not been for an unfortunate penalty and other happenstances the Dragons could have won. All in all, a very creditable Dragons performance.

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League

Results W/E 23rd February 2020

Another weekend of mostly called off matches left only a few Dragons on the pitch whilst recording more wins that losses as oppositions defaulted:

The Boys U12s, U13s and U14s oppositions could not raise teams to give the Dragons three wins without the trouble of lifting a boot.

The U12 Girls lost at home in the quarter final of the Cup against C & K Basildon. The Dragons began in good spirits, but their good humour was smothered by Basildon’s rather ruthless approach. Your correspondent’s maths is not quite up to calculating the score but suffice it to say with more application the Dragons might have equalled the record loss secured by the U15 Boys ten years ago. The Dragons later reflected on their team and individual performances and will take the match as a learning experience. As the ever-ebullient Manager said, “Onwards and Upwards”.

The U16 Boys lost away to Brentham Colts 2-5. After having dug two players out of their pits the Dragons had a bare team to face a very strong outfit. Playing at home Brentham had plenty of subs to refresh their side in the fairly bleak conditions. Nevertheless, the Dragons played energetically with moments of brilliance but were let down by two unfairly disallowed goals.

All the other matches were called off as pitches were either waterlogged or the oppositions could not raise a team

Results W/E 16th February 2020

Whilst it may have been fierce for the rest of the UK “Storm Dennis” was more like “Wet Dismal Dennis” for West London. Almost constant drizzle and rain lead to waterlogged pitches and another weekend of reading improving books rather than thumping goals into opposition nets:

All matches were called off

Results W/E 9th February 2020

The wind and rain came between football and the Dragons on the Sunday:

The Firsts beat Sporting Hackney 1-0 at home. The Dragons started well, scoring at their first attempt and three minutes later they could have been 2-0 up but missed an empty goal from 5 yards. The Dragons continued to control the match until five minutes from half time they conceded a penalty and had to rely on their goalie to make a fantastic save. The second half was rather a nervy affair but the Dragons held on to gain another 3 points.

The Reserves had no match scheduled and all the Boys junior matches were all called off due to the storm.

The U14 Girls lost against Whetstone Wanderers Wildcats at home. In the first half both teams struggled to play good football – it looked it would end 0-0 but with 7 mins left the ball broke to the Wildcats and their speculative shot smashed the crossbar before agonisingly bouncing just over the line. Within a minute of the restart the Dragons conceded a devatating and unlucky second goal. The Wildcats grew in confidence but 16 mins later the Dragons scored from a free-kick with the ball delightfully floating over the keeper. The match was back on but the Dragons experienced heartbreak, yet again, with the Wildcats getting their third goal from a looping attempt from the halfway line before defending well to the end.

The U12 Girls lost against Broomwood FC away. The Dragons attacked from the start and eventually scored from great passing and team work. Broomwood then equalised put the Dragons off their game and at half time they were 1-2 down. The ensuing half time talk seemed to perk the Dragons up but it was not to be their winning day.

The U11 Girls lost to Hanwell at home as they enjoyed centre stage billing on the main pitch for the first time this year. The Dragons struck first, taking an early 1-0 lead in front of a boisterous home crowd. The Dragons then conceded three goals over the course of the next hour, but arguably played some of their best football of the season.

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League

Results W/E 2nd February 2020

The sunlit uplands of spring cannot be far away but in the meantime we squelch in the mud – or stay tucked up in bed as the case may be:

The Firsts beat Victoria FC 3-1 away in a magnificent display. The first half was tight leaving it 0-0 at the break. The Dragons scored early in the second half before drawing ahead to 3-0. Victoria made a huge last effort to get back into the game and managed a consolation goal 3 minutes before the final whistle. This was a great performance by the Dragons who had not beaten Victoria before.

The Reserves showed huge character to draw 3-3 with Centenary Park at home. The Dragons were a depleted side as they faced Centenary who assumed an easy win. The longer the game went on the more frustrated Centenary became and then in almost the last seconds a Dragon found himself in front of Centenary’s goal with the goalie wallowing horizontally in the mud – glory was in sight – but, rather than passing the ball into the open net, he achieved the more difficult task of hitting the cross bar to leave it 3-3. Whilst the draw was a magnificent achievement some would have preferred a win.

The U17 Reds match at home v St Josephs was called off as the LCS pitch was waterlogged

The U17 Whites match v Belmont at home was called off as the LCS pitch was waterlogged

The U16s had no match

The U14 Girls beat Sporting Duet Lionesses 1-0 at home. The Dragons continue to improve as they had previously been beaten by the Lionesses 2-7 and 2-4. This was an evenly matched encounter with much of the play in midfield with the Dragons missing a couple of chances. With 12 minutes left of the first half the Lionesses’ keeper rolled the ball to her defender who fumbled to give the Dragons their opportunity to make it 1-0. The Lionesses then tried their hardest, but they could not break through the Dragons defence and had to depart for home leaving the Dragons triumphant.

The U14 Boys League Trophy match v London Tigers away was called off because on arrival the Tigers confessed to not having a pitch – a vital requirement one would have thought.

The U14 Boys had the previous week beaten higher placed Football Samurai in the same Cup. A defensive minded first half had ended in a scoreless draw. The Dragons had then struck first by putting away a sloppy clearance from a corner. This was followed by a goal of the season ….. a beautiful corner finished with a clinical header. As the Manager said, such was the quality that “It was like watching Sky sports on a Sunday afternoon”. After letting in a goal to fray the Dragons nerves, they executed some intricate passing in the box allowing a final strike to gain a solid 3 – 1 away victory.

The U13 Boys lost against TFA United Bushey away. On a busy morning of ups and down spent trying to find the pitch the Dragons eventually managed to get down to business. The first half was all Kensington Dragons with the majority of the ball being played in Bushey’s half who nevertheless scored with their first chance. The second half was less successful.

The U12 Boys lost against Chiswick Medonians at home. The fixture got off to less than an ideal start with the late news that the Dragons goalie had squashed his fingers in a slamming door. The Dragons played well in parts but not so in others, seemingly forgetting that it only takes a second to score. Chiswick had not forgotten.

The U12 Girls League Cup match v Omnia Youth was called off as Omnia could not raise a side.

The U11 Boys lost against Princess Park at home. This was a better performance from the Dragons who played well in the first half and then, less usually, carried on playing well for much of the second half but not alas for all. The team is now playing reasonable football for three quarters of a match which, whilst an improvement, is not enough.

The U11 Girls match v Vicky Park Rangers in the League Cup at home was called off as the pitch was waterlogged.

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League

Results W/E 26th January 2020

With spring around the corner there were fewer matches scheduled:

The U11 Girls Played Vicky Park Rangers at home. The muddy, sticky pitch suited neither side with the Dragons more than most looking forward to the warmth of spring and a dry pitch.

The U11 Boys lost away to St Josephs Red. The Dragons repeated the pattern of the previous week – they played well in the first half to come back from a goal down with a surge from early substitutions. The second half was less good. The team will claw its way to victory when it learns football is a game of two halves.

The U12 Boys played a friendly against Wealdstone. This was a most pleasant, worthwhile affair with both sides using the opportunity to experiment whilst sharing the refereeing duties over three 20-minute sessions.

The U12 Girls beat Alexandra Park Youth 2-1 away. Despite having a bare squad and no goalkeeper the Dragons approached the game in fighting spirit. The first half was evenly matched leaving the score 0-1 to Alexandra at the break. The Dragons then dug deep and raised their game to score their first goal. The Dragons kept going and were awarded a second fantastic goal, created from excellent, determined teamwork, giving them a well-deserved win.

The U13s had no match.

The U14 Girls drew magnificently 1-1 with top of the table Ruislip Rangers at home. The teams had met last week with Rangers winning 6-0. With a full team, but no substitutes, the Dragons were determined to do better. It was end to end scoreless action until the Dragons conceded an unlucky opening goal with 10 minutes to go in the half. Back on the pitch both sides defended and attacked before, with 13 minutes left on the clock, the Dragons scored from a scramble in Ruislip’s box with the ball trickling into the bottom right of the Ranger’s goal. The Dragons were in the game! The final minutes were heart-stopping with the Dragons awarded a penalty in the final seconds. An historic victory was in sight but disaster – the penalty struck the crossbar and the ball was cleared away. The heart-destroying penalty miss was caught on camera and the footage showed a Ruislip defender had cleared the ball with her hand…VAR would have given the Dragons the win. Such is a footballer’s life.

The U14 Boys no game

The U16s had no match

The U17 Whites just lost 2-3 to Joseph’s away. This was always going to be a tough for the Dragons with their full backs and centre half missing but they made it even harder for themselves. There were some good individual performances and a really good goal, but overall the Dragons let themselves down. The match was winnable, but they didn’t capitalise on their chances.

The U17 Reds were magnanimous is waiting 2 hours to play West Drayton when they could have claimed the 3 points – Drayton had told the Dragons the wrong KO time. After a slow start and conceding the Dragons regained their composure and played better for the rest of the half. A second goal early in the second killed the game which came to a disappointing end

The Firsts lost to Hilltop away. The Dragons were without a recognised goalkeeper which hampered their performance. After 15 minutes they were 0-2 down after long distance shots and then they conceded again. The second half was much better. Dragons woke up, scored and played good football despite the difficulties.

The Reserves match was called off

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League

Results W/E 19th January 2020

Many matches were called off due to waterlogged pitches – but not that of the victorious U11 Girls!

The U11 Girls beat Islington Borough 5-2 away. The Dragons recorded their first win of the season as they took an early lead which proved to be insurmountable. Two Dragons scored their first goals (one had a hat trick!). For the first time this season, the team did not concede a goal in the first half. They worked well together and applied much of what they had learnt in recent practice sessions.

The U11 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers at home in the first half but lost in the second. Despite the Whistlers having been undefeated up to Christmas the Dragons were undeterred as they played exceptionally well to lead 3-1 at the break. The second half was less successful as they were eventually undone by one Whistler player who, at the tender age of 10, could kick the ball from his penalty area to that of the Dragons. A great help if you are trying to score goals – which the Whistlers duly did.

The U12 Boys will be awarded 3 points as London Eagles defaulted as they could not raise a side. Dear O Dear!

The U12 Girls decisively beat Hampton Rangers 4-1 away in the Cup. On a cold, but sunny, Saturday morning the Dragons played a great game of football to score early from precise passing. Overcoming their tendency to relax the Dragons scored again to lead 2-1 at the break. The Dragons came back out supercharged to score yet again and then again for a fourth goal. As always, they showed great team spirit.

The U13 Boys walloped Harrow United 6-2 away. Despite being rusty after a month off the Dragons dominated the first half to make it 3 – 1 at the break. The 2nd half started with Harrow dominating to be rewarded with a goal. Complacency did creep in and it showed. With some extra drive however from the Dragons bench they grabbed another 3 goals to end the game 6 – 2. To quote the effervescent Manager “Wasn’t the best from the boys but they’re raring to go again!”

The U14 Girls lost at home to league leaders Ruislip Rangers in the Cup. The Dragons got off to a terrible start conceding in the first minute. Unluckily, the Dragons were then denied a penalty as the referee deemed a tackle in the box to be fair. Ruislip started to dominate as they threatened with deadly attacks. The Dragons were just too open at the back allowing Ruislip to score four more goals. They struggled to get hold of the game despite an inspiring team talk. There were however positives to take from the match but one would need reminding of what they were.

The U14 Boys League Trophy Group match v Brunswick was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U16s away match v Brentham was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U17 Reds lost 1 – 2 at home to West Drayton in their first league defeat. The Dragons had not played since early December which was not a great preparation for this top of the table clash. Both sides created little until Drayton broke the deadlock after confusion from a corner. The Dragons equalised soon after from a penalty, but failed to push forward in the second half, and then conceded from a set piece. Half chances were not converted by the Dragons. The teams meet again next week.

The U17 Reds match v Eagles was called off as the Eagles are suspended.

The Firsts match was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The Reserves match was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League