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Wake Up Dragons

We are now half way through this recent lockdown so we need to make sure we get back into peak condition when matches start again on the weekend  5/6th December to be followed by 12/13 December and then 19/20 December before we break for Christmas and New Year.  Normally many Dragon teams block off the first weekend after New Year but some may prefer to start again on 2/3 January, rather than wait until 9/10 January. Our Managers will consult with the players and coaches.

We are not allowed to organise training sessions but our players should be keeping fit and practicing their skills – our Director of Football strongly recommends practicing:

  • Turns: Cruyff Turn; Stop Turn; Inside Hook Turn; Outside Hook Turn
  • Dribbling
  • ‘Keep Ups’ using feet only and then using Feet, Thigh and Head
  • Before progressing to the pinnacle of Keep Ups – Around the World

Help on how to practice can be found by Googling each skill. A full range of  practices for younger players can be found by googling  FA  Superkicks

A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a pint – the barman decides to double the price of beer thinking that the gorilla won’t know what a beer costs – “£11 pounds please” says the barman – the gorilla pays and then asks  “Do you get many gorillas in your bar?”  “No not many at all“ replies the barman – “well I am not surprised, with the price of your beer“

What a season!

Update & Results W/E 1st November 2020

Covid-19 Update: Unless Parliament votes against the Government this Wednesday our activities will be “suspended’ from Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December. We hope to start matches again on the weekend of 5&6th December. We encourage everybody to continue to get out in the fresh air, take exercise and keep fit. The season is not over and we will be back on the pitch. This will certainly be a season to remember.

Results W/E 1st November 2020:

To date it looks like our best performing team is the senior Blues …. there is however a long way to go – if we are allowed to get there:

The Blues beat Hillingdon Abbots 4-2 away. The Dragons fielded their veteran goalkeeper who sparkled in parts, but who was possibly less assured in others. All in all however this was a match that the Dragons never looked like losing.   

The Firsts just lost 2-3 to Hilltop at home in the Premiership. The Dragons started well by scoring what must be the quickest goal of the season. At the kick off, rather than employing a judicious tap to a teammate, the Dragons shot straight at goal and, to the disbelief of all, scored, leaving Hilltop’s bemused keeper embarrassed. Hilltop equalised and then it was a close match throughout, with Hilltop the eventual lucky winners.

 The U18s just lost 1-2 away to Hendon in a very close match. The Dragons were unable to capitalize on their chances in the first half. Hendon then took the lead via a corner, assisted by the strong wind. The Dragons equalised with a 25 yard screamer that will be a contender for “Goal of the Season”. Unfortunately Hendon then took their chances, which the Dragons did not, with the inevitable result that Hendon squeaked a win.

The U17s lost to Brentham at home. The match started with the wind whistling down from the west to carry the Brentham ball straight into the Dragons net. The weather was against the Dragons all the way. Their ever resilient Manager was heard to say “ In my opinion, we have started to open up as a team. It will be a tough season but I think we’re going to be very good.” 

The U15 Girls just lost 1-2 to  Hampstead at home. Hampstead dominated to lead in the 9th minute. There then followed a series of goal-mouth chances for both sides but it remained  0-1 at half time. In the second half the Dragons created more opportunities to eventually score in the 69th minute. Two minutes after the equaliser disaster struck when the Dragons conceded a second goal.  With 5 minutes left the Dragons nearly made it 2-2  – Hampstead’s goalie made a weak clearance and strolled back towards her goal only to find a shot roll passed her ankles… unfortunately just the wrong side of the post. 

The U15 Boys lost to Celtic at home. On the whole Celtic were the better side but the best executed goal came from the Dragons who passed from the back to score – just as they had practiced in training.

The U14s match against Kodak was called off as Kodak could not raise a team

The U13 Boys lost to Harrow United away. The Dragons need to add a few players but for now are being thwarted by lockdowns.

The U12 boys lost 4-6 to St Joseph Red at home.  This was a high scoring fun match that was only marred, from the Dragons perspective, by losing. As a Dragons fan said “I am not happy with the result but I am happy with the way the Dragons played

The U12 Girls had no match so trained

U11 Boys just lost 2-3 to Pro FA Boreham Wood at home. This was a thoroughly good, exciting match. The Dragons goals came from a superbly crafted free kick and a later good passing set of moves. The Dragons may have lost but they enthralled their fans who thoroughly enjoyed the match and which could so easily have resulted in a Dragons win.

The U11 Girls had no match so trained

The U10s trained


Financial Appeal & Results W/E 25 October 2020

Help!  It costs £100,000/year to run the Dragons – hiring pitches, buying equipment/kit and paying coaches’ expenses etc. It costs £250/year for each player. The Trustees and Managers are all voluntary. There is no charge to join the Dragons as it is not fair that youths should be stopped from playing because they cannot afford it. We rely on voluntary donations from parents and players, our small group of anonymous Patrons making substantial contributions, and applying for grants –  recently from the John Lyon’s Charity and Grenfell Fund.   We provide around 30,000 person contact hours/year through our 14 teams. We are good value but we do need funding. Certainly if your son or daughter plays please think about making a contribution  – however small or large – by clicking on the Donate button.  If you would like to discuss becoming a Patron please email Chris Shirley –  one day you would be invited to the Patrons Dinner……… when such delights return.

On to the Results – the honours must go to our Girl’s teams this last weekend:

The Firsts beat PFC Victoria 2-0 away in the Premiership in another good display

The Blues beat Wiseman West 2-0 at home to record their first clean sheet. This was another sound performance from the Dragons who are shaping up to be a strong team

The U11 Girls beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 3-1 at home. What a turn around from their first ever match only a couple of weeks ago! The first Dragons goal came from the right flank whilst the second started from staunch defending . The Whistlers were not to be outplayed and were only thwarted by the Dragons formidable keeper. The Whistlers started strongly in the second half and from fine play made it 2 – 1. The Dragons however ended the match unstoppable as their very own sharp-shooter banged in their 3rd goal.  Well done the Dragons.

The U11 Boys beat London Athletic 5-2 away. The Dragons started well and were unlucky to go 0-1 down early on but soon pulled back to 1-1. The Dragons then dominated with LA  barely troubling their keeper, mainly due to excellent defending, until they did! –  to score after another unfortunate OG. The Dragons pushed on to make it 2-2 at HT. The 2nd half was again dominated by the Dragons as their defence shut out LA’s attacks; whilst they constantly troubled LA’s defence. It was not long before the Dragons took the lead and  drew ahead to 5-2 for their first away win.

The U12 Boys lost 2-5 to Hanwell Town away. The Dragons will learn from this match as they went 2 goals up before becoming overconfident letting Hanwell come back to 2-2 in the first half. Alas the Dragons collective heads went down as they were second to every ball, allowing Hanwell to score more than they deserved.

The U12 Girls beat Kinja at home 5-2. The Dragons demonstrated excellent ball control in the first half with a strong defensive strategy, putting  Kinja under constant pressure to make it 3-0 at half time. They had to regroup in the second half, after a slight loss in focus saw Kinja score, before the Dragons scored their fourth. The teams then scored one more apiece, with the Dragons piling on the pressure in the last few minutes to maintain their lead.

The U13 Girls had no game

The U13 Boys played a friendly v Hendon

The U14 Boys did not play

Under 15 Girls lost 1-3 at home in their first match to previous League Winners, AFC Stoke Newington. Chances came and went but in the 4th minute the Dragons made the breakthrough and then came close to taking a 2-0 lead 5 minutes before the break as a 20-yard cracking shot hit  the crossbar. The second half continued with end-to-end action. The Dragons were always vulnerable as AFC fought back like a boxer trapped on the ropes to inevitably score and draw level with 17 minutes left. Five minutes later  AFC scored from a corner. With 5 minutes left there was still all to play for. A guilt-edge chance broke to the  Dragons striker as she found herself with a one-on-one with Kinja’s keeper, only to blast the ball high over the bar. On added time SFC drove a dagger into the Dragons heart with a third goal, via a scrap in the 6-yard box, and there was no way back.

The U15 Boys beat previously undefeated top of the division AP Stars 3-1 at home. The Dragons had trained and planned around being organised and it showed. AP had no time on the ball and, after a goalie error, conceded the first goal before the Dragons put another away from a beautiful cross pitch pass culminating in a powerful strike to lead 2 – 0 at halftime.  The teams traded goals in the second half for a solid 3 – 1 Dragons victory.  Fitness levels and organisation shined through with the Dragons making it clear that opposition goals will not come easy this season.  

The U17s  lost 1-5 away against Hendon. The loss was due to combination of circumstances including just bad luck

The U18s lost 2-6 away against Magix.  The Dragons were playing with a depleted squad due to 6 injuries and then lost their keeper the night before from another injury. They went 0-2 down but fought back to bring it back to 2-2 before half time. The second half saw the Dragons lose their momentum.

The U10s trained



Results W/E 18th October 2020

A tremendous weekend left our Seniors and Boys’ youth teams undefeated. Particular acclaim must go to our U14 Boys who overcame huge adversity to win a stunning victory:

The Blues beat Sudbury Court away 4-1. From the first kick the Dragons dominated, playing silky 1-2 touch football to the confusion of Sudbury and were deservedly 2-1 up at the break.  Back on the pitch the Dragons scored again before  complacency crept in and as they needlessly forced situations, allowing Sudbury to catch them on the break. The Dragons defence however held firm, allowing the Dragons to score again. The Blues are developing into a superb team, with just the right combination of youth and experience.

The Firsts v CB Hounslow at home was postponed as the Council closed LCS for safety reasons.

The U11 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 3-1 at home in their second ever match. The rate of improvement of the Dragons was quite breath-taking. They began well, attacking AEW with good combination play which lead to a converted penalty  –  their first ever goal; this was soon followed by a beautifully curled shot into AEW’s top corner to make it 2-0. The second half started with both sides making mistakes and creating opportunities. The Dragons were unfortunate when their defender sliced the ball to score an own goal. AEW then scored a great equalizer to make it 2-2 with 15 tense minutes left. The Dragons kept their nerve and scored twice more to record their first win  in their first season. 

The U11 Girls lost 1- 3 away to Broomwood. This was a much better performance when compared to that of last week. One training session had made a huge difference. Wins may well be on the horizon.

The U12 Girls lost away against Most Wanted Elite. The Dragons put in a spirited, committed performance, but lost their away match against the seasoned MWEs. The Dragons fought hard and defended well, particularly in the second half. They pushed forward into MWE’s area but, despite a number of attempts on goal, were not able to convert their chances. 

The U12 Boys walloped Harrow St Mary 5-0 at home. The Dragons started strongly to score an early goal but which was judged marginally offside. The breakthrough came from some well worked passing and movement to put the Dragons ahead. A second came shortly after, just before half time. After the restart The Dragons started strongly and took control of the game to score three more. The Dragons were visibly growing in confidence and could have scored more if it wasn’t for St Mary’s impressive keeper. A great team performance all round. 

The U13 Girls lost 1-5  to Islington Borough at home.  The Dragons started in control but without creating much. Against the run of play Islington scored from a cross from the right. The Dragons continued to have good possession but alas conceded twice more before  pulling one back from a deflected clearance. Islington went in 1-4 up at half time with a good shot from the edge of the box. Again the Dragons controlled the majority of the second half but were unable to score. Islington were awarded a penalty late on to end the game 1-5.

The U13 Boys beat Super Skills 5-3 away in a tremendous performance. There were many pre-match logistical manoeuvrings required to achieve the challenge of getting the depleted Dragons team to the away stadium. Having arrived there remained the challenge of actually playing the match. The Dragons took a deep collective breath, strode onto the pitch and proceeded to give their all as they faced a confident Super Skills with their deep bench. As is often the case true grit won through and the Dragons recorded a great win in this well natured match.

 The U14s beat Elite London 3-1 away in the match of the season.  The Dragons pitted their resolute 9 PLAYERS against a very good ELA team. This was a local derby full of huge surprises. The Dragons started on the front foot to the surprise of Elite’s massed fans. The Dragons pressure finally paid off with a penalty coolly converted by their captain. The second half started in a similar fashion which lead to two more Dragon goals.  Elite were then lucky to be awarded a dubious penalty which the keeper almost saved but for a bump on the pitch that thwarted his brave attempt. With 15 minutes left the Dragons 10th player finally arrived to help see out a fantastic victory which will be remembered by this Dragons team for as long as they live. They have battled through losing a number of players to recording an almost unbelievable win against huge odds.

The U15 Girls had no match

The U15 Boys drew 1-1 with Harrow St Mary’s away. This was always going to be a tough match against undefeated Harrow St Marys. The Dragons withheld early pressure and managed to draw a penalty and convert to go up 1 – 0 at the half.  A second half equalizer by Harrow made for a tense last 15 minutes.  Then disaster struck with, it must be said, an unfair penalty being awarded against the Dragons …. only to have the Dragons goalie deny the Harrow captain with an incredible extended leg save to maintain the draw and 1 pt.  A very credible performance.

The U17s drew 3-3 away against Acton Ealing Whistlers. This was a very encouraging display from the Dragons who ended up drawing 3-3, having been up 2-0 just 20 minutes into the first half. It was disappointing to squander a strong lead but inspiring, considering that it was the Dragons goalie’s second ever match and they were missing three key players. The Dragons should draw some confidence from this outing.

The U18s match against Pitshanger was postponed as the Council closed LCS for safety reasons

The U10s trained

Results W/E 11th October 2020

COVID: The Middlesex County Football Association has advised KDFC that grassroots football is not affected by London’s Covid alert level being raised to Tier 2. We must all however continue to take sensible precautions. 

Back on the Field the Dragons had a mixed week:

The Firsts beat 4-1 Cricklewood Wanderers at home. The match was not without its controversies but there was no doubt that the Dragons were the better footballing team.

The Blues just lost 4-5 away to LNER. The Dragons took an early lead, looking comfortable on the ball. At half-time it was 3 -1 to the Dragons. LNER came out in the second half with more determination and made some bad challenges resulting in the match becoming rather scrappy. With ten minutes to go, with the Dragons leading 4-3, their captain was sinbinned for 10 minutes. Understandably this affected the game and the Dragons rather cruelly lost 4-5.  

The U18s beat Forest United 2-1 away. After a strong win last week the Dragons came up against good opposition who played 11 men behind the ball, making it hard to break them down. The Dragons lost a forward after 5 minutes who had to go to hospital for stitches. Despite all the Dragons took a quick 2-0 lead before conceding just before the break, from a long looping shot. The Dragons then saw the game out and were not threatened for the most part. A very different win to last week, but a good 3 points against resolute opposition.

The U17s lost 0-2 against old rivals Hanwell Town at home in their first competitive match since February. With some new players and coach the Dragons needed some recalibration as they succumbed 0-2 in a match that saw neither side decisively gain the upper hand. Some excellent new players will provide much needed Dragons firepower for the months ahead.

The U15 Boys drew 2-2 away against Hillingdon, with fitness being the determining factor.  The first half was an excellent exhibition of ball control by the Dragons as they put Hillingdon under constant pressure. Deft skill by the Dragons number 10 left Hillingdon’s goalie flailing helplessly as they took a 2 – 0 lead into halftime. Alas the Dragons conceded two weak goals in the second half as their first half dominance could not be maintained.  The Dragons know they were the better team but were still left with the draw.  

The U15s Girls had no match

The U14s lost at home to Ickenham. The Dragons are regrouping

The U13 Boys lost at home to Elite Magic

The U13 Girls lost 3-5 to Barnet Nightingales away. The Dragons started well but could capitalise on their early chances. A defensive error led to Barnet scoring first before the Dragons soon equalised but another error allowed Barnet to take the lead again. At halftime it was 1-3 to Barnet and then 2-3 as the Dragons scored before Barnet again pulled ahead to increase their lead. The Dragons  scored again and then almost drew level but alas the shot hit the bar. Dragons continued to push for the point but were caught out in the dying minutes to end the game with a 3-5 defeat.

The U12 Boys beat Parkfield away 3-1. This was a tremendous performance from the Dragons who were the first to score. As the Dragons became sluggish Parkfield drew level before the Dragons pulled ahead to a secure win.

The U12 Girls got off to a flying start in their first home match this season, beating Hanwell Town Youth 7-1. The Dragons took the lead in the first ten minutes, with Hanwell equalising shortly after. The Dragons were unstoppable, getting a further three goals before half time, and hammering in another three in the second half. The Dragons played some fantastic football, working hard as a team and communicating well to create some great opportunities, setting up goals and digging deep when Hanwell threatened to come back in the second half. 

The U11 Boys lost their first ever match away against the seasoned Wealdstone. The Dragons played well in fits and starts in the first half but never looked like scoring. The second half was a different affair with the Dragons crowding into Wealdstone’s area but without actually scoring, despite some tremendous opportunities. The Dragons are fast learners.

The U11 Girls lost at home to Islington Borough in their first ever match. There is much to learn but positive signs are there.

The U10s trained as they begin their path to being entered into the league

Results W/E 4th October 2020

Finally the season has started. With no rain and no matches for months, they both came together. Despite the weather it was a very successful start:

The Firsts drew 1-1 away against the solid North West London. NW scored an early goal but it did not prevent the Dragons playing some fantastic football as they created a myriad of chances to equalise 15 min later. The Dragons kept up the momentum and a winning goal seemed constantly within their grasp. Unfortunately NW’s goalkeeper was absolutely outstanding as he saved NW from certain defeat. This was a good first match for the Dragons who look forward to next week.

The Blues away match v Kodak was postponed due to the League not being able to deal with the backlog of registrations in time.

The U18s soundly beat Belmont Bees 6-1 at home. This was a great start for the Dragons team, hand crafted from last season’s two U17 squads. They were 4-0 up at half time and then unstoppable after the break to hammer in another 4 goals. A late penalty was some consolation to Belmont but overall this was a very convincing Dragons first league win. Expectations are high.

The U17s will be awarded 3 points as Pitshanger could not raise a team

The U15 Boys beat Wealdstone 3-2 at home in a thriller of a match. The score was evenly poised at 2-2 well into the second half when the Dragons scored to lead. Wealdstone then played great football in a vain attempt to equalise. If the Dragons fans were ruthlessly honest they would admit to a collective sigh of relief when the final whistle blew to record a tremendous win

The U15s Girls match against Actonians was called off.

The U14s match against Bessingby Park Rangers was called off as water was lying on the pitch.

The U13 Boys will be awarded 3 points as the Spartans could not raise a team

The U13 Girls just lost 3-4 away to Actonians in a rather unsatisfactory match, not helped by the referee turning up 20 minutes late. The Dragons were missing a few key players but never the less put in a good performance. The general consensus was that the Actonians are a pleasant group rather marred by their coach who will not be a contender for the “Courteous Coach of the Year” award.

The U12 Boys match against Celtic was called off as water was still lying on the pitch

The U12s girls lost away to Barnet Nightingales in the first half but drew in the second. The Dragons took a little while to find their form, conceding a number of goals in the rain soaked first half.  The weather improved markedly by halftime and so too did the Dragons. They were proud to report that they found their shape, producing a clean sheet in the 2nd half and a few potential scoring opportunities. In the end the Dragons came up a bit short on the scorecard but not in effort! The Dragons were excited to welcome four new players who fitted in very well and made immediate contributions.

The U11 Boys had no match scheduled – they start next weekend

The U11 Girls away match v Vicky Park Rangers was postponed

The U10s missed their training as the pitch was waterlogged.

The coaches look forward to their Conference organised by our Education Officer – the question on everyone’s lips is: “Have they done their homework?”


Many of our 14 teams play their first matches this coming weekend as team sports in the open air continue to be exempted from the Government’s CV restrictions. We must all continue however to follow Social Distancing Rules and no group hugs after scoring.

The start has been complicated as staff running our pitches were furloughed leading to a worse muddle than usual. Thank you everybody who has worked behind the scenes to get the season started and thank you to the players who have cheerfully made the best of the changing training venues as they became available.

New members express surprise that they have not been asked to pay a membership fee – we think nobody should be prevented from playing sport because they cannot afford it. We send out a voluntary appeal for funds after the season has started. The coaches are not told who pays – everybody is treated the same.  The inevitable shortfall in funds is partly met by our Patrons who donate money anonymously. They sometimes nominate an organisation to receive publicity but we do not publicise their names as some have players in teams.  We also apply for grants and so far this season we have been supported by The John Lyon’s Charity.

A delight of our club is the range of publicly spirited, interesting people one meets. It is great shame that all our social events have had to be stopped –  the Patrons Dinner, End of Season Celebrations, Christmas Coaches and Managers Party, Team Events etc etc  

One day they will come back. In the meantime it is a testament to the tremendous quality  of our members that we have managed to get the season up and running despite the difficulties. Indeed many of our teams are potentially overflowing.

Finally some adverts:

  • If you would consider being an anonymous Patron please get in touch for an informal discussion. One day you might get invited to the Dinner!
  • If you know of any Under 15 Girls who want to play football please email David on U15G@kensingtondragons.com
  • If you would like to referee matches please email Angela on kdfcfixtures@gmail.com
  • If you would like to coach please contact Tony on dofkdfc@gmail.com


Team Sports have been exempted from the new Government CV rules so we can continue to train but we must all continue to follow Social Distancing Rules. As KD’s activities are carried out in the open air the risk of spreading CV is reduced, but never the less we must continue to be sensible and careful – no group hugs after scoring!

This season we have 14 teams which include 4 girls teams, a new U10’s training squad and two senior teams. Last year’s U17s have combined as one U18’s squad. Booking venues for training has been complicated as venues closed during lock down and some need repair before they reopen.  By this time next week every team should be sorted out.   

The fixtures for the competitive matches have yet to be issued but they should be starting in October.

Many of our teams are now virtually full and unlikely to sign many new players as we do not “let players go” if they have been loyal to the club.  There are however likely to be opportunities for U11 Girls and U11 and U12 Boys as well as U15 Girls. We will review the situation over the weekend and next week advertise for players for selected teams. The contact details for each team can be found on our website.

Please remember players should bring their own drinks – no sharing! – and follow the now customary social distancing rules. We must have a completed Club Membership form for each player so that we know who was at each session.

The New Season

We are looking forward to seeing the younger Dragons at the first training of the 2020/21 season at St Marks Park tomorrow, Saturday 4/9/2020.

Because of CV social distancing the girls will use the pitches first and then the boys. The Main Pitch will split into 3. The arrangements are:

Girls Training 9.15 to 10.15am

  • The U11 Girls are on the top small pitch and should use the St Marks Road entrance to the park
  • The U12 Girls and U13 Girls should use the Oakworth Road entrance and will be on the big pitch
  • The U15 Girls should use the Pangbourne Avenue entrance and will be on the big pitch

Boys Training 10.30 to 11.45am

  • The U10 Boys should use the St Marks Road entrance to the park and will be on the top small pitch
  • The U11 and U12 Boys should use the Oakworth Road entrance and will be on the big pitch
  • The U13 Boys should use the Pangbourne Avenue entrance and will be on the big pitch

Players should bring their own drinks – no sharing! – and follow the now customary social distancing rules  – ie no hugging after scoring a brilliant goal! Parents must fill in a Club membership form for their child before he/she trains. These forms have been emailed or can be collected tomorrow morning.

Update W/E 23 August 2020

We are planning for the new 2020/21 season, having 2019/20 brought to an untimely halt:

  • Our Senior Teams have started training and are waiting for the MCFL to issue fixtures which we expect to start in September
  • Our Boys’ Youth Teams will start training from Saturday 5th September. The HYF League have postponed the start of the season so the first matches will be from Sunday  4th October
  • Our Girls’ teams will also start training on Saturday 5th September. The CG League have also postponed the start of their season so the first matches will be from Saturday 3rd October

Everybody will recognise that we start the 2020/21 season in unusual circumstances. Sensible plans are being prepared so that we can all get out again playing sport in the fresh air, whilst following the Government’s guidelines in terms of social distancing. For many youngsters the last 5 months have been very difficult – particularly for those who do not have a garden. We must all pull together to try to get back to some sort of normality. The Managers of the various teams will later communicate directly with their squads to finalise the details.