Results W/E 24 November 2019

It was the Boys Under 11s who lead the way to their elders’ admiration:

The New U11 Boys beat Brookhouse 5-1 at home.  The new Dragons have had a tough time learning to play competitive team football against well-established oppositions. Their nerves of steel however kept them in good stead as they rose brilliantly to the challenge against Brookhouse. The Dragons are still “work in progress” but their fans can be confident looking ahead after this resounding win.   

The New U11 Girls just lost 2-3 to Broomwood away. The Dragons struck first to nab a 1-0 lead midway through the first half before Brooomwood equalised seconds before halftime.  Goals were exchanged midway through the second half. In the 60th minute, at 2-2, Broomwood slipped a shot past the outstretched arms of the Dragons keeper to earn a well-deserved victory.  This was a stunning performance by the Dragons against a team that beat them 15-0 just a few weeks earlier! By any measure this was a remarkable match. Both teams are to be commended! 

The U12 Boys lost 0-4 to the Eagles at home. The Eagles were a good side and the Dragons potentially “under the cosh” but mostly they held up under the pressure to lose but with their footballing dignity intact.  

The U12 Girls lost to Islington Borough at home. The Dragons played a great game despite losing against a well-established and disciplined team.  The Dragons should be proud of their performance as at no point did they give up, giving their all, but on this occasion, it was not enough.   

The U13s lost 2-4 to Ickenham away.  The Dragons lost but, on the whole, it was a good match with Ickenham lucky on more occasions that the Dragons
The U14 Boys walloped Hendon 7-0 away. The Dragons rebounded nicely from the previous week’s loss in the Middlesex Cup with this resounding win.   Another hat trick from the Dragons and solid defence throughout made the result never in question.  The win takes the Dragons to second place in the division.  

The U14 Girls beat Alexandra Park North Youth 4-3 on penalties at home in the Middlesex Cup. This was a sparkling, if tense, match with the score standing 1-1 at full time. It was then on to penalties, with the massed fans holding their collective breath. There was a huge cheer when the Dragons keeper saved the last penalty to put them through to the next round.

The U16s beat Hanwell 6-0 at home. This was another brisk and sparkling display from the Dragons to make it 9 goals for and 0 against in two matches. Hanwell arrived ready to claim what they believed would be an easy win; but recent form had given them false hope. The Dragons dominated from the outset and, although the match did have exciting moments, the visitors had only questions for which the Dragons had answers. Could this be the foundation for a steadier ship and a successful second half of the season? That’s the real question.

The U17s Dragon Whites just lost 1-2 to the Reds at LCS in our local derby. The Whites held the Reds in a close match but rather generously give away 2 goals before claiming one back just before the end. The teams were evenly matched and did well to play on the rain-soaked pitch.
The U17s Dragon Reds just beat the Whites 2-1 at LCS. The match proved to be the Reds toughest test to date. The game started scrappily on the poor pitch, but the Reds managed to go in front with one goal in each half. Not many chances were created after that until the Whites scored from a set piece with the last kick of the game.

The Firsts just lost 0-2 at home against PFC Victoria. The Dragons conceded in the 43rd minute after a brilliant Victoria play, delivery and header. The Dragons were forced to change their approach and attacked with passion to be the better side in the 2nd half but they just could not finish. There was no option but to open up and take bigger risks. In the 91st min they lost the ball in the middle and Victoria attacked to score. A minute later the referee finished the game. The match could have gone either way.

The Reserves 4-8 against Wiseman West away. This was a particularly high scoring match where 4 Dragon goals would normally be enough to win.

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 17 November 2019

As other clubs with greater resources wilt in the wintry wet the Dragons drive on to record decisive wins:

The Firsts beat Yeading Town 4-2 away in the Cup to reach the Quarterfinals.  The Dragons performed well and were 3-0 up at half time. Quick pace, good team spirit and hard work gave the Dragons the advantage. The 2nd half was a quieter affair as they only scored once more whilst letting Yeading have a consolation couple of goals.

The Reserves walloped Kodak 5-2 at home. It must be said that the conditions were poor with the rain in the preceding days leading to a wet pitch that had not drained as well as one would hope. The Dragons however dealt with the conditions to control the match and win.  

The U17s will be awarded a win as Ruislip Town could not field a team. The Dragons continue their 100% win record.

The U16s thrashed Pitshanger 6-0 away. This was a fantastic bravura Dragons performance with passing, tackling and shooting of the highest order. Chances were taken when previously they would have been fudged, shots were on target when recently they would have sailed away offering not a jot of consternation to the opposition. The Dragons found their voice and calls for the ball were coming from left, right and centre. In short, a hugely professional and enjoyable match on a sparkling late Autumn afternoon.

The U14 Girls had no match because Alexandra Park North could not field a team at the allotted time

The 14 Boys lost 0-2 in the Middlesex Cup against Whetstone Wanderers from the Watford League’s top division. Despite a few nervous glances between the Dragons as they watched Whetstone warm up, they played an excellent first half and had the better chances to score first.  After a goalless first half, Whetstone managed to score twice from rebounds in the box as they held off the Dragons.  The Dragons had shown that they can compete with any team in any division. 

The U13s beat Bessingby Park Rangers 3-0 at home. This was the Dragons first clean sheet. The score could have been more as the Dragons had a plethora of chances with 3 shots hitting the cross bar and two the posts. Overall this was a great Dragons team effort.

The U12 Girls beat Enfield Town 13-1 at home in their first County Cup match. Despite the late start the Dragons began with their usual determination and early on it became evident that they were out to win.  Despite an early own goal, the Dragons proceeded to fire in 7 goals in the first half and 6 in the second. A good performance by every Dragon. 

The U12 Boys will be awarded a win as Hendon were suspended for reasons we can only guess at.

The New U11 Boys lost to Elite Magic away. The Dragons played well in the first half, poorly for 20 minutes of the second and then well again for the last ten minutes. The challenge now is to play at full tilt for the whole match.

The U11 Girls scored their first goal to huge jubilation against Vicky Park Rangers. The Dragons played well together on both sides of the ball with the goalies making huge saves – even stopping a 4 against 1 breakaway. The midfield and defenders worked together & the strikers had shots on goal.  The newcomers contributed, with even the youngest players getting scoring chances.  Most important of all the girls had fun! The had lost but by a much reduced margin

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 10 November 2019

Like a huge liner the Dragons inexorably are turning the footballing corner with the results improving bit by bit each week. It was particularly pleasing to have our U12 Girls congratulated on their exciting win by the opposition:

The Firsts beat CB Hounslow 2-1 at home. The Dragons performed well in extremely difficult conditions to control the game. As early goal calmed the Dragons before they were jolted by Hounslow pulling back to 1-1 just after the break. The improving Dragons however drew ahead a few minutes later. Finally, in the dying moments the Dragons goalie pulled off a fantastic save to ensure the win.

The Reserves lost 0-4 against away Ruislip. The Dragons were a depleted side that ventured to the far west.

The U17 Reds beat Northwood 5-1 at home in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons started well, before then conceding from a Northwood free kick that somehow slipped into the back of the net. The Dragons reacted well to score twice.  After the break, the Dragons extended their lead before scoring yet again at the very end. The 100% win record continues.  

The U17 Whites had no match

The U16s lost to Pinnstars away. This was a difficult match which is best describe as “Character Building”

The U14 Girls lost away 1-4 to Kinja. The Dragons did well when one considers that they were reduced to 8 players for 75% of the match as they lost one player to injury and another for medical reasons.

The 14 Boys Middlesex Cup match v Whetstone Wanderers away was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch

 The U13s lost 1-3 to Sandgate Youth at home in the Middlesex Cup. The result does not of course affect the league position but it was a good exercise for the Dragons who played soundly.

 The U12 Girls beat Broomwood 2-1 at home. The teams were evenly matched in the very tense first half to leave the score at 0-0.  It was during the second half that the Dragons had to dig deep to raise their game in an effort to score that crucial first goal. Finally, it came in the last 9 mins, only for Broomwood to even up to 1-1. The Dragons refused to give up and, with two minutes to go, scored a second fantastic winning goal.   

The U12 Boys lost to Pro Soccer Youth at home in the Middlesex Cup. This was a stressful match with keys being lost, carbon copied forms to fill in etc so it was a relief when kit was found and the match started. The result makes no difference to the League position, so the Dragons used it as an opportunity to gain experience.

 The New U11 Boys drew 2-2 magnificently against TFA Bushey at home. The Dragons have had to learn on their footballing feet having been dropped into a tough group against teams with many seasons of experience behind them. The Dragons are however quick learners, and this was a very good display in which they were unlucky not to win, with Bushey scoring from a referee/linesman muddle.

The U11 Girls lost to Actonians at home. The Dragons tried a novel football strategy – Mohamed Ali’s “rope-a-dope” as in the “The Rumble in the Jungle”. The plan was to let Actonians wear themselves out in a seemingly endless offensive fury and then, as they tired, the Dragons would unleash a devastating counter attack.  As historians will know this strategy is a football version of The Duke of Wellington’s adaptive defensive style which propelled him to victory over numerically superior forces.  One must give credit where credit is due, and the Dragons nearly pulled it off but in the end they came up a few goals short.  

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 3 November 2019

After a slower than average start our results have improved markedly:

The Firsts beat London Rangers 2-1 away in the second round of the Middlesex Cup. This was an important win, not only in terms of the Cup, but also as a sign that the team is “getting it together” as they say in the terraces.

The Reserves fought their way to a hard earned 2-1 victory against London Titans at home. The Dragons did magnificently to retain their lead in the last twenty minutes with only 10 men as two had to go off injured. As the Manager said “A scrappy victory, but one that can kick start the season”. 

The U17s Reds beat Pinner 8-0 away in the Cup to continue their winning run. The Dragons domination in the first half lead led to multiple chances. After the break, they continued to score – with their striker completing his third hat trick in as many games. Pinner did their bit to help by gifting an own goal. This was a dominant display by the Dragons who continue their 100% start to the season.

The U16 Whites beat Ruislip Town 5-4 at home. This was a great performance by the Dragons with all their goals “crackers” in the words of their indominable Manager. The score could have been 5-2 but the Dragons let in two goals late on in a nervy end to the game.

 The U16s just lost 3-4 at home to Brentham Colts. The Dragons were leading 3-1 but tiredness and poor decision making allowed Brentham back into the match. The Dragons did everything they were asked and were the better team against an opposition that had beaten them 4-1 a few weeks ago. Some great new Dragons scoring goals gives hope for the future. 

 The U14 Boys beat London Eagles 5-1 in a solid victory.  Dragons showed signs of overconfidence as they faced bottom of the league Eagles.  While they dominated possession, and had the first 6 shots on goal, it was scoreless after 20 minutes.  Finally, the Dragons awoke from their slumber to knock in three goals before the half.  The solid 5 – 1 victory was capped off with a fantastic hat trick by a Dragon attacker. 

 The U14 Girls had no match

 The U13s drew 2-2 with Ickenham at home.  This had to be probably the best performance to date from the Dragons, despite the last gasp equaliser from Ickenham. On the brilliant surface the Dragons were able to control the game comfortably and work hard together to grab two goals in the first half. It could have easily been much more as the Dragons continue to improve. As the well organised Manager said, “With a few more new additions we are definitely heading the right way”.

 The U12 Girls beat Hearts of Teddlothian Wolves 13-0 in the Cup at home. On what started out as a wet and windy Saturday the Dragons were in their usual positive mood.  They were soon rewarded with their first goal fired in from outside the box.   The Dragons continued to attack and dominate so by the end of the half they had scored 8 goals.   The second half continued with the same intensity as they scored 5 more.  A wonderful Dragons performance. 

The U12 Boys drew 1-1 away against FC Starz. The Dragons showed great forbearance as they agreed to a 9.30am start and then arrived to find the pitch was artificial whilst the FC Starz coach announced he was also the referee.  The Dragons were depleted due to illness but in the face of such adversity pulled together. They went 0-1 down in the first half but came back strongly in the second via a great finish. The Dragons were however denied a victory when the Referee stopped the game to send one off on of his players but in so doing stopped the Dragons hammer in the winning goal.

The U11 Girls Kensington Dragon lost to Broomwood Pride at home.  Broomwood’s goals poured in faster, and with greater intensity, than the rain that poured down on the fans’ heads. As the rain let up, and the sun threatened to make an appearance, so too did the Dragons’ offence.  Aided by the extra attacker the Dragons turned the tide and threatened to score on numerous occasions.  But, as in previous weeks, the cross bar and the goal posts deflected the best Dragons shots.

The U11 Boys had no match

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 26 October 2019

With Half Term there were fewer matches than usual:

The First Team just lost 2-3 away to London Samuri. This was a generally better Dragons performance who are on an upward curve.

The Reserves won on penalties at home after drawing 2-2 at full time to Brentham in the Middlesex Cup. It is on to the next round.

The U17 Reds beat Ruislip Town 8-1 away. The Dragons were rusty after three weeks off and conceded from a set piece early on, but soon got into their footballing stride to go 2-1 up at the break. The second half was all one way to the Dragons with two sets of hattricks. This was a solid Dragons display showing great determination, after going a goal down early on.

The U17 Whites lost 2-6 away to Belmont United

The U16’s beat Wealdstone 2-0 at home. This was an improvement from two weeks ago when Wealdstone had beaten the Dragons 4-2.  The Dragon goals came from a cracking penalty and a long-range cracker of a shot to leave them 2 – 0 up at half time. A professional performance in the 2nd sealed the deal. A well-earned victory that shows the potential of this Dragons team

The U14 Boys had no match

The U14 Girls had no match

The U13s drew 3-3 away to Bessingby Park Rangers. This was a lively, entertaining match played in glorious sunshine. The Dragons started brightly to go ahead 2-0 by halftime, playing good cohesive football. The Dragons looked odds on to cruise to a comfortable victory, but Bessingby had other ideas and a late fight back earned them a miraculous draw.

The U12 Boys just lost 0-1 Princess Park at home in a tense match. The Dragons did not play well in the first half to go a goal down. The second half was a much better performance from the Dragons who created many chances but were denied crucial goals.

The U12 Girls had no match

The U11 Boys lost at home to Super Skills

The U11 Girls had no match

The U10s trained

Results W/E 20 October 2019

All the Dragons teams have been beaten at some point this season, so it was great to see the U12 Girls leading the way with a huge 9-1 win to encourage the Club:

The U17 Reds were awarded a win because Belmont United could not field a team.

The U17 Whites lost at home to St Josephs

The U16s were beaten 1-4 away by Headstone Manor Hawks. The Dragons had a good first half but were let down as the match progressed by their fitness.

The U14 Boys beat Celtic 5-3 at home. For a time, it looked as if this would be a very close match, but the Dragons scintillating football proved too much for Celtic.

The U14 Girls had no match.

The U13s lost to League Leaders Wealdstone at home. The Dragons were up against it from the very first kick of the ball. The positives for the Dragons were that it was competitive and hard fought for the entire match. The Dragons tried to play as a team throughout and, although they lost heavily, it was not a true reflection of the match. Even the most optimistic Dragon would say however that “There is room for Soo much improvement”.

The U12 Boys drew 2-2 with Chiswick Medonians away. If truth be told the Dragons were a little apprehensive as some key players had escaped to desert islands over half term. At 0-2 down Dragons fans feared the worst but were proved wrong as their team played with grit and determination to pull back to a well-deserved 2-2 draw.   

The U12 Girls beat Alexandra Park North 9-1 at home. On a bright and sunny Saturday morning the Dragons great mood was translated into a fantastic game of football.  With little direction from their coach they attacked from the start and fired in 3 goals in the first 10mins, whilst defending well, so that by half time it was 5-1. The second half was much the same as the Dragons dominated to score 4 more fantastic goals.  A wonderful Dragons performance.

The U11 Boys were beaten away by Pitshanger. The Dragons played well in fits and starts but are still going through the pain of being a new team playing ferocious oppositions. The young Dragons who stick at it will be pleased by the end of the season by how much they have improved.

The U11 Girls had no match

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

The Reserves drew 1-1 with LNER in a hard-fought match

The First Team had no match

Results W/E 13 October 2019

New Arrival: Leaving no stone unturned to improve performance our First Team coach’s wife, Beata, has delivered a new Dragon named Marcel. Marcin reports “He is a happy little dude”.  It was rain, rain, rain as the Dragons dodged the rain drops:

The New U11 Boys improved fantastically to lose against ProFA at home as they scored their first ever goals. This was the Dragons only second ever match, but they are quick learners and it was a real contest with the defence more organised and the offence getting into their stride. A long way to go but the shocking first ever 15 minutes of last week is even now receding into history.

The New U11 Girls played Actonians at home. There was a stressful start as the Park Keeper could not open the door behind which lay the vital goal nets. Finally a set of huge, aging nets was found to wrap around the goal posts.  The talented Actonians controlled the ball for much of the first stanza, testing the Dragon defences to force their goal keeper to turn away several shots from point blank range. As the Actonians took a comfortable lead the new Powerplay Rule came into force, and inspired by the half time pep talk, the Dragons went on the attack, but despite rattling the woodwork they ended a few goals short.

The U12 Boys just lost 1-3 to ProFA at home. The Dragons are turning the footballing corner.  Despite missing 4 key players they had a much-improved game.  Showing commitment and energy the Dragons fought to the end with the game decided by small errors.  As they adapt to being promoted the Dragons are following much the same pattern as last season, with the gap closing week by week.

The U12 Girls just lost 4-5 away to Wealdstone FC.  The Dragons started well to score first and then again shortly after. A third goal was scored after a run from the half way line and it appeared that the Dragons were on fire as they lead 4-1 at the break. Unfortunately, as the second half progressed it became clear that only having 8 players was taking its toll as the Dragons tired, allowing Wealdstone to score 4 goals.  Overall however this was a great Dragons performance. 

The U13 Boys beat Brentham 6-3 away. On a weekend of rain, the Dragons started well to grab two goals. As the 2nd half started the next goal, from either side, was going to determine the game. It was the Dragons who scored the vital goal which then led to more goals to add to their tally. Overall this was a Dragons excellent performance with a lot more to come. As the Manager said at the post match press conference “Keep on working Dragons

The U14 Boys lost 1-3 at home against their nemesis, league winners Hanwell. The Dragons conceded an early penalty to go down 0-1 at halftime. Frustratingly after applying most of the pressure at the start of the second half, Hanwell capitalised on a long ball over the Dragons defence to go up 0-2.  More pressure and some desperate defence gave the Dragons a free kick just outside the box which was converted with an incredible curling shot into the top corner of the goal.  The Dragons pushed for the equaliser but through extending themselves, allowed in a 3rd goal to end the match 1-3.  

The U14 Girls lost away against Sporting Duet.  The Dragons are progressing and scored one goal in each half, but Duet were stronger. The Dragons squad is getting bigger and the challenge is now to keep building the girls’ confidence as they meld into a cohesive team.

The U16s lost to Wealdstone away in the Middlesex Cup. Although the Dragons lost, they really are amongst the best in the division. The Dragons started badly, letting in 3 goals in the first 15 minutes, which led fans to think this might be a  long match. But as the rain descended, and another cheap goal went in, a single tackle changed the game. The Dragons new signing was not going to accept defeat and pulled off a sliding tackle that wrested control back from Wealdstone. His grit was infectious and at half time the Dragons were 0-4 down but with their fire was up. The Dragons then forced Wealdstone to defend, defend, defend as they finished 2-4 “bloodied but unbowed”. As the poetry loving Manager opined:  “We know now that we are ‘Masters if our Fate, Captains of our Soul’!” 

The U17 Reds had no match as Western Ballers gave the Dragons a Walkover in the Middlesex Cup.

The U17 Whites at home drew at full time and then lost in extra time to Whetstone Wanderers in the Middlesex Cup. A great Dragons performance up to the end of normal time with lots of positives to take forward into next week.

The Firsts lost to Pitshanger 1-4 at home whilst their coach became a father for the first time. Congratulations!

 The Reserves lost 1-6 to Ickenham despite being in control of the game. The Dragons controlled the ball well, in line with recent coaching sessions, to create chances but missed a penalty before being denied another clear penalty and then have a good goal disallowed!  Very frustrating. Ickenham scored from 6 individual mistakes. 

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 6 October 2019

There are rays of footballing sunshine peeking through not entirely tremendous result clouds but the sooner they come the better:

The New U11 Boys, not surprisingly, lost away to Ruislip Rangers in their first ever match. Even the most ardent Dragons fan would find it difficult to praise their performance in the first quarter. By the last 15 minutes however it was a wholly different story – the Dragons had come to terms with the demands of a serious football match where tiny differences can lead to huge goal differences. The Dragons need to take on board that “A fit Dragon is a Good Dragon”. This was a very credible first effort against a side who have been playing together for years.

The New U11 Girls had no match so trained with their squad, gathering numbers. There a few spaces left for any girls who want to play football.

The U12 Boys lost away to the Eagles. The Dragons were rather hampered by some key players missing.

The U12 Girls lost 1-3 to Ruislip Rangers in their first home game. The first half saw a rather slow Dragons start, allowing Rangers to score 3 times. The second half saw the Dragons take control and it became very exciting with a great Dragons goal. The joyous excitement was short lived however as the Dragons could not score again, but they did stop Rangers from similarly scoring.   

The U13 Boys lost at home to TFA Bushey. The match did not start well for the Dragons as they conceded an early goal. Despite this early set back the Dragons managed to slowly get back into the game but were not able to find Bushey’s goal. Finally, after conceding yet more goals the Dragons woke up and by half time had scored.  In the 2nd half Bushey rather ran away with the game, but the Dragons managed to score a further goal. Their Manager was quoted as saying “overall it wasn’t a good day for the boys”.

The U14 Boys drew 3-3 against Wealdstone at home.  A first half penalty and three incredible saves from the Dragons goalie lead to a 1 – 0 Dragons half time lead.  The second half turned into a back and forth drama with the Dragons taking 2 – 1 and 3 -2 leads, after a hat trick from a signing. With just 10 mins to go, the referee ignored the assistant referee’s clear offside call and allowed Wealdstone’s equaliser to stand.  A disappointing end but a sign of good things to come as the Dragons held their own against one of the top teams in the division.  

The U14 Girls lost 2-4 away against Sporting Duet. The Dragons are essentially a new team as they get to know one another, whilst having the advantage of good coaching. The first half saw Sporting Duet score twice, but a long range shot from the Dragons took them to 1-2 and then at the end 2-4 after another superb Dragons goal. The Dragons are bonding really well and working extremely hard so they are certain they will improve.

The U16s lost 1-4 at home in the Cup against Brentham Colts. The Dragons started well and dominated in the 1st half but disappeared in the 2nd to lose.  This continues to be the worse start to any season. If the Dragons could play like they did in the first half they would have a decent chance against the best teams. 

The U17s Reds had no match

The U17 Whites lost away 1-4 to Pittshanger in the League Cup. This was an opportunity to shuffle the Dragons pack, try a few different things and give game time to new players. If the Dragons had converted a penalty at 1-3 the match would have taken on a completely different complexion. But with no goalkeeper and half the back four missing it was always going to be big ask.

The Firsts lost to Indian Gymkhana at home.  Gymkhana started with a high level of commitment and were well organised, attacking the Dragons goal with passion and determination.  Two quick 2 goals opened up the game forcing the Dragons to open up leaving their defence exposed. The Dragons made a few changes at half time and took control of the game to risk all and attack; unfortunately, their defence could not stop 3 Gymkhana successful counter attacks. As the philosophically minded manager said: “Football life goes on and we need to react quickly to improve our performance”.

The Reserves drew 2-2 away with Stonewall. This was a good performance from the Dragons.  The Dragons were let down from 2 individual defensive mistakes to concede twice but showed character coming back from behind each time to draw

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 29 September 2019

The good news is that this was the first time the Dragons have ever had THREE girls’ teams in action. The not so good news is that we let in rather more goals last weekend than is altogether necessary to keep up the morale of our opponents:

The First Team beat Hampton Locomotive 1-3 away in the Cup. The biggest challenge was finding the pitch, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Once there the Dragons controlled the game to lead 2-0 at the half. The second half was almost a stroll in the footballing park but, despite creating fantastic chances, the Dragons only scored once more, before conceding a few minutes before the final whistle

The Reserves lost 2-4 to Hillingdon Abbots at home. This was not a great performance from the Dragons who could have done much better

The U17 Reds beat St Joseph’s 4-1 away. The first Dragons goal came after 5 minutes from a penalty. St Joseph’s then scored from a cross, finding a spare man at the back post and so it was 1-1 at the half. The Dragons picked up speed to score twice before defending well under pressure, allowing a last goal with 5 minutes left. A solid away win.

The U17 Whites lost at home 0-4 to Hendon. The Dragons were hampered by a lack of key personnel which contributed to a lack lustre display, making them unrecognisable from their spirited performance last time out against the league leaders. As the Manager said: “One to put behind us and move on

The U16s lost 2-7 to Pitshanger at home. The Dragons should have done better against a team they would normally deal with happily. The only brightness came from the extraordinary skills of their new signing who showed great deal of promise for the season to come.

The U14 Boys lost to the formidable Wealdstone in the League Cup. With 6 players off this was always going to be a tough ask for the Dragons. A combination of two soft goals by Wealdstone and two missed opportunities created a 0-3 half time deficit.  The Dragons responded with a stronger second half but conceded one more goal on a penalty.  Both teams face off again next week in a league match – so an opportunity for revenge is still on offer.   

 The U14 Girls lost to KInja playing on the new home pitch at St Marks for the first time. This was a better performance from the Dragons who scored a cracker of a goal early on but then dwindled before the end

The U13s lost away in the League Cup to Sintra AFA. The appointed Referee disappeared so a Sintra parent did the honours, making some poor decisions. The Dragons opened the scoring but Sintra soon equalised and then, before the average Dragon could blink, Sintra were 1-3 up before the Dragons made it 2-3 just before half time. The second half saw the Dragons take control and it became very exciting with an absolute corker of a Dragons goal. The joyous excitement was short lived as the Dragons tired, allowing Sintra to keep on scoring.

The U12 Girls beat Omonia 5-3 away  in  their first match. The Dragons were eager to start with a bang and scored early on from good precise passing.  This was soon followed by a second goal into the left corner of Omnia’s net. Despite the Dragons relaxed attitude they scored another two fantastic goals in quick succession.  A defensive mistake saw Omnia score their first goal to make it 4-1 to the Dragons at the half.  The second half saw the Dragons score the goal of the match. Onwards and upwards! 

The U12 Boys lost at home to Premiership London Tigers in the League Cup. This was a David vs Goliath battle in the Dragons first ever cup match. With several players away the Dragons had a difficult start, especially with a makeshift backline. Four goals were conceded in the opening minutes before the Dragons gained their composure to pull a goal back and restrict the Tigers to just three goals to half time.  The Dragons then pressed on, never giving up, nor making things easy for the side two divisions above.  Inevitably, more away goals followed, but the plucky young Dragons took heart from the fact that they let in less goals in the second half than the first. The final score will be a useful motivator for next week’s league match

The U11 Girls lost to Ruislip Rangers at home in their first ever match. Understandably it took the Dragons some time to find their footballing feet but there were signs of brilliance and the resilience will grow over the coming weeks as they improve 

The Boys U11s season has yet to start

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League

Results W/E 22 September 2019

There is still room for improvement, but the stars are in the ascendant:

The Firsts just lost 1-2 away to Hillingdon. The Dragons fell back to 0-2 down but then pulled one goal back but could not score another vital goal

The Reserves beat Parkfield 3-1 at home in the Middlesex Junior Cup.  This was a slow start for the Dragons as they went one goal behind in the first 10 minutes, but they picked up slowly to finish the first half 1-1. The second half was entirely a different matter as the Dragons were much better organised, confident on the ball as they kept position controlling the game to create chances. Their second goal came from a nice build up and great finish from the Club veteran which was followed with a classy combination midfield-attack ending in beautiful finish.

The U12s beat Princess Park 3-2 away in a cracker of a match. The Dragons started somewhat out of sorts and slipped to 0-2 down with their fans fearing a repeat of the previous week. The Dragons are however quick learners and, to Princess Parks’ ill-disciplined dismay, turned the footballing tide to draw level before scoring the well-earned winner. A great result.  

The U13s lost at home 3-7 to Kodak. Having had a difficult opening match, the Dragons made their return to St Marks Park on the brilliant new pitch! They started well, passing from back to front but surprisingly the first goal came from Kodak. The Dragons equalised but, just before half time, Kodak regained the lead. The Dragons came back out roaring to take back the lead but then the curse from last week returned to Kodak’s advantage. This was however a definite improvement on last week and the score does not reflect most of the match. A Dragons win is not far away.

The U14 Girls lost away to Broomwood Vixens. This was the Dragons first match and, with a few absences, they knew a difficult morning lay ahead. Rather than postpone, the brave Dragons fielded 7 players against Broomwood’s 9, with the opposition manager intimating that they would reduce their numbers to make it an enjoyable contest. In the event the mean spirited Broomwood played the whole 70 minutes with their full complement of players in a desperate effort to win at all costs which not surprisingly they did

The U14 Boys decisively beat Old Actonians 5-1 at home. The Dragons have matured since their early days as diminutive U11s. With a full squad in peak condition the Dragons controlled the match from start to finish and then rounded off the afternoon by warming down in precise unison, as they sprinted, jogged and exercised, whilst the defeated OAs trooped politely off.  

The U16s drew 2-2 away with Hanwell Town.  The Dragons showed true sporting spirit by not claiming 3 default points when the chronologically challenged Hanwell turned up 2 hours late.  The Dragons were 1-2 down going into the last 10 mins but they kept their heads and spirits up to score the goal they so truly deserved. The Dragons could have scored more but it was one of those weeks when they faltered at the final hurdle up front. Gaining a point, when they could have claimed 3 default points, may sound like a bad deal, but the Dragons never shirk from a contest. 

The U17 Reds beat Hendon 4-1 at home. The game started at a fast pace despite the heavy rain and it was scoreless at the break. An unlucky bounce then gave Hendon a short-lived lead. The Dragons kept their focus and equalised from a lovely ball from the left before a second came after Hendon’s keeper made a bad error. An incredible save kept the Dragons ahead before their substitute came on to add two more

The U17 Whites just lost 2 – 3 to West Drayton at home. The fixture list threw up a tough first game for the Dragons, against the reigning Premier League Champions. The Dragons gave their table-topping visitors a real scare by equalling them in every department. After restoring parity at 1-1 West Drayton took the lead with a freak goal only for the Dragons to hit back following the best move of the match. Going down to a last-minute goal was a cruel blow for the Dragons but they can take heart from more than holding their own with the best in the league for 89 minutes.

The U11 and U12 Girls Teams and the Boys U11s have yet to start their season.