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Kensington Dragons Results W/E 2nd April 2017

Fellow Dragons

In brilliant sunshine the Dragons are hurtling to the end of the season looking forward to the Annual Presentations on Sunday 14 May:

The 1st Team were thrashing the previously  undefeated league leaders Assiria 5-2 at home before Assira gave up and caused the game to be abandoned at 60 minutes to save their increasing embarrassment. The Dragons have regained their style.

The Reserves lost at home to South Kilburn.  The Dragons were without their regular goal keeper and found it difficult to cope with the title contenders.

The U18s had no match

The U17s will be awarded the win as Celtic were not able to field a team.

The U15s drew 2-2 with Pitshanger at St Marks. The Dragons played well and were in the lead twice but were not able hold on and let Pitshanger back into the game. Overall  a good Dragons performance

The U14As beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 6-1 away in the League Trophy Cup. After a slow 15 mins the Dragons went down 0-1 in a rather disappointing start. Changes were made which give more stability and with it the goals came. An eventual great performance.

The U14Bs  had no game

The U13s did not play.

The U12s will be awarded 3 points as Harrow Utd could not field a team and with it the Dragons are now LEAGUE CHAMPIONS. The victorious Dragons then went to Linford Christie Stadium to watch the First Team beat league leaders Assiria.

The U11s drew 1-1 away with Ickenham in a fiercely contested match. The Dragons scored first and then conceded a penalty before to everybody’s horror they conceded another penalty. It seemed a loss was on the cards until the Dragons magnificent goall keeper saved the penalty to save the day.

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

Kensington Dragons Results W/E 26 March 2017

Fellow Dragons


With Spring threatening:

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

The First Team walloped South Kilburn 7-2 away. The Dragons took control from the start and with an early goal set a high tempo with assistance from the strong wind. By half time the Dragons were 4-1 up before going on to score another three whilst conceding a soft one in return.

The Reserves beat CB Hounslow 3-1 at home.  The Dragons approached the game with the right attitude and were deservedly rewarded with 3 points. The biggest opponents were the wind and three week break which initially disrupted the Dragons rhythm.

The U18s  lost away to St Josephs with a depleted team

 The U17s had no match

The U15s lost away to Princess Park. The Dragons are gradually finding their feet in a difficult division.

 The U14As will be awarded 3 points as v AFC Wembley defaulted the match. A loss would meant a  2nd place finish but the effective win should lead to winning the division once the outcome of a previously abandoned match is determined by HYFL

The U14B beat Kodak Youth 6-1 away in the League Trophy Cup

 The U13s lost 4-6 away to Old Actonians in the last league match of the season. The Dragons got off to a bad start on a poorly marked pitch which was compounded by refereeing decision that had room for improvement. This was a match the Dragons could have won as all their goals came from well-connected play. It’s time for a cup of tea and relax. .

 The U12s beat Belmont United 4-2 at home in a match full of drama. The Dragons missed early chances and then scored a lovely tap in and a scoop over the goalie’s head before the ref gave Belmont an undeserved penalty which was magnificently saved. A few minutes later the Dragons conceded a sloppy goal and it was on to the second half and two further quality goals. To slightly mar the event minutes from the end a lack of communication between defence and goalie lead to an own Dragons goal.

 The U11s drew 1-1 at home with TFA Bushey As. The Dragons scored first but simply could not score again to cement a win. This was a draw which was almost the right result.  

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

Kensington Dragons Results W/E 12 March 2017

Fellow Dragons

There was pulsating excitement over the weekend:

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

The U11s demolished Ickenham 5-1 at home in a tremendous advert for resilience. The Dragons had endured months of learning their trade in the face of intense competition from sides which had been playing together for years. The Dragons have stuck to their last and over the last few weeks have been playing increasingly good football. Against Ickenham it all came together and during a rampant 20 minutes overcame them to score four times to run away with the match.

The U12s match with Harrow St Marys was called off as HSM could not raise a side leaving the Dragons to claim the 3 points.
The U13s beat Wealdstone 3-2 away. The Dragons were 3-0 up at half time but slipped out of control as Wealdstone attacked to pull back 2 completely “rubbish” goals. The game ended tensely 3-2 in the Dragons favour but they knew they should have run the show.

The U14As drew 1 -1 with league leaders Pitshanger away in an exceptionally tight match. Halfway through the 1st half Pitshanger  edged ahead when they capitalised on a shabby clearance. The Dragons never give up and a great strike from the edge of the box curled past a bunch of Pitshanger players to end up in the bottom right corner of their net. It was pretty much a grudge match from then on in with both teams grabbing a few chances, but mostly cancelling each other out, to leave it a 1-1 draw.

The U14Bs just lost 1-2 against  the Eagles at home. The Dragons went two down but had the lion’s share of chances in the first half. They pulled one back with a stunning free kick just before the break to set the game on a knife edge. In the second half the Dragons battered the Eagles, despite their cynical tactics, but just could not get that goal. The Dragons in-form striker injured in last week’s  match was sadly missed.

The U15s lost 1-3 against Pitshanger away. Despite injuries forcing the Dragons to play with 10 players on a heavy pitch they finished the first half 1-1. The Dragons continued to frustrate Pitshanger up to the last five minutes when Pitshanger scored from an off side and then, horror of all horrors, scored again from an offside position. All in all however the Dragons had done very well.

The U17s will be awarded 3 points as London Tigers forfeited the game. The Tigers are making a habit of pulling out of matches immediately before the scheduled start. Irritating and discourteous

The U18s beat table toppers Hendon at home 3-2 in a feisty game. Hendon had won 17 of their last 18 matches and looked in distain at the bare 11 Dragons players without a recognised goalkeeper. On paper Hendon had won before the game started. Pundits however would have overlooked the almost magical qualities of the Dragons management team who look upon hopeless challenges with unbounded optimism. The brave Dragons simply refused to be cowed and to the shock of Hendon pulled through to win.

The 1st Team just lost to CB Hounslow 0-1 at home. After a good last 3 weeks the Dragons started brightly but this was short lived as an error in defence allowed Hounslow’s striker to beat the keeper. The Dragons then had the lion’s share of possession but were prevented from scoring by the framework and several saves from the opposition keeper.

 The Reserves had no game.

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

Kensington Dragons Results W/E 5 March 2017

Fellow Dragons


Rain kept many Dragons tucked up at home:

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

The First came back from 0-2 down to draw 2-2 with Cricklewood at home. There was a mixed reaction from the Dragons Management – whilst it was an heroic effort to come back from a sure loss to a draw in the final 10 minutes  it was also the loss of 2 points.

The Reserves had no game

The U18s had no game

 The U17s beat Celtic 5-0 at home. The Dragons opened the scoring and then kept scoring whilst the defence clamped down on any Celtic attacks who had to resort to long range ineffectual efforts.

The U15s had no game

The U14As beat Hanwell Town 1-0 at home. This was a very tight match but in the 83rd minute the Dragons were awarded a free kick which was magnificently put into the top corner of Hanwell’s net. The Dragons then held on to their lead until the final whistle. It is onwards and upwards.

The U14Bs beat Princess Park 5-2 at home. A changed Dragons team started slowly and were a shadow of the team that had notched up 24 goals in their last 2 games. Princess Park took the lead after a calamitous mix-up between keeper and defender before then doubling their advantage from a similar incident from a corner. The Dragons pulled one back through a great move down the right hand side just before the interval. After half time, with more regulars restored, the Dragons broke down the stubborn visitors to win yet again..

The U13s were awarded 3 points as St Josephs forfeited the match

The U12s away match against Actual Soccer was called off due to a waterlogged pitch 

The U11s away match against Hendon was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   


Kensington Dragons W/E 26 February 2017

Fellow Dragons


In a spell of improved weather the Dragons thrived:

The 1st Team walloped Hillingdon 6-0 away. The Dragons got off to a great start and were soon 1-0 up and then by half time 4-0 up before scoring another couple of goals after the break. A very credible result.

The Reserves lost 2-5 to the twice in a row League Champions Indian Gymkhana in the cup semi-final. The Dragons started well before a conceding sloppy goal and then reacted fantastically to score twice over the next 10 minutes. The second half was a real battle with Gymkhana putting huge pressure on the Dragons who conceded 4 goals from set pieces to show yet again that ‘playing in the air’ is not the Dragons favourite occupation.

The U18s beat the mighty Spartans 3-2 away. The Dragons were 2-0 up at half time playing with confidence on the back of their comfortable win last week but 20 minutes into the 2nd half it was 2-2 and the fight was on. Resilience and character shifted the momentum once again and the Dragons pressed to score and hold on to an impressive win.

The U17s beat Hanwell Town 6 – 1 away. The Dragons coped with the blustery wind much better than Hanwell to lead 4-0 at half time despite conceding a saved penalty.  It looked as if the Dragons would hit double figures as they scored early in the 2nd half but they then relaxed into seeking personal glory which did not come. The Dragons were brought back down to earth when Hanwell scored and tightened up to play good football to score yet again with a great finish to nail the 6-1 win

The U15s lost 0-2 to TFA Totteridge away. The Dragons showed fantastic character with 10 players following a long difficult journey. The Dragons played tremendously with their excellent goalkeeper performing particularly well so that at half time it was still 0-0. The Dragons carried on the good work into the second half but unfortunately lack of communication in the penalty box cost the team at least one point and then a final score came just before the final whistle. Despite the score the Dragons showed great spirit

The U14As lost 0-2 away to Hanwell. The Dragons suffered a questionable penalty 4 mins into the game and from then on it was slow, sloppy and frustrating to watch as they could not find a decent tempo to their game. They then suffered a 2nd goal ten minutes from the end which completely deflated the team. The Dragons walked off bemused as to how they had performed so uncharacteristically. It was frustrating to have had a bad day but next week they will surely be up and running again as normal.

The U14Bs beat 1 Old Actonians 9-1. The Dragons got off to a great start, scoring in the first minute and then again 10 minutes later but struggled to convert more chances before half time. After the break they found their stride and killed the game off with a clinical attacking performance.

The U13s beat Venceremos 2-1 away.  The Dragons found the muddy pitch a real grind but they played as a team to secure the win. The difficult to please manager was quoted at the ensuing press conference as saying “I am very pleased. This was the first full team we have had for many weeks”

The U12s beat Actual Soccer 5-1 at home in their first derby of the season against their Harrow Rd neighbours. This was as competitive a match as between Arsenal and Tottenham. The Dragons started with power but took too many touches to let Actual Soccer score first.  The Dragons pulled themselves together to score a brilliant goal and then kept the pressure going to lead 2-1 at half time. The Dragons returned defiantly and with speed and skill scored a fantastic goal to be followed by another blaster and then a converted penalty.  Next week it onto yet another derby

The U11s just lost 0-1 at home to Wealdstone in an excellent match. This was a very close competitive match which either side could have won but possibly a draw would have been a fair result. What was so pleasing for the improving the Dragons was that when they conceded a late goal there was no hint of a wobble but rather an increased determination to come back and score. There remains much room for improvement but the Dragons are very clearly on the way to becoming a great team.

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

 The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

Kensington Dragons Results 19 February 2017

Could it be that the worst of the winter is behind us as the Dragons triumphantly took to their various pitches lead by the resilient U11s who won their first match:

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

The Firsts beat league leaders Deportivo Galacia 3-0 at home. The Dragons got off to a challenging start with their gaol keeper stuck in traffic and started with their striker in goal. It was not until the 45th minute that a low left foot struck the ball into the bottom left of Deportivo’s unfortunate net to make it 1-0 at half time. The second half saw the Dragons up the tempo, creating waves of chances to score twice more before an unfortunate sending of reduced the Dragons to ten brave players who held out for a fantastic win.

The Reserves lost 3-5 away to LPOSSA. The Dragons started slowly against their very experienced opponents to concede 3 quick goals. After half time and a deep breath the Dragons came back with energetically but unfortunately two individual mistakes costed them another 2 goals. At 0-5 down most teams would have collapsed but not the Dragons who fought back to 3-5 before the final whistle stopped their almost amazing comeback.

The U11s WON 5-3 away to St Joseph’s despite missing their gaolie and centre back in a quite magnificent display of good humoured fortitude and skill. The Dragons have come of age

The U12s had no fixture so played a friendly against the U13s. This was a challenge for both sides as the U12s had to play an 11 a-side game with only had 9 players whilst the U13s were missing most of their players who were on half term breaks. The match was great fun with the U12s scoring first rom a brilliant free kick but they then lost concentration to make it 1-1 at half time. The U12s came back to make it 3-1 before the U13s punished them with a goal to leave it at 3-2.

 The U13s had closed off the date as their players were mostly on holiday but rose to a last minute challenge from the U12s for a friendly and pulled together a scratch team.  

The U14As had no game.

 The U14Bs beat Kodak by an astonishing 14-1 at the Scrubbs. One would assume the Dragons would walk away with the divisional title but they have a contender who has also won every match. There remain tense times to come.

The U15s had no game

The U17s beat Tufnell Park  2-1 at home. With half term and other inconveniences the Dragons had a bare 11 payers for this difficult match as they  aimed to secure 4 wins from their last 4 games in this very competitive league. The first half was won on points by the Dragons who with good crisp passing and movement created a couple of good chances but were wasteful in front of goal and also had a goal ruled offside.  The second half saw the Dragons press Tufnell right from the kick off and immediately forced an error to score only for Tufnell to equalise. The Dragons regained the lead and then held out resiliently to secure a tremendous win.

The U18s beat Willesden Constantine 5-1 at home. This was the second match for the Dragons since rebuilding their squad and the team performed brilliantly outplaying Willesden from start to finish.

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   


KDFC Results for 12th February 2017

Fellow Dragons


The damp weather continued over the half term:

The Dragons are starting a new team for 8-11 year old girls. Interested parties should phone the Hon Sec on 07860 459178 for information

The U11’s were narrowly beaten 1-2 at home by the London Eagles. This was almost an exceptional performance by the Dragons who came very close to beating a team who were on a 9 months unbeaten run.  The Dragons were well organised in defence and snuffed out attack after attack.  The midfield and attack created tremendous goal scoring opportunities but almost inexplicably found it difficult to actually put the ball in the back of the net. It is time for more shooting practice!

The U12s walloped Harrow St Mary’s 10-0 away. Following last week’s best result of the season the Dragons went one further with a magnificent bunch of 10 goals – each one scented with sheer class and undeniable beauty and two superb hat-tricks! The Dragons remain top of the league and are still definitely a force to be reckoned with!

The U13s thrashed St Joseph’s 8-0 at home. This was a great win for the Dragons against a good, well organised side despite being a man down towards the end. The Dragons are properly cohesive squad. This was a good job well done.

The U14As against AFC Wembley was called off due to a no show from official referee and unplayable pitch conditions, another game in hand for the Dragons.

The U14Bs had no game

The U15 had no game

The U17s had no game

The U18s just lost 2-3 away to Ruislip Town. The Dragons had had a difficult start to the season and were on the verge of folding in December. However an incredible effort by all in rebuilding the squad had put them finally in a position to compete. With some new players it was difficult in establishing a pattern of play. Never the less despite all this was a great game with the Dragons coming back from 2-0 down but alas, with just a couple of minutes remaining, another error led to Ruislip’s winner. Despite an eventual disappointing result the Managers were “delighted with being able to compete once again”.

 The 1st Team had no game

The Reserves  game was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

Kensington Dragons Results w/e 13th November 2016

Fellow Dragons


Perk up! It’s not that cold as the Dragons plough on regardless whilst others continue to falter:


The First Team beat the previously unbeaten Enfield Borough 2-1 at home in round 1 of the Middlesex Cup. After a bright start the Dragons eventually lead 1-0 at the half. Enfield made a change bringing on a winger who played the ball around the Dragons full back to gain a dubious corner which was rather messily converted to equalise. Both teams knew that whoever scored next would go on to win. The key moment came after 25 minutes of extra time when the ball was picked up on the left to be struck right footed and deflected into Enfield’s goal. The Dragons had beaten a previously unbeaten side many divisions higher.


The Reserves lost 0-2 away to Pitshanger. The Dragons were not able to dominate but showed great team spirit and character but conceded the first goal which forced the Dragons to give 110% effort as they attempted to pull back. Unfortunately Pitshanger were very solid and scored their second goal just before the final whistle.


The new U11s drew 1-1 away to Bessingby in a hard fought match.  Gradually the Dragons are learning to cope with the pressure of playing in the league against teams who have been playing together for many years. This was another improving performance.


The U12s beat London Eagles 3-1 at home. The Dragons were potentially disconcerted by not having their usual keepers but the stand in made superb saves and communicated brilliantly with his fantastic defenders. The Dragons lead 1-0 at the half and after the break went up the gears becoming stronger and more physical to press on the attack and score a dazzling goal. The Dragons kept attacking but on a counter-attack the Eagles scored to make it 2-1 before a few minutes from the end the Dragon scored again.


The U13s beat Old Actonians 5-2 at home. This was a particularly sweet victory as the OAs had beaten the Dragons in both legs last year. The win was based on passing and upfront domination. A really impressive and exciting performance.


The U14Bs beat Ickenham 5-0 away. After a frustrating first half that saw Ickenham with a single goal lead the Dragons upped the tempo and turned it on in the second period. A change of formation yielded four more goals to make the score line a lot more respectable.


The U14As lost 1-3 to the current premier league runners up AFC Wembley in the Middlesex Cup in a spectacular show of courage and determination. The Dragons knew Wembley were tough opponents so set up accordingly, ready to utilise their defensive strengths and quick counter attacking football. The Dragons gave everything and managed to hold Wembley to a 1-1 draw at full time and it was on to extra time. The Dragons created nail biting opportunities but could not keep up with Wembley’s fitness levels and conceded 2 sloppy goals in the last 7 mins of extra time to lose 3-1.


The U15 team has no game.


The U17s had no game.


The U18s lost at home 2-4 in the Middlesex Cup to Pro Football. The match was 2-2 going into the last 10 minutes but then the Dragons conceded a scrappy goal from a corner to make it 2-3 and then in the last minute Pro Football hit the Dragons on the break to score a 4th. This was a brave Dragons effort despite missing key players and losing their Centre-back in the first 15 minutes of the game.


The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.   

Kensington Dragons Results W/E 20th November

Fellow Dragons


A triumph at last for our new Under 15s who have had to endure forming a new team in the face of fierce competition. This Sunday the underlying talent showed through and they won triumphantly:


The 1st Team lost 0-2 to Sporting Hackney at home after their tremendous cup win last week. Hackney scored two very quick goals and then the Dragons missed a penalty. In truth this game was a scrappy affair with little quality from both sides.


The Reserves just lost 0-1 away to high flying Stonewall. The Dragons had a full squad with their goalie returning after a long sabbatical. The sluggish Dragons concede a goal after 20 minutes but the remainder of the half was an even affair with neither side creating clear cut chances. A stern half time talk saw the galvanised Dragons on the offensive but, despite good possession, were unable to create the opportunities their superiority deserved. In the final 10 minutes the Dragons squandered two gilt edge opportunities to win.


The U18s lost 2-1 away to Spartans in the League Challenge Cup. The Dragons performed splendidly with only 10 players available and no keeper. Their plan was to frustrate & unsettle the Spartans whilst looking for opportunities to counter attack. In the event the Dragons delivered one of the best performances that their manager had ever witnessed against the well organised Spartans who were left fuming at the end of the game at the close result.


The U17s lost by more than planned to Harrow St Marys in the third round of the Middx Cup. Harrow St Mary’s played a blinder and pressed the Dragons to death  for the whole 90 mins and were clinical with their finishing. To quote the manager “They say you learn more in defeat than you do in victory and we definitely got taught a lesson today”. It is on to the League Cup quarter final v Kodak  next Sunday


The new U15s heroically BEAT Larkspur Rovers 4-1 at home. The Dragons had a bare 11 players with a stand in goalkeeper but dominated the match, showing resilience and skill with many players having to play out of position. The team showed great determination and attitude. There remains much work to do but the team is on the way to being great after a difficult start to the season.


The U14As drew 1-1 at half time to top of the Premiership AFC Wembley only to let in five goals in the second to be knocked out of the League Challenge Cup. The eventual score line did not truly reflect the Dragons performance as they really did step up their overall game against a very good premiership side. The Dragons now know how well they can perform and will focus on finishing top of the League.


The U14Bs had no game.


The U13s  beat Hanwell Town 3-1 at home. Glowering clouds and freezing conditions set the backdrop for a really tough match. The Dragons went ahead very quickly and then scored another before half time. Hanwell came back to make it 2-1. Again and again they stormed the Dragons goal and if it wasn’t for goal keeping genius it would have been 2-2. Five anxious minutes of end to end action then saw the Dragons score another great goal to end a tough match 3-1 up.


The U12s drew 1-1 at full time and then lost on penalties to Hanwell in the League Cup.  The Dragonstook a while to settle down and find a smooth flow whilst losing concentration to let Hanwell score first. Hanwell thought they had the match in the bag but a few minutes before the end of the second half the Dragons scored a crucial, beauty of a goal. It was on to extra time with the Dragons pulverising Hanwell who were content to defend to leave it 1-1 at the end. It was on to penalties. The Dragons missed the first one, scored second, missed third one, scored fourth one and then missed the last penalty! The game was over and it was 3-4 to Hanwell! There was hardly a dry eye in the stands. How cruel.


The new U11s lost to Vencermos at home in an odd match. The Dragons are starting to come together as a team and scored to set up what looked like being a win only to wobble disastrously, leak goals and then get together again charging at Vencermos’s gaol. The team is getting there but even its most ardent fans admit that it is not yet the finished article.


The new U10s continue to train in preparation to joining the League.