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Results W/E 4th July 2021

We are in the FINAL!  Yes, our Seniors have battled through to the Covid Cup Final v Sporting Duet this Saturday 10th July at 3pm at Cranford Community College, High Street, Cranford, TW5 9PD.  Spectators welcome.

With the season ending there were only a few matches:

The Seniors beat Wiseman West 4—1 to reach the Covid Cup Final. With a good mixture of youth and experience the Dragons started sharply to win first and second balls. This intensity eventually lead to an inevitable Dragons goal and just before half time they scored again. From that point the Dragons controlled the game.  In the second half the Dragons dominated to score another 2 goals. It was good to see four of the Dragon youth team players in the squad, with one getting a hat-trick.

The U12 Boys split into two squads to battle though to the semi-final of  the Wealdstone 6 a side Tournament  – only to then meet their other half. With the Dragons bound to go through to the Final it was a cruel blow to lose in the penalty shootout after drawing at full time. Still an enjoyable day.  

Results W/E 27th June 2021

With England taking the Dragons advice in the Euros,  our season officially ended on 30 June, leaving a just few matches last weekend:

The U17’s beat Pro FA 5-3 away to earn a crucial three points, effectively guaranteeing premiership football in the new season. This was a commanding performance from the Dragons. Time will tell if they can emulate this year’s Dragons U18s who won the HYFL Premiership title.

The Old Dragonians just lost 4-5 against Rajputs de Monde in their first ever match. Rajputs promised to bring a lower team but then added a hand full of first team players to their squad. The score was 1-3 at half time with the Dragons improving in the second half to almost draw level. A great first outing of this new Dragons Senior Sunday Side.  

The U15s Boys lost 1-3 to Elite London at home. The Dragons were missing their goalie so had to rely on an brave recruit to draft into action. In the circumstances the Dragons played exceptionally well, giving their all.

The U13 Boys beat 5-3 Pro away in a friendly. This was a well-mannered, competitive match where the Dragons acquitted themselves with footballing aplomb.

Results W/E 20th June 2021

The Dragons were in peak condition, thirsting to play, only to find the oppositions had stayed tucked up in bed leaving the Dragons the rather weak consolation of being awarded 3 points, without the excitement of playing. There are just a couple of matches left now as the oddest season in memory finally draws to a close.

We hope all our players had fun and congratulate them, the coaches, managers, officers and trustees for keeping going so successfully during this stop start season. We are a very unusual club in not requiring a membership fee – we want  to avoid any player being prevented from playing football for financial reasons. We do however have to raise around £100,00/year, around £250/player, to run the club which we do by applying for grants, particularly this year from the John Lyon’s Charity,  and our generous Patrons.

If you, or your child, played football this season and you have not already made a voluntary contribution, but could afford to, please click the button:

Next season will be very exciting as we have just reached agreement to make marked improvement to our facilities  – more later as we plot the path forward.

Results W/E 13th June 2021

With the season drawing to a delayed end, with most matches played, the Dragons have done remarkably well. We have kept going, scoring tremendous victories whilst others wilted:

The U18s are crowned Premiership Champions! A fantastic achievement. Winning a league in any sport requires grit, resilience and determination. During a long season there are bound to be upsets and disappointments. The challenge is to bounce back and keep going – not easy to do, especially with Covid restrictions. The players, managers and coaches worked together to earn their success. The players are a great credit to the Dragons and the experience of battling through to create a winning team bodes well for their futures. For the statistically minded the Dragons drew level on  points with Hendon on 26 each but emerged clear winners with a goal difference of 17 versus Hendon’s 7.

The Seniors beat the Whistlers 3-2 in the Covid Cup to reach the Semi Finals.  The game started at a furious pace as both teams tried to gain a foothold. The Whistlers took the lead sparking the Dragons into another gear to equalise just before half time. With the hot weather effecting some players the Dragons brought on a couple of younger players who were chomping at their footballing bit to get involved. They made an instant impact and were both involved in pulling the Dragons 3-1 ahead. The Dragons then controlled the game to the end, albeit losing a bit of concentration at the back to let the Whistlers score a consolation goal.  

The U11 Boys played the U10 Boys in a well matched contest in the heat. All eyes are now on the U10s who are soon to graduate to be next season’s U11s and with it a season of competitive matches. The current U11s remain undefeated in their last 9 matches  and look forward to next Sunday’s final match of the season

The U12 Girls beat Most Wanted 2-1 at Wormwood Scrubs in a thriller. The Dragons had been soundly beaten in their last encounter so Most Wanted were understandably the bookies favourite. The Dragon are however a great bunch of players and when they went 0-1 down were not disheartened but rather knuckled down to draw level. It was then a nail-biting match until 20 seconds from the end the Dragons were awarded a free kick. Most Wanted formed an impregnable wall of players, which did not live up to its name, as the ball flew over them to dip down into Most Wanted’s goal. A fantastic win for the Dragons.  

The U12 Boys beat St Joseph’s 3-2 away to be crowned Divisional Champions. This was a crucial match which the Dragons had to win or draw to win the league – a tough challenge with St Joseph’s lying second in the table with their own hopes of securing the title. St Joseph’s had won 6-4 in in the last encounter and to intensify the challenge their coach refereed the match. The Dragons scored first only for St Joseph’s to equalise before taking the lead with 15 minutes to go. The Dragons coaches made some well-timed adjustments resulting in them scoring two volley screamers from long range. The Dragons had won!

The U13 Girls played in a six a side Tournament. The Dragons turned out in force with 12 players making rotating them on and off the pitch a challenge. Every Dragon got to play but the team did not win the Tournament. Next time.  

There were no other matches so the teams trained.

Results W/E 6th June 2021

Well done our U18s – now equal top of the Premiership. The team are a tremendous tribute to the Dragons, football and indeed youths in general. 

The U18s convincingly beat Regents & Tufnell 4-0 at home. Had the Dragons lost this could have been their last game – a potentially sad day for the players who have been together through triumphs and tribulations, some since they were 10 years old. This was another great team achievement – a hattrick from the Dragons star striker summed up their performance. On this win the Dragons should face a  playoff with Hendon to determine which team is  crowned the Premiership champions.

The U17s had no match

The U15 Boys beat FC Starz 2-1 at home. The Dragons were faced with a pitch at St Marks that made it difficult to play the possession football they have trained for – which worked to the advantage of the weaker FC Starz.  The Dragons persevered with a fantastic touch and finish by the left winger to take the early lead and a winner by the Dragons leading goal scorer to scrape by with a 2 – 1 victory.   

The U15 Girls had no match

The U14s had no match

The U13 Boys lost 1-3 to league leaders Harrow United at home. This was a much better match then the previous week against the strong Harrow side. For much of the match the result could have gone either way.

The U13 Girls had no match

The U12 boys beat Headstone Manor 2-1 away. Every week is tough and every week questions are asked about the character and determination of the Dragons. This week was no different as they had to dig in for victory to now sit at the top of the table with one match to go.

The U12 Girls had no match

The U11 Boys drew with Wealdstone. This was a cracker of a match with both goalies earning their non-existent fee. There was absolutely no doubt however that the Dragons had  the most shots on goal and it was only the tremendous efforts of Wealdstone’s goalie  that prevented a thumping Dragons win.

The U11 Girls  lost to Islington Borough away in a close & intense game.  The Dragons worked hard to match the very strong Islington side and, based upon the ovation they received on leaving the field, they achieved their objective. 

The Under 10s trained and played as they are poised to be registered as the new Dragons U11s Team.

The Seniors had no match as they look forward to their quarter final of the Covid Cup

Results W/E 30th May 2021

With half term upon us, and the season nearing its end, matches were fewer with many oppositions defaulting because they could not raise a team. The brave Dragons teams who pressed on with depleted numbers  probably wished they hadn’t:

The Under 10s played their first ever match  on the main pitch against the Dragons Under 11s. This was a tremendous first outing for the U10s who scored probably the best goal of the game. Fans were worried that that the rigours of a full match, in the hot glorious sunshine, against the veteran Under 11s would prove too much for the U10s. They were proved emphatically wrong.  

The U11 Boys were awarded three points as FA UK London defaulted as they could not raise a team.  The Dragons instead played the Dragons U10s in a splendid match which the U11s won – but not overwhelmingly so .

The U11 Girls home match was awarded to the Dragons as Pitshanger could not raise a team. The Dragons trained instead.

The U12 Boys were awarded three points as Hillingdon could not raise a team

The U12 Girls played a friendly away which resulted in a 2-2 draw. This was a useful exercise as some new players made their debut to general positive acclaim.

The U13 Girls had no match so trained instead.

The U13 Boys lost away against Hendon. The Dragons conceded an early penalty which did not bode well for the next 70 minutes. However, after being 0-3 down the Dragons bravely pulled one back before half time and things were looking up. Unfortunately their second half performance waned as another penalty against the Dragons was converted and a set piece from a corner saw their defence looking lost. The final score was harsh against an improving Dragons side.

The U14s had no match

The U15 Girls had no match

The U15 Boys just lost 0-1 at home to Harrow St Marys. The Dragons lost the ball in the midfield, with too few players goal side, resulting in a simple pass on for Hendon to score. This was to prove the only goal in an otherwise entertaining match.  

The U17s lost away against Wealdstone. Although the Dragons side was depleted, with players away over half term, they bravely agreed to play the match. As the Dragons Manager said “ Annoyingly we would have easily beaten Wealdstone with a reasonable turnout and the score line fails to reflect the quality of our play for much of the game.”

The U18s had no game. If the Dragons win next week they will be on equal points with the Premier League leaders meaning an exciting Play Off to decide the division winners.

The Seniors had no match as they look forward to their quarter final of the Covid Cup

Results W/E 23rd May 2021

A mixed week with some stupendous results:

Congratulations to Rose, our U12 Girls Coach, for being only the 3rd person  in England to complete the new FA online coaching course.

The U11 Boys soundly beat LFF Frontiers 11-1 away in their seventh win in a row.  LLF were actually not a bad side and were certainly a pleasant group of parents and players. The Dragons played rather cramped, messy football at times with enthusiasts trying to dribble through banks of defenders in vain attempts to score a wonder goal. There were other times however when the slick, quick passing of the Dragons was simply too much for their opposition and as a result the goals piled up.   

The U11 Girls lost to Pitshanger away. The Dragons trekked all the way to Ealing at the crack of dawn to play an exciting, but ultimately losing, game against Pitshanger. The phrase “character building” was on the lips of many a Dragons fan.

The U12 Boys beat Football Samuri 4-3 at home in an absolute thriller to secure the division title. With 15 minutes to go the Dragons were leading 3-2 with Samuri pilling on endless pressure to draw level. The Dragons then scored to make it 4-2 and seemingly win. Samuri however had not given up and scored from a penalty to make 4-3. The whistle finally blew, to the relief  of the Dragons who had recorded a tremendous win.

The U12 Girls lost to FC Starz away. This was a challenging match with the Dragons missing key players and Starz having an extra player on the pitch.  It took the mathematically minded Dragons at least five minutes to finally make the referee aware of the disparity ! Starz are a strong team and they played well,  assisted, one would have to add,  by their referee – Starz’s first goal was clearly offside and numerous handballs and fouls  were ignored. The Dragons kept their spirits up however and almost scored numerous goals of their own.  It was a tough game but the Dragons had learnt a lot.

The U13 Boys trained but had no match.

The U13 Girls trained but had no match.

The U14 Boys trained but had no match.

The U15 Boys just lost 2-3 against Hanwell Town away. This was an intense match, not help by the appointed referee pulling out. It was agreed that Hanwell referee the first half and the Dragons the second. The post-match discussions were rather marred by Hanwell getting over excited and not showing the maturity that parents are expected to display.

The U15 Girls trained but had no match.

The U17 boys lost against Headstone Manor away. The Dragons Manager said after the match: “I can’t really say much about the match to be honest. It went against the run of play in the first half but our defenders  welcomed the ball into our net with alacrity.” 

The U18s just lost at home 1-2 to Magix. The Dragons took the lead with a penalty but were missing a few players through injury, Magix equalised and then took the lead. The Dragons tried to find the equaliser but it failed to come. The Dragons need to win last game to match the league leaders in points

The U10s trained before playing a friendly against the U11 Boys. Rather than crowding the pitch substitutes were used for the first time to create more space on the pitch and to accustom players to the concept of substitutions.  

The Seniors had no match

Results W/E 16th May 2021

Another cracker of a weekend:

The Seniors beat Rajputs del Mundo 3-2 away in the group stages of the Covid Cup. This was yet another great win to take the Dragons into the quarter finals, with a game in hand

The U18s beat Pitshanger 4 – 1 at home in the Premiership. The Dragons  were shaky for the first 15 minutes before they found their rhythm to go 2-0 up by half time. In the second half the Dragons kept control to be awarded the deserved victory.  They need to stay focused as there is the potential to win the league

The U17’s beat Acton and Ealing Whistlers 1-0 at home. This should have been an easy stroll for the resurgent Dragons but it turned out to be a brutal test of grim determination.  At half time it was 0 – 0 with the wind and heavy rain showers making ball control unpredictable. Finally deep into the second half the stalemate was broken with a beautiful Dragons winning goal, laden with teamwork. It wasn’t pretty but, as the Coach said after the match, “A win’s a win whichever way you look at it.”

The U15 Boys just lost 2-1 away against Forest United. The Dragons made things difficult for themselves by only fielding 10 players.  After letting in two early goals, they bounced back with a goal to provide some hope of at least a draw, but ultimately being a man down for the entire match was too much.  A simple reminder that showing up is still a crucial part of the game!

The U15 Girls just lost 1-2 at home in a friendly again Actonians

The U14s had no match

The U13 Boys lost 0-3 away Celtic. There were no reports of cars breaking down so it could have been worse.

The U13 Girls had no match

The U12 boys beat Hanwell Town 2-1 at home.  Hanwell had come out on top in their first face-off in the autumn. Although  the Dragons conceded in the first 2 minutes they kept their heads up and worked as a team. After scoring a brilliant left-footed goal to tie they gained momentum and pulled ahead 2-1 with a bottom left corner goal. From there it was a tense and scrappy battle to the end, with Dragons hanging on to win.

The U12 Girls deservedly beat Hanwell Town 4-2 away. This was a rough, tough game. Hanwell’s shockingly biased coach refereed the match. Hanwell handballed so often you could have been at a basketball game with the ref coaching more then reffing, as he watched his team play what many would call Rugby/Football! The Dragons stayed firm and scored a great goal in the first 15 minutes and then held the lead well into the first half. Hanwell scored but the Dragons were determined not to let Hanwell’s dirty tricks discombobulate them and they  came back with a vengeance in the second half with a fantastic hat-trick!  The Dragons had made their seething fans proud.

The U11 Girls lost 2-5 in a thrilling encounter at home to Limehouse. The Dragons  battled throughout and scored two wonderful goals. However Limehouse had a genuine superstar who scored all 5 goals for Limehouse and she was just too good on the day.

The U11 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 6-1 at home in their sixth straight win. This was a much tighter match that the score would suggest. The Whistlers were a pleasant side who played well but just could not hold the Dragons in the vital moments. For the Dragons they need to pass and find space more to really capitalise on their increasing confidence.

The U10s trained before playing a friendly against the U11 Boys. The format of the end of training matches will now change. The U10s have learned to cope with the hustle and bustle of matches. Now they need to refine their positioning and passing.

Results W/E 9th May 2021

Yet another solid weekend:

Thank you everybody who donated last week. As suggested we have tweaked the Donate Button on the website so that it is easier to marry up donations with players if appropriate.

The U18s beat Hendon 4-1 at home. This was the performance of the season with some Dragons having to play in different positions. They took the lead with a 25 yard screamer and were 2 – 0 up by half time. Two goals in the 2nd  half, with one that nearly broke the net, completed the win.  This was a great Dragons performance with every player contributing to a well-deserved victory.

The U17s  beat Pinnstars 4-2 away. The newly resurgent Dragons took another step up the table this weekend with a convincing win. The Coach was quoted as saying after the match “The lads really played like a team and transferred all their hard work in training onto the pitch.”

The U15 Boys drew 4-4 away with Wealdstone. The Dragons conceded an initial goal but then quickly took a 3 – 1 lead into halftime.  This week the Dragons game management was lacking and they allowed 3 second half goals to trail 3 – 4  going into the final minutes.  The Dragons then followed their typical pattern of last minute theatrics to keep fans on their toes and fought back to earn a free kick to equalise in the final minutes.  

The U15 Girls did not play

The U14 Boys again had no match

The U13 Boys beat Superskills 2-1 at home. This was a hard-fought win for the Dragons who scored an early goal, only to have it cancelled out moments later by a Super Skills quick equaliser. The Dragons’ second goal was a spectacular effort which deserves a nomination for goal of the season – a skilful flick, quick feet and accurate passing was finished off with a half volley into the top corner. The second half was goalless as the Dragons’ solid defence held off the Super Skills’ dogged attack. It was a close game which ended with a deserved 2-1 Dragons’ victory.

The U13 Girls just lost 2-3 to Ruislip Rangers at home. It was an evenly fought contest in the first half leaving it 1-1 at the break.  In the second half Ruislip scored 2 almost identical goals with looping shots over the Dragons keeper. The Dragons continued to fight and clawed the score back to 2-3 and also hit the crossbar twice. Ruislip managed to hang, on making substitutions to keep fresh legs which the Dragons were unable to do. This was a fantastic effort from the Dragons nonetheless.

The U12 Boys beat Hillingdon Youth 2-1 away. The Dragons came back from being a goal down to defeat Hillingdon 2-1 away.  The Dragons had great momentum and created several other chances in the second half.

The  U12 Girls had no match

The U11 Girls  lost 1-3 to Alexandra Youth Park at home. Alexandra took the lead and then scored again before the Dragons pulled back to 1-2 before conceding again. A good competitive match.  

The U11 Boys beat Hanwell Town 4-0 at home in their 5th successive win. Hanwell were a good side and this was a competitive match from start to finish. The Dragons were just that little bit better on the day and as we all know how small differences in performance  lead to goals which only take a second to score    

The U10s trained before playing a friendly against the U11 Boys.

The Seniors  lost 1 – 3 away to C B Hounslow. The Dragons started slowly and did not get into the game. At half time they were 0-2 down!!  At the half time review it was agreed that the Dragons  needed to be a bit more aggressive and maintain possession for longer periods to try to get something out of the game. The Dragons responded  and there was an improvement,  but just not enough to pull the game back.

Results W/E 2nd May 2021

Another tremendous weekend with more Dragon goals (31 to 7) than rain showers in April.

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The Seniors beat London Titans 10-0 at home in a fine display from the start. The Dragons played beautifully and were clinical in front of goal to lead 3-0 at half time. The team was then “freshened up” as players had given 100% in the first half. With the changes the Dragons looked sharp again and re started with the bit between their goalscoring teeth to score another 7 goals. The Dragons are gelling and getting more confident by the week.

The U18s won without kicking a ball as Belmont forfeited the game as they did not have enough players.

The U17s walloped Pro FA 6-1 at home. The Dragons have been working hard to put the team together and it is now paying off. The match got underway in predictable form as Pro FA scored within a couple of minutes before the Dragons started to play. By half time the Dragons were 2-1 up and at the final whistle the score was 6-1 coming from two respective hat-tricks. The team has found its form and looks forward to a successful end of season.

The U15s Boys beat Celtic 4-1 away, as they took revenge after a bruising early season defeat. The first half was incredibly tense with three yellow cards issued in the first 15 minutes. The Dragons set the footballing tone with two early goals and then kept the pressure on to lead 4 – 1 at half time, powered by a hat trick by the number 10 which included two calmy taken penalties. The second half followed some intense ‘game management’ instructions by the Dragons coaching staff which were executed perfectly with no additional goals allowed.

The U15 Girls just lost 3-4 away to League Leaders Hampstead. The Dragons lined up with a 3-5-1 formation whilst Hampstead took the majority of the opening possession but missed their opportunities with countless offsides. Against the run of play the Dragons went 1-0 up 10 minutes before half time but only held the lead for a miserly 3 minutes before Hampstead scored to make it 1-1 on half time. Straight from the re-start a dipping shot from the Dragon’s leading scorer gave them a 2-1 lead. It would have been wise for the Dragons to then shut-up-shop with their shock lead but they went on to score yet again to lead 3-1. You could hear a pin drop as Hampstead were on the brink of collapsing but they were not going down without a fight as they picked the ball up in midfield to score from 15 yards out. The Dragons lacked the fitness to push Hampstead out of the encounter and allowed them to equalise before a weak effort rolled invitingly into the Dragons goal to win with 7 minutes left.

The U14 Boys had no game

The U13 Boys had no game

The U13 Girls had no game

The U12 Boys defeated Parkfield Youth Blue at home 1-0. The Dragons enjoyed good momentum in the first half and kept the opponent’s keeper busy stopping numerous goal efforts. The second half started off similarly, with the match becoming uncomfortably tense in the final minutes, as the Dragons triumphantly held on for the win.

The U12 Girls had no game so had a training session followed by a picnic in the park instead.

The U11 Boys beat Hanwell Town 5-0 at home. This was a tremendous performance from the Dragons who have gone from a group of excitable boys running around like ants chasing the ball to a disciplined, mature footballing team in a few short months.

The U11 Girls beat Limehouse Laces 2-1 away in back to back wins. The Dragons took an early lead which was lost just before half time when Limehouse equalised with the last kick of the half. The Dragons were so determined to get the next goal that they did so early into the second half. They were resolute throughout and held on to a 2-1 win.

The U10s trained before playing a friendly against the U11 Boys. Over the next couple of weeks they will be split into two groups so that we can begin to build the new U11s to be entered into the League next season.