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Results W/E 27 November 2022

The Dragons press on as other clubs wilt in the winter gloom. Yet again more matches were won than lost with the Girls, Youths and Seniors teams all vying to be League winners:

The U17 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 4-3 away. A dramatic match for the Dragons who were up 3-2 with minutes remaining until the referee called a soft penalty allowing AEW to equalize. The glimpse of the Dragons’ first three points almost slipped away before a last-minute throw into the box lead to a score and with it a dramatic Dragons victory.

The U16 Boys beat Harrow St Marys 11-0. This was a little disappointing from the Dragons who mustered a bare eleven players. It could so easily have gone wrong if a couple of players had been injured in the match as there were no substitutes. As it was, the Dragons ran riot and for once kept a clean sheet.

The U15 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 to Southall Athletic at home. A tough one to articulate – the Dragons were leading 2-1 against the current league leaders with less than 10 minutes to play until their guard dropped leading to conceding 2 late goals. Still, the Dragons passing and communication were mostly a joy to watch.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U13 Boys lost 1-5 to League Leaders LPOSSA at home. Despite the score this was yet another improvement from the Dragons who were much better in the second half than the first. A couple of freak goals distorted the score. The big challenge for the Dragons is to press hard, and in doing so they will discover the delicious delight of scoring.

The U12 Boys drew 3-3 with Southall Athletic at home. The Dragons became complacent and were losing 1-3 to a team they had scored a dozen against 6 weeks ago. Luckily, they woke up 10 minutes before the end to score twice and save a draw.

The new U11 Boys had no game due to their opposition’s waterlogged pitch.

The U17 Girls were closely beaten 2-3 by league leaders Highbury Rangers away. The Dragons started strongly, were focused, and mentally tuned in resulting in them being 2-1 up at halftime. Alas in the second period Highbury took advantage of positional confusion to score twice in the last 20 minutes.

The U15 Girls beat Barnet Nightingales 4-0 at home. The Dragons went out with all guns blazing to secure their 5th win in a row. Simply put, they played some outstanding football.

The U14 Girls beat Kinja 1-0 away. The Dragons had most of the play in the first half with Kinhja’s goalkeeper making save after save. The second half was more of an even affair but eventually the Dragons persistence lead to the winning goal.

The U13 Girls lost 2-4 to Alexandra Park away. A trip into north London proved fruitless this time around despite a strong Dragons performance.

The U12 Girls were beaten 1-2 by Ealing Trailfinders at home. Both teams fought hard to get the win. But in the end, despite the tremendous effort, it was not destined to be the Dragons day.

The Firsts beat Wilberforce 3-2 away in the Cup. The Dragons made hard work of this victory but were saved by their own composure in front of goal.

The Blues were beaten 1-2 at home by Portobello FC. A first game against new local rivals was a close affair as each side sized each other up. The Dragons look forward to the reverse fixture.

The Old Dragonians were beaten at home by Newton City. The recent run of huge scoring games for the Old Ds came to an end. The Dragons got on the scoresheet but were outgunned.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 20th November 2022

This was an excellent weekend with the Dragons mostly winning, lead by the Firsts and the U12 Girls who won the most thrilling of matches.

The Firsts beat AVA 4-1 away. A much better performance this week with the Dragons clinical in front of goal. The cherry on top would have been a clean sheet but the Coaches were none the less broadly happy.

The Blues beat Indian Gymkhana 3-2 at home. This was another stupendous result for the Dragons playing a side a league above. They worked tirelessly for the win and were well rewarded.

The Old Dragonians played their part in another thriller, but sadly lost 4-8 to Larkspur Rovers at home. Despite leading 3 times, and the game on a knife edge at 4 apiece, The Dragons had a poor last 20 minutes conceding a further 4 goals in quick succession.

The Under 17 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 to Hanwell Town away. Playing on a 3G pitch, the Dragons superior technical skills were on show after a brilliant second goal by the Dragons winger to lead 2-1 by the break – but Oh, how quickly a match can turn! A simple defensive error and a penalty left the Dragons pointless – but the positives are starting to come through.

The Under 16 Boys beat London Athletic 10-2 at home. This resounding win takes the Dragons three points clear at the top of the table. It was unfortunate that complacency crept in to concede two goals in the second half.

The Under 15 Boys beat London Athletic 5-1 at home. The Dragons were on fire and were in total control from start to finish. Good communication and accurate passing throughout culminated in a solid win.

The Under 14 Boys beat the current league Titans 5-2 away. The Dragons remain undefeated and this level of concentration and effort will surely keep them in the title race.

The Under 13 Boys drew 1-1 to London Athletic away. This was again a much better performance from the week before. The Dragons did most of the attacking and should really have won the encounter.

The Under 12 Boys beat Football Samurai 8-0 at home. The Dragons dominated from the start against Football Samurai who lacked players again for the return game. Teams are beginning to lack confidence against this superb Dragons side.

The new Under 11 Boys won an automatic three points after Kodak forfeited.

The Under 12 Girls beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 5-4 at home in the Middlx Cup. In a huge win for the Dragons, the game was a 9-goal thriller, a box-to-box display of ups and downs against local rivals AEW.

The Under 13 Girls played a friendly against Aspire.

The Under 14 Girls lost at home to St Albans City in the Middlx Cup. On this occasion, the Dragons were on the receiving end of a footballing masterclass by a very technical side. The Dragons will no doubt bounce back.

The Under 15 Girls won 2-1 away to Omnia in the Middlx Cup. This was yet another example of the Dragons’ fighting spirit who played extraordinarily as a team, communicating well and working hard.

The Under 17 Girls had their game postponed.

The Under 10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E13th November 2022

It was the older boys and girls’ youth teams that lead the way this week:

The Under 17 Boys beat Highgate and Muswell Hill 4-2 on penalties at home in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons conceded early but, following their Coaches’ instructions, started to use their speed against Muswell’s slow backline. Two goals were the reward, but a late Highgate equaliser made it 2 apiece and it was on to nerve-racking penalties. One miss by Muswell and another brilliant save by the Dragons keeper means deserved progression.

The U16 Boys beat Hillingdon Abbots 5-2 away to lead the division. The Dragons played the match a furious pace which just very occasionally left them exposed at the back. The next challenge for the Dragons is to learn how to slow the match down, without losing possession, to create opportunities before pouncing to score.

The Under 15 Boys had no game.

The Under 14 Boys thumped Pitshanger 9-2 at home. The Dragons played a blinder in their biggest win of the season. The crowds were ecstatic, leaving Pitshanger to return home along the A40 with their tail between their footballing legs.

The Under 13 Boys lost away to undefeated league leaders Pitshanger. This was a much better performance from the Dragons who held Pitshanger for much of the match. Pitshanger’s continuing success is down to having a team the same standard as the Dragons but with the added ingredient of two huge, fast, skilful strikers who bounded around the pitch trying to score at will. The more diminutive Dragons mostly succeeded in holding them and indeed scored their second goal towards the end.

The Under 12 Boys beat Pinnstars 6-3 at home. This squad’s incredible streak continues as the Dragons recorded their seventh victory in a row. It is true to say that the Dragons was complacent and were losing 1-2 at halftime before the Coaches woke them up for the second half.

The new Under 11 Boys were beaten 1-5 away at Bessingby Park Rangers. The young Dragons were taught a very valuable lesson in not letting heads drop when going behind. It was even at the break but a lapse in concentration made it 1-2, and once their heads dropped it quickly became more.

The Under 17 Girls won 6-3 against Actonians away. After a slow start for the Dragons, they found themselves 1-3 down at the half. A formation and personnel change made all the difference as the Dragons scored 5 goals in the second half to win.

The Under 15 Girls won 3-1 away to Broomwood. A great performance with lots of energy, the Dragons set the tempo from the start and shut down all Broomwood’s chances. The Dragons played fantastically as a team, communicating well.

The Under 14 Girls had no game.

The Under 13 Girls were beaten 1-4 at home by Ruislip Rangers. Despite the result, this was a strong game for the Dragons who came out to score the first goal against the league favourites. The eventual score line was not reflective of the Dragons gargantuan efforts.

The Under 12 Girls were beaten away at Alexandra Park. It turned out to be a difficult week for the Dragons who were short on players. Despite starting with 8 on field the Dragons gave 100% right to the end.

The Firsts were narrowly beaten 2-3 by Larkspur Rovers at home. Hard work on the Dragons defensive shape was working well before an individual error gave Larkspur the lead. The Dragons struggled to get back into the game but did pull back a goal before being awarded a late penalty but alas the final whistle then blew.

The Blues just lost 3-4 away to West London Wanderers. In another multi-goal game, the Blues drove hard to explore the weaknesses of their local rivals. The hard work in training paid off but there remain challenges for the Dragons to address.

The Old Dragonians lost 5-7 to London Samurai Rovers away an incredible, thriller of a match which may be a league record. The Dragons found themselves 0- 3 down in the first 20 mins and then as the game progressed 2-4 down. They showed great fighting spirit to bring the game back to 5-5 with 15 mins left, only to be beaten by 2 well-taken set pieces by Samurai.

The Under 10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 6th November 2022

A fantastic weekend! The Firsts won again as did all the Girls’ teams:

First a word about finance. We register players regardless of whether they contribute to the costs of running the Club. The Coaches are not told who donates so every player is treated the same. It costs around £250/player per season which many players simply cannot afford. We rely on voluntary donations so if you can afford to help please click the donate button.

The Firsts beat Camden United 3-2 away. It was a tight contest, but the Dragons found the all-important winner in this Premier Division match. A win on the road and a just reward for the hard-working Firsts. It is too early to look at the league tables and do complicated calculations  but some have succumbed to temptation.

The Blues beat Hillingdon Abbots 4-0 at home. A wonderful win. The Blues created chances and kept solid to soundly defeat the traveling Hillingdon.  

The Old Dragonians had their game postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. 

The Under 17 Girls beat Limehouse 4-2 at home. Good commitment from the Dragons lead to this well-deserved win. Limehouse scored twice from corners which gave the Dragons some cause for thought but nevertheless the coaches were pleased overall.

The Under 15 Girls thumped Enfield Town 8-0 at home. The Dragons’ performance was fantastic as they carried out their game plan and ran hard every minute of the game to score some brilliant goals. A statement win for the Dragons.

The Under 14 Girls beat Actonians 2-1 at home. Despite heavy rain the Dragons shone brightly, rattling the crossbar twice and scoring from clever play down the right. In the second half Actonians scored against the run of play, but the Dragons showed resilience to find a winner.

The Under 13 Girls beat Hillingdon Abbots 6-1 away. This was an amazing performance by the Dragons. Hillingdon Abbots kept up the pressure right to the very end and managed to score a penalty, but it was little consolation in the end.

The Under 12 Girls racked up an incredible 15-1 home win against Roses FC. The Dragons did not allow the holiday rest nor bad weather to affect their teamwork and consistency. Some great team play and solid defending led to plenty of goals and joy.

The new Under 11 Boys narrowly lost 2-4 to Brook House at home. The Dragons dominated large parts of the game and should have won by half time – but instead found themselves 0-2 down and with work to do. Incredibly the young Dragons levelled with BH but a late lapse in concentration allowed BH to put the game beyond reach.

The Under 12 Boys and the Under 13 Boys had their games postponed due to waterlogged pitches.

The Under 14 Boys were beaten at home by AEK Black in the Middlesex Cup. A fixture made more difficult by the driving rain, the Dragons scored two goals but were caught open too many times at the other end to lose at full time.

The Under 15 Boys away game to Hendon was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The Under 16 Boys beat Brook House 8-3 at home in the driving rain. This was one of those matches when the massed fans deserved as much credit as the players who were at least kept warm running around in the rain. Brook House never gave up but should have been beaten by more if the Dragons had not been a bit lax at the back on occasion whilst failing to always capitalise up front.

The Under 17 Boys Cup fixture to Highgate and Muswell Hill was postponed.

The Under 10s trained in preparation for entering the League

Results W/E 30th October 2022

A great result for the Firsts to keep our spirits high and hopes of promotion realistic.

The Firsts beat undefeated League leaders Clapton Community 1-0 at home. Despite a slow start in the first half, the Dragons dramatically improved in the second to grind out a well deserved three points. The Dragons v Clapton fixture is becoming somewhat of a frontpage fixture as old nemeses battle it out in different areas of the pitch (and side-lines) at every occasion to clinch the next win.

The Blues lost 0-2 to Acton Ealing Whistlers away. Again, the Dragons played well but are hampered by not having a full time goalie.

The Old Dragonians were closely beaten by Rajputs Del Mundo 2-0 away in the Division Cup. 

The new Under 11 Boys lost to Princess Park Away. Princess Park scored first and then again to lead 0-2 before the Dragons pulled one back to make it 1-2 at half time. The second half remained competitive, albeit Princess Park were lucky to break away to score again and then be awarded a penalty. All in all, this was another good performance from the new U11s as they find their footballing feet.  

The Under 12 Boys beat St Joseph’s 5-1 at home. The Dragons continue in their winning ways to the delight of coaches, managers, and fans world wide. The team is building a  strong trust and confidence in each other that epitomises the Dragons approach.  

The U13 Boys had a shocker of a match against Inv3ntive away. By the time the Dragons had realized that the “3” in Inv3ntive was deliberate they had let in 3 goals.  The match reminded the Dragon fans just how psychological competitive sport is. Inbv3ntive were only a little better but, rather than rising to the challenge, some Dragons shrank back a little as they missed some of their players who were away over half term. The Dragons have it in them to get better and they will.

The Under 14 Boys beat ProFA 2-1 at home. This was a tough match against a tricky opposition for the Dragons. They dug deep and got the win, despite some difficult conditions and decisions.  

The U15 Boys just lost to ProFA 1-2 at home. This was a good, close match where the Dragons scored first and then kept their 1-0 lead right up to minutes from the final whistle only to then let Pro FA score twice to win.  The film rights would be valuable.

The U16s Boys beat Old Actonians 4-3 away. This was an exciting end to end match where the Dragons yet again showed their inner steel to come away with a decisive one goal lead. 

The Under 17 Boys narrowly lost 1-2 to Brunswick away. A half term depleted squad meant only two subs but the Dragons came back from a 2 nil deficit to draw within one after an excellent header off a free kick. Late pressure was all from the Dragons but they came up just short.

All the Girls teams trained and will return to games this weekend after cleaning their boots over half term.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.


Results W/E 23rd October 2022

An exciting week but with fewer games due to half term:

The Firsts drew 2-2 with Sarratt away in the Anagram Cup and then lost on penalties. The Dragons dominated to lead 2-2 and then hit the post rather than make it an unassailable 3-0.  Sarratt proceeded to attack with energy and venom but only created two opportunities – both of which went in to make it 2-2. The Dragons came back with a rush only to hit the post another 4 times and leave it 2-2 at the final whistle. Penalties are not a favourite occupation for the Dragons and so it proved again. This was a most exciting match with the Dragons by far the better side but they lost. Character building.   The Blues beat Kick X 2-0 in Round 2 of the Middlesex Cup at home. The Dragons played mostly good football and it was a joy to see them working on some of the mistakes they had been making in the past. A cheering result.

The Old Dragonians were beaten 0-2 by Northwood Stags at home. A thoroughly entertaining game was played on the rain swept Scrubs between two good footballing sides. The bounce of the ball went against the Old Ds to give the Stags a 2-nil victory, but the Dragons were satisfied with a decent performance.

The U11 Boys played the U12 Boys at home as neither had a match. The U12s are now of course gnarled veterans and were prepared to give their younger friends a lesson in competitive football. The U11s are however a feisty lot and gave as good as they mostly got. To save the U12s their blushes the U11s eventually let in more goals than politeness strictly dictated to allow the U12s a sound win.

The U13 Boys lost in the last minute 1-2 to Headstone Manor at home. The Dragons scored first but eventually Headstone pulled back and then it was a tense competitive affair with the Dragons making much of the running. The match was great fun to watch and both sides gave it their all. Headstone got a lucky, decisive goal at the end, but a draw would have been a fairer result.

The U14 Boys away game to Acton Ealing Whistlers was postponed.

The U15 Boys narrowly lost 3-4 to LPOSSA away. What a game! – it was the best the Dragons have played so far this season. Against last year’s League winner, and without their regular keeper, the Dragons kept fighting but just couldn’t get the equaliser. The final whistle came too soon!

The U16 Boys beat Elite London 1-0 at home. In many ways this was an extraordinary match. The Dragons scored in the first eight seconds to possibly break the record for a quick score. And that was it. Both sides battled and battled and battled but neither could score again. The Dragons came closest with a penalty towards the end but alas the goal posts suddenly shrunk as the ball hurtled towards it to go over the top.  This was a very well-deserved win.

The U17 Boys were beaten at home to London Tigers. Still chasing a win in the very competitive top tier, the Dragons under their excellent coaching team will keep grinding through the gears to improve.

All five Girls teams trained with no matches scheduled.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 16th October 2022

The weather has mostly been kind leaving Dragons everywhere looking forward to the bracing sharpness of winter:

The Firsts beat OIR 6-3 away. An outstanding first 45 minutes saw the Dragons totally dominate, ending the half 3-0 up. A different attitude in the 2nd half allowed OIR to get back into the game. The Dragons soaked up the pressure and then wrapped up the points. Solid result.

The Blues drew away with Wiseman but were then beaten on penalties in the League Cup. The Dragons have been playing well in these past weeks, but the rub of green is not going their way. The Dragons created opportunities to draw ahead when at 1-1 but sadly none lead to the vital goal.

The Old Dragonians were narrowly beaten 2- 4 away at FC Phoenix. This was a game of two halves with the Dragons controlling the first to take a well-deserved 2 -0 lead into the break, only to lose momentum in the second half to concede 4 goals. After some post-match reflection, the Old Ds are determined to put the record straight in the return leg.

The U12 Girls beat Rose FC 10-1 at home in the Cup. After last week’s win the Dragons went into the game brimming with confidence – and the goals kept coming. 16 says a Supporter, 14 says the Manager, 10 says the league, but what is certain is glory for the Dragons.

The U13 Girls trained.

The U14 Girls just lost 2-3 at home to Regents Park in the Cup. The Dragons dominated in the first half with all the play being in the visitor’s half. All five goals came in the 2nd half and, despite The Dragons leading twice, Regents Park clinched the win.

The U15 Girls beat Actonians 4-1 away in the Cup. This was a marvellous result from these Dragons who, after an indifferent run of results, never lost spirit and focussed on their own game. The next round beckons!

The U17 Girls trained.

The U11 Boys just lost 1-2 away to ProFA. It is always a triumph to find the correct pitch at Copthall Playing Fields, let alone to expect a win. The Dragons went 0-1 down and then pulled back to 1-1 before the break. ProFA made the most of their opportunities whereas the Dragons just could not find the killer goal. A draw would have been a fair result.

The U12 Boys beat CB Rangers 4-3 at home. The Dragons dominated initially to go 3-0 up. Rangers launched a comeback to 3-3 to set up a nail-biting end, only for the Dragons to seal the victory. Four wins on the bounce!

The U13 Boys had no game.

The U14 Boys had no game.

The U15 Boys were beaten away by Old Actonians in the Cup. The score wasn’t reflective of the contest. The Dragons had many chances to score but couldn’t quite get that goal despite never giving up and conducting themselves well throughout the match. A few positives in a difficult match.

The U16 Boys lost at home to Enfield Town in the Middlesex Cup. Historians will remember the Middx Cup match last season where the Dragons were outclassed by Enfield. This season it was a wholly different affair. For most of the match the Dragons competed on equal terms before tiredness eventually overtook them with the inevitable result. Enfield are a very good side. At this rate of improvement however it will be a very different outcome next season.

The U17 Boys were beaten 2-5 away by Harrow United. The Dragons put on a brave performance and proved they can score goals. In a difficult league, the improvement will continue, and wins will come. 

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 9th October 2022

This was a mixed week for the Dragons with the Firsts holding their own leaving the younger teams to bang in the goals.

The Firsts drew 1-1 at home to Kodak. The Dragons were rather disappointed to draw rather than build on their momentum from last week’s Cup win. They fought well for the point and will practice spot kicks to make sure they bag more points going forward.

The Blues narrowly lost 2-4 away to India Gymkhana. Despite losing on the road, the Dragons proved to themselves they can create chances and finish them. Plenty more of the season to come.

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost to Cricklewood FC 1-2 at home in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons were made to rue missed chances after going 1-0 up early in the tie as their speedy forwards terrorised Cricklewood’s back line. Cricklewood then changed tactics and effectively “parked the bus” to thwart the Dragons attacking threat, whilst pouncing on the break to steal the tie.

The U12 Girls won 3-0 away at Aspire Warriors. What a performance the Dragons put in. Training is paying off with a win that shows how the team is taking shape, using the whole pitch, holding their positions, and working together.

The U13 Girls beat Limehouse 4-1 at home. A well-paced game from the Dragons who mounted increasing pressure on Limehouse’s goal to create lots of opportunities.

The U14 Girls were beaten 1-4 away at Most Wanted. Both teams were evenly matched in the first half, going toe-to-toe for most of the game with goals coming against the run of play. The Dragons gave it their all and worked hard as a unit..

The U15 Girls narrowly lost 3-5 away at Islington. Despite losing, the Dragons showed great effort and fighting spirit. The Dragons were not outplayed by the opposition but outrun – spare a thought for this squad about to put through fitness drills in training.

The Under 17 Girls had no match.

The U11 Boys beat LLJ 3 – 2 at home in a terrific game. This was a hard-fought match for the Dragons in their second only ever game – they are quick learners. LLJ never gave up and almost added to their tally of gaols but for the Dragons goalie saving from a one on one. All three goals were reportedly scored by one Dragon who has in the past habitually lurked in defence.  

The U12 Boys won 12-1 away at Southall Athletic. Another great victory for the Dragons who are racking up a serious number of goals. Great team spirit.

The U13 Boys were beaten 3-5 at home by Pitshanger. The Dragons put in a mighty and hearty performance against the unbeaten Pitshanger. Scoring three goals would usually win you three points – alas, the Dragons succumbed to more.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U15 Boys lost 2-8 away to Elite London. The Dragons started brilliantly and went into the break 2-1 up. Unfortunately, a quickly conceded penalty in the first minute of the second half opened the floodgates in the wrong direction.

The U16 Boys were beaten 2-4 at home to Hillingdon Abbots. The Dragons largely dominated play in both halves and were leading 2-0 early on with the vast majority of possession but had their pockets picked on the counterattack twice before half time. The Dragons will rue the squandered chances and need to take their opportunities to score, as demonstrated twice more by the opposition. 

The U17 Boys just lost 2-4 at home to Wealdstone. The first 5 mins of the match and the final 5 minutes saw two incredible strikes from the Dragons midfielder for the home team’s two goals. Unfortunately, the middle 80 minutes saw Wealdstone put in four well worked goals with multiple breaks through the Dragons defence. More work to do.

Results 1st October 2022

A mostly successful weekend bookended by the First Team recording the most satisfying of wins and at the lower end of the age range the U12 Boys scoring a remarkable 19 goals:

The Firsts beat Clapton Community FC 2-1 at home in the Premiership Cup. This was the most satisfying of wins as Clapton had unexpectedly beaten the Dragons on penalties in last season’s Cup Final. This time the Dragons stayed composed and solid throughout the match, with no wobbling towards the end to allow Clapton back in. This was a very good performance to knock out the Cup holders.

The Blues were beaten 0-3 away at Kodak. The teams were evenly matched but three mistakes gave Kodak a win they did not wholly deserved.

The Old Dragonians won 6-0 at home against CB Hounslow in the League Cup. The Dragons dominated the tie playing better football, scoring 6 good goals and keeping a clean sheet. A job well done and onto the next round.

The U11 Boys just lost 2-4 in their first ever match against the veteran Belmont Bees away. The first match of a new Dragons U11s team is always stressful. On this occasion the pressure mounted as the match was away and against an experienced Belmont side. The Dragons however rose to the challenge magnificently in this fierce, competitive, and often lightning-fast match. Belmont won but could just as easily lost.

The U12 Boys beat Football Samurai 19-1 away. A second victory in a row – and a resounding one at that. Credit must be given to Samurai who took their defeat with their customary good grace. Need more be said?

The U13 Boys beat Hanwell Town 6-3 at home. Once the mechanics of locating the pitch were overcome the Dragons played exceptionally well – in the Coach’s words “…this was one of our best performances. They showed a great work rate and effort to secure the win”. The Dragons thoroughly deserved their three points against the well-drilled Hanwell.

The U14 Boys beat St Joseph’s 5-1 at home. St Joseph’s started well to lead 1 up after 5 minutes before the Dragons found a 25-minute equaliser. The second half was one of total dominance by KD. A second win in a row this season as the team grows up week by week.

The U15 Boys were beaten 3-6 at home by Belmont Bees. The Dragons went 0-2 down quickly and then had a penalty awarded against them before going into half time 0-4 down. The second half was far better as the Dragons kept battling and were duly rewarded with three goals.

The U16 Boys soundly beat Harrow St Mary’s 9-2 away. The Dragons were all over Harrow in the first half. When the Dragons created an opportunity, they hurled themselves at it with verve and, crucially, then had the composure to score. In two weeks, the Dragons meet their nemesis, Enfield, in the first round of the Middx Cup so not all matches will be as straightforward as this one against St Mary’s.

The U17 Boys were narrowly beaten 1-2 by the GAP at home. Against a strong technical side, the Dragons were able to use their energy and physical presence to create chances in the first half.  A defensive lapse gave GAP a quick lead but an excellent shot from the edge of the box drew the Dragons even. A late goal leaves the Dragons still searching for their first Prem win.

The U17 Girls drew 1-1 to Highbury away. This was a great performance: solid at the back with a high work rate. Highbury have always been a top team in the league and this year the Dragons matched them and more, hitting the woodwork and creating one on ones. A goal apiece meant the Dragons opened their account this season. 

The U15 Girls were beaten 0-2 at home by Wealdstone. The Dragons dominated the game from the off, creating chances through good passing and strong defending so, despite the score, they performed well as a team.

The U14 Girls beat Ruislip Rangers 7-0 at home. Barely 10 minutes into the match the Dragons were already 4 goals ahead and heading for a strong win. Somewhat surprisingly the Referee asked for the Dragons to adapt and shortened the game! The Dragons showed their sporting good nature and shuffled their squad but nonetheless still recorded a thumping 7-0 win.

The U13 Girls lost 1-4 away to Wealdstone away. An away match with leading players missing was always going to be tough but the Dragons competed to the end.

The U12 Girls trained as there was no match scheduled

The U10s trained knowing the future of the Dragons rests on their diminutive shoulders

Update W/E 25 September 2022

The Season has well and truly started with only the Under 11 Boys to left to have their first match.

The U12 Boys walloped London Eagles 7-2 at home in their first League match. Put simply by the Manager, “a first victory in a long time.” The squad basked in the sunlight enjoying the moment.

The U13 Boys were beaten away by Magic Youth. In the first game of the season, the Dragons battled on against some of the biggest 12 year olds to grace a football pitch and kept playing to the end. It is now back to the training ground in preparation for the next match.

The U14 Boys beat Hanwell Town 4-0 away in their first game of the season. The Dragons went 1-0 up after 10 minutes and held onto the lead until the break.  The second half started as intensely as the first with the Dragons doubling their lead. A penalty in the closing stages and two more away goals left the Dragons firmly in the lead. The Manager lauded a “very good start to the season and a wonderful performance.

The U15 Boys beat Southall Athletic 4-1 away. This was a tremendous result and great credit must be given to the whole squad for not only finding their way to the away ground but winning when thy got there.

The U16 Boys were awarded their match as Pro FA could not raise a team. Instead, the Dragons played a hard pressed, competitive friendly against a higher placed Pro FA Team to the advantage of both.

The U17 Boys lost 0-3 away at St Josephs. In a tough draw to start the season playing one of the Premier Division’s top sides, the Dragons showed grit and determination to make it 0-0 at half time. The pressure ramped up in the second half and the Dragons wilted ever so slightly to let the ruthless St Josephs take advantage.

The U12 Girls just lost 1-2 away to Most Wanted Elite. The Dragons showed great passion to overcome many challenges throughout the game. The comeback was almost complete but alas their amazing free kick just hit the post and the subsequent volley was only whiskers wide.

The U13 Girls won 2-0 at home to Enfield Town. The Dragons played extremely well and enjoyed a whopping 75% of the possession – yet the bountiful shots on target came to no avail in the first half. The Dragons made amends in the second to finish two goals up with a clean sheet.

The U14 Girls won 4-2 at home against Kinja. The Dragons were in good form and started the season with a strong win.

The U15 Girls just lost 2-3 away to Barnet Nightingales. The Dragons put up a serious battle, making themselves and the Club proud! Despite the Dragons creating opportunities Barnet managed to thwart them one way or another. The Dragons showed great resilience and belief that will surely see them succeed as a team.

The U17 Girls were beaten 3-5 by Highbury Rangers at home. The Dragons shot themselves in the foot from the beginning as 4 players entered the field with no shin pads which lead to the match starting with 8 Dragons and after 15 mins they were 2 nil down. Despite a valiant comeback there was no time to overcome the initial wobble – the Dragons won’t make the same mistake again!

The Firsts narrowly lost 0-1 at home to League Leaders Indian Gymkhana. A disappointing result but an entertaining end-to-end game. The Dragons had the better chances but couldn’t convert and unfortunately gave the opposition a penalty which decided the contest.

The Blues had no game.

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost their first game of the season 2-3 to Newton Town away. Despite a promising performance, and being ahead twice, the Dragons succumbed to three set piece goals.