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Results W/E 23rd January 2022

With Dragons everywhere still buzzing from the nail biting Old Dragonians Cup victory the previous weekend, it was time for the youths to shine:

The U11 Boys drew 1-1 away at Old Actonians. The Dragons dominated but missed three great opportunities to get ahead. Their defence improved throughout the game, but one mistake proved costly and the score ended one apiece. An initiation by fire, the Dragons were coached on the matchday by a volunteer dad. Teamwork!

The U12 Boys beat Harrow Utd 2-0 away. In a cagey first half, the Dragons were getting to know Harrow, with several unsuccessful attempts on goal. The second period was utterly different as the Dragons set up camp in their opponent’s half with the team pulling together to score twice. At the post match press conference, the Dragons Manager attested, “If we reproduce this form at every game, we will be unstoppable.”

The U13 Boys won 2-0 at home to St Joseph’s. This was an incredible win against a very tough opponent and close rival in the league. Despite missing players and fielding a reduced side, the team rose to the occasion and were brilliant. The Manager proclaimed, “All players should feel very proud of themselves.” Well done the Dragons.

The U14 Boys were beaten at home by Parkfield. It was a challenging weekend for the Dragons with a tough game against opponents challenging for 2nd spot in the League. The weather began to match the Dragons mood as Parkfield compromised the home defence. Nevertheless, the Dragons have a Cup tie to look forward to and will take to the training ground with new determination.

The U15 Boys beat Pro FA 6-2 away. The first challenge was competing with 10,000 Saracen fans for parking before then finding Pitch 505 amongst the wilds of Barnet Copthall Park. The Dragons Manager feared disaster, only to be reassured by the sight of the entire squad wandering happily over the hill having somehow found each other amongst the crowds. The Dragons scored first and mostly dominated, and from there on it was never in doubt who would win. There are important matches ahead.   

The U16 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 away to Hilltop. The Dragons found a very well-drilled opponent who moved the ball around extremely well. Being unable to stop Hilltop’s wide play and nullify crosses into the box, the Dragons suddenly found themselves 3 nil down. This was enough for the Dragons and the defence was finally inspired, allowing the Dragons to claw back two goals before running out of time for the equaliser.

The U10 Boys trained.

The Firsts were drawing 1-1 with league leaders FC Soma away, before the game was abandoned at 70 minutes due to an injury. This looked to be an important point for the Dragons, who were hopeful they could snatch a win in the closing stages. Unfortunately, the Dragons goalkeeper suffered an injury which required immediate medical care, and the game was called off. Nevertheless, the performance shows steady improvement from the Dragons as they look to climb the table.

The Blues were beaten by FC Irish of London at home. This was a midtable clash that the Dragons were keen to triumph in but were handicapped from the very start without a full squad to field. It was a valiant effort to withstand the FC Irish onslaught and to score with a reduced side but the Dragons were eventually overcome. The Blues look to reproduce the form they showed at the beginning of the season.

The Old Dragonians lost at home to Richmond Saints. With a taste for blood after a hard-fought Cup victory the week before, the Old Ds couldn’t find their shooting boots this time round. They travel to West Drayton next weekend for an important League clash and a point to prove.

All Girls games were cancelled due to pitch closures and covid cases. Our U16s rested, while the U14s played the U13s in a friendly. The U12s trained and the U11s put their collective feet up.

Results W/E 16th January 2022

The Dragons mostly pressed on sidestepping Covid, rain and muddy pitches:

The Old Dragonians beat FC Willesden 5-3 on penalties at home in the Cup. After leading 1-0 the Dragons conceded painfully late and it was onto extra time. The Dragons scored first only for Willesden to equalise on the 120-minute mark and it was on to penalties. The Dragons stepped up first and scored each time, piling pressure on their Willesden counterparts. FCW crumbled and shot wide of the post. “A penalty masterclass,” lauded the coaching staff – bring on the Semis!

The Blues had their away game against Hammersmith postponed.

The Firsts narrowly lost at home to 3rd placed Cricklewood Wanderers. The Dragons dug deep, working hard for 70 mins to keep the game hanging very much in the balance. Despite not creating many chances, the Dragons scored to make it 1-1. A vital, well-earned point looked to be the reward before a couple of sloppy mistakes cost the Dragons a draw. Nevertheless, a good performance to build on.

The U11 Boys beat Pinner Utd 4-3 in a thriller at home. In their magnificent second win of the season, the new and developing Dragons have gained a level of confidence which is phenomenal to watch. Hard work on the training ground has translated into results on the pitch, and their coaches can be proud.

The U12 Boys narrowly lost 0-1 at home to Sintra AFA. The away side scored in the first half, putting the Dragons on the defensive. The second was a different story as the Dragons had multiple opportunities to turn the game around, yet their efforts were mostly muted by Sintra’s near solid defence. In the dying minutes, the Dragons were awarded a penalty but were dismayed as it glanced off the post. The Dragons resilience throughout the game must be praised.

The U13 Boys were beaten away at Brook House. This was a game of two halves where the Dragons did not turn up and consequently were 3-0 down at half time. The coaches then gave the Dragons a mighty motivational speech and they came out fighting in the second half, scoring twice, to draw the period 2-2. The Dragons know they need to start games how they ended this one.

The U14 Boys’ away game to London Athletic was postponed.

The U15 Boys beat 5-3 Old Actonians away. This was a game that the Dragons should have won 8-0 but they have yet to fully regain their sharpness after the long break. There was never a doubt that the Dragons would win but it would have been good to have won by more!

The U16 Boys just lost 3-4 at home to Forest Utd. In a January mud bath, the level of football was surprisingly good as the game swung back and forth. From a brilliant header, the Dragons took a 2-1 lead until Forest United’s two talented attackers won it back with a laser strike from outside the box. The Dragons then equalised late in the match, only for a late defensive lapse to snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory.

The U10 Boys trained.

The U11 Girls were beaten at home by Limehouse. The target was to score more goals than they managed last week and score they did as they put 3 past their opponents. It was another great performance from the Dragons who worked hard in defence and are improving week after week. The Manager believes the team is really starting to take shape and more is yet to come from this young squad.

The U12 Girls’ Cup game against Pitshanger away was postponed.

The U13 Girls had no game.

The U14 Girls beat Hampton Panthers 6-3 at home in the Cup. It was another astounding performance from this Dragons squad who showed brilliant sportsmanship and great teamwork. The Dragons will be extremely happy they scored in abundance but will look to tighten up their defence for the next round.

The U16 Girls lost to London Bees in the Cup. This was a difficult fixture for the Dragons who, despite having a home advantage, could not find the fire power nor defensive solidity to withstand the Bees onslaught. It was a great test for the Dragons to play against a professional amateur team and the squad learnt the value of training. The Dragons take on the League leaders next weekend.

Results W/E 9th January 2022

Happy New Year to all the worldwide Dragons. Heavy rain and covid led to postponed games but the Dragons generally did well when they could find oppositions able and willing to play:

The U16 Girls were awarded an automatic away win as Stoke Newington have withdrawn from the League.

The U14 Girls thumped local rivals Actonians 7-0 away. All credit to the Dragons who found the steel to score 7 times in torrential rain. In a thrilling contest, the Dragons started with only 9 players. Despite being at a numerical disadvantage for the whole match, the Dragons started positively and by half time were 3-0 up. Moving from strength to strength, 4 more goals were fired home. A well-deserved first win of 2022.

The U13 Girls beat Broomwood 2-1 at home. The Dragons looked as if they had barely spent a minute away from a football pitch as they controlled the tempo of the game and dictated play. The Dragons sit comfortably above Broomwood in the League but knew a win would be the only satisfactory result. Regardless of an infuriating late goal from the visitors, the Dragons got the win they desired.

The U12 Girls did not play.

The U11 Girls were beaten away at Islington Borough. The heavy rain throughout the game made for a physically exhausting contest. Nevertheless, the Dragons played well and kept their fighting spirit until the final whistle. They were rewarded for their endeavour with 2 late goals to finish on a high as they bolted home for hot showers and a change of clothes.

The U18 Boys fixture against Bessingby Park Rangers was postponed.

The U16 Boys were awarded an automatic home win as Old Actonians could not field a team.

The U15 Boys had no game.

The U14 Boys beat Omonia 3-2 at home to reach the Cup Semi Finals. The match started badly with Omonia scoring in the first minute. Rather than implode, the Dragons kept their heads and proceeded to dominate possession. The breakthrough finally came just before half time and the teams went in 1-1. After the break, a second goal quickly followed for the Dragons, and when a third goal was found with 10 mins to go, the game looked to be safe. However, the Dragons then had another goal disallowed and Omonia pulled one back to set up a nail-biting finish. Yet, the mighty Dragons held on to win.

The U13 Boys had no game.

The U12 Boys had no game.

The U11 Boys game to CS Rangers away was cancelled.

The U10 Boys return to training this coming Saturday.

The Firsts did not have a game scheduled.

The Blues’ match against Goan United was postponed due to Covid issues.

The Old Dragonians did not have a game.

Christmas Message 23rd December 2021

One way of describing the last couple of years is that at least they have been interesting.  Now, just as it looked as if we were putting Covid behind us, Omicron has struck – akin to the opposition scoring a last-minute equalizer.  It is a huge credit to Dragons everywhere that we have managed to keep going, in some form or another, right through the pandemic – donors kept donating, matches played, training sessions held etc. .  If nothing else, we are certainly resilient – it is difficult to be anything else when you have lost as many matches as we have on pitches that have seen better days. Anybody taking their first tentative steps into our world soon has resilience thrust up upon them – if they were not that way to start with. Almost surprisingly it is usually great fun and certainly engaging.  After all, what could be better than meeting at 9am on a cold, wet December morning to find one’s way to the depths of outer London, with three players late,  the goalie leaving their gloves at home etc only to come back triumphant with the sun shining. Who could ask for more?

We are going to make great strides next year and by 2023 we will be the talk of the footballing world. We will make history no less.

The days have started getting longer and it will not be long before the sunlit uplands of spring will be with us and hopefully Covid will have retired hurt – or at least penned in by vaccines.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everybody

Best wishes  

Results W/E 19th December 2021

Kensington Dragons Results W/E 19th December 2021

With few games, many Dragons could tuck into early mince pies:

The Firsts played the Blues in a training match at the Linford Christie Stadium. The Dragons Seniors were keen to impress their new coaching team and, in good spirit, played a final friendly game of the year. With a semi-final to look forward to for the Firsts, and competitive league games lined up for 2022, the Dragons are raring to go after the break.

The Old Dragonians had the weekend off. Our Old D’s deserve a huge round of applause for their hard work. They too have a quarter final to look forward to and continue to improve week after week.

The U11 Boys were awarded a home win as West Drayton could not raise a side.

The U12 Boys beat LPOSSA 2-0 at home. The Dragons finished the year on a high, winning a crucial mid-table battle that puts them in a good position going into the New Year. The Dragons played marvellous passing football on a foggy Sunday and defended their goal with grit, coming away with an equally important clean sheet. Moral is high in this happy camp.

The U13 Boys were beaten 0-3 away by West Drayton. In a tough game against a team that are second in the league, the Dragons battled hard keeping it 0 – 0 for much of the match. At one stage, the Drayton bench were squirming in their boots, muttering that the Dragons were on top. With 20 minutes to go, West Drayton scored from a corner, but the Dragons never gave up as they tried to pull it back. Two late goals against the run of play ended hopes of a fairy-tale finish to 2021.

The U14 Boys did not play.

The U15 Boys soundly beat Hillingdon Abbots 6-0 at home. The Dragons played most the match in the Abbots half so it never looked as if there would be any other result than a resounding Dragons win. In a few short weeks, this team has matured into a match winning machine. Historians will no doubt remember that at the beginning of the season, the newly constituted Dragons had made heavy weather of just losing 2-3 to the same side. At this rematch, the Abbots never looked like scoring.

The U16 Boys didn’t have a game scheduled.

The U18 Boys did not play.

The U16, U14, U13 and U12 Girls did not have games.

The U11 Girls were beaten at home by rivals Actonians. The Dragons normal ground was a mud bath, so a pitch was marked out on the better drained main pitch. On reflection it would have been better to make the pitch a little bigger as the narrow size favoured Actonians more than the Dragons. Nevertheless, these young Dragons can be proud of their football this half of the season and will only grow into their boots (and training gear!).

The U10 Boys trained.

Results W/E 12th December 2021

This weekend saw several games postponed as clubs negotiated the weather and illness, leaving the Firsts to dominate the headlines:

The Firsts beat NW London 1 – 0 at home in the quarter final of the Divisional Cup in an immense performance. In their previous encounters NW London had won with the Dragons missing their goalkeeper. This Saturday the Dragons fielded a full team and, to the shock of NW London, scored the only goal to secure a place in the semi-finals.

The Blues had no game.

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost 0-2 away to Hanworth Sports. It was another good performance by the Old Ds on a wet Sunday but again the result did not go the Dragons way. Still, the Old Ds are a hardy bunch of optimists who hope that the New Year will see them get the results that their performance deserves.

The U16 Girls thrashed Alexandra Park 8-1 away. The Dragons came out firing and pressed hard from the start. As a testament to the squad’s improving football intelligence, they pressed high on the halfway line, defended strongly and were expertly clinical in front of goal, trapping AP in their own half. The coach commended on the “Dragons poetic passing and tremendous teamwork”.

The U14 Girls game was postponed.

The U13 Girls drew 3-3 at home in a friendly against Kinja. It was a very tight game, on a wonderful Saturday morning. The Dragons had ample chances to put the game to bed but Kinja repeatedly came back from behind as their striker scored as the opportunities arose. The lack of pressure in a Friendly may have lead the Dragons to relax a little too much.

The U12 Girls were beaten at home by Pitshanger. Up on the windy Scrubs, the Dragons were resilient throughout the entire game. Against a superior side, the Dragons dug deep and, channelling their inner Tony Adams, made magnificent last-ditch tackles and courageous blocks. All in all, they can be very proud of their display.

The U11 Girls had their game called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U11 Boys match was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch

The U12 Boys match was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch

The U13 Boys were award a home win as Princes Park couldn’t raise a side.

The U14 Boys home game against Hillingdon Abbots was cancelled as the Abbots could not raise a team, citing Covid. The League will decide whether the match is rescheduled.

The U15 Boys just lost 2-3 to Acton Ealing Whistlers at home. The Dragons were not at their collective best during the first half but were magnificent in the second and extremely unlucky not to have won, or at least equalised. This was a competitive match marred only by the obnoxious behaviour of AEW’s number 7, backed up but an equally obnoxious coach – the referee was forced on several occasions to take the offenders to one side. Having said that, AEW played well. Winning a division is a marathon, not a sprint, so there will be many twists and turns to come.

The U16 Boys narrowly lost 0-1 to Hanwell Town away. A waterlogged pitch made for a slow day at Hanwell. The Dragons had much of the possession and 75% of shots on goal, but Hanwell reacted well to a rebound, against the run of play, to poke in the only goal of the match. A tough result but not reflective of the squad’s ability.

The U18 Boys were beaten by Harrow Club away. In a tough fixture for the Dragons, who have not played a lot of football together this season, it was always going to be a big ask. However, the squad turned up ready to put in a shift and so they did. The Dragons will only come back stronger in the New Year.

The U10 Boys trained.

Results W/E 5th December 2021

A Festive Puzzle: Since the Premier League started, which only club avoided relegation after being bottom at Christmas? A mince pie for the winner. Meanwhile, the Dragons kicked off December with most teams on the road:

The U16 Boys drew 4-4 away against arch nemesis Hanwell. The Dragons found themselves 1-4 down in the second half and, with a player dismissed, the game looked out of reach. However, an incredible long-range effort hauled Hanwell back into sight before, in the last kick of the game, the Dragons winger curler an equaliser into the top corner. Hanwell were poleaxed. Bend it like who?

The U15 Boys away match against Bessingby Park Rangers was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U14 Boys beat Pitshanger 6-0 away in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons played silky, passing football having benefited from a valuable session in the classroom analysing their strengths and weaknesses. One conclusion had been that the Dragons simply did not shoot at goal enough. This failing was immediately addressed on the pitch. Great goalkeeping from Pitshanger kept the Dragons at bay for the first 20 mins, but then the onslaught began, with the Dragons racking up 6 goals to send them into the next round.

The U13 Boys beat London Athletic 3-1 away. After an even first half, the Dragons turned up the heat and boxed Athletic in their own half. The Dragons manager commented in the post-match press conference “this performance was very impressive and mature” as the defence mopped up every attack, reversed the ball, and sent the Dragons roaring towards Athletics goal.

The U12 Boys were beaten at Harefield away, ending their Cup run. The Dragons goalie did well to nullify several on target attempts but Harefield proved too dominant. In the second half, the Dragons performance dramatically improved but goals were just not forthcoming.

The U11 Boys lost at home to Northfield Utd. After a brilliant win last weekend, the Dragons were reminded that what football giveth, can be taketh away. Although the Dragons found a goal against Northfields, the pace of the game proved too much, and they will look to strengthen their defence.

The U10 Boys trained.

The U18 Boys did not play.

The U16 Girls narrowly lost 0-2 to Ashford Town away. The Dragons started well and had early opportunities to take the lead but could not finish, while a relieved Ashford Town kept pushing and pulled ahead with a tap in. The Dragons kept working hard and, on another day, would have soundly won – just not this time round.

The U14 Girls were beaten by Broomwood Albion away in the Cup. The Dragons were looking forward to this match against higher division opponents. On arrival, the Dragons seemed more concerned about the state of the poor pitch, which Broomwood used to capitalise on the Dragons mistakes. The 2nd half saw the Dragons dominate, scoring 2 goals to reduce the deficit, but mistakes crept in again and Broomwood put the game to bed. Lots to learn for the Dragons but they know they can compete with one of the top sides in Division 1.

The U13 Girls had their game cancelled at the last minute.

The U12 Girls drew 1-1 away in normal time, but just lost 3-4 on penalties to Limehouse in the Cup. The Dragons dominated the game with many attempts at goal that should have seen them through, but alas, the one chance Limehouse had they took with both hands. After superb penalties and a 3-3 draw, the game went to sudden death which unfortunately went Limehouse’s way.

The U11 Girls just lost 2-3 to Vicky Park Rangers away. The biggest challenge was finding the park, buried in the depths of East London. The next challenge was finding the pitch in the park. Eventually, enough Dragons had been reunited in the correct place to start. Rangers scored first and some might have thought that that was the beginning of the footballing end, but the Dragons responded magnificently. They were so very unlucky not to come away with at least a point.

The Firsts had a weekend off, with the game postponed.

The Blues were beaten at home by Bessingby Park Rangers. With a full squad, the Blues were champing at the bit, having beaten the same opponents with 10 players 4 weeks ago. Was it complacency or the BPR team raising their game? Regardless of dominating possession, the Blues were not clinical with their chances, whereas the visitors did not miss.

The Old Dragonians lost 1-4 to Hare & Hounds away. As the Blues also found this week, the resounding difference between the two sides was that H&H were clinical in front of goal, whereas the Old Dragonians just could not find the right finish to the chances they created. A classy chip from the Dragons midfielder bagged the squad an away goal and deserves a highlight.

Results W/E 28th November 2021

As the temperature dropped, the Dragons were undeterred as they braved gale force wind:

The Firsts beat Wilberforce Wanderers 4-1 away. The Dragons controlled possession and the tempo to create chances in abundance. Crucially, a natural Dragons goalie was back in action to bolster the defence which allowed the Dragons to play out with confidence and earn a huge 3 points in the Middlesex Premiership.

The Blues drew 2-2 at home against London Titans in an even, bitterly cold contest. In conditions not made for the faint-hearted, the kick-off was delayed as the ref battled his way through traffic. When the Titans took to the pitch it was clear that their size reflected their name and the Dragons prepared for an aerial bombardment. Yet, it was the Blues who took the lead from a 39-yard screamer that deserves a MOTD goal of the month. The two teams then battled the conditions, as much as each other, until the final whistle. 

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost 0-1 to Hounslow Wolves at home. The Dragons desperately wanted to win this match after the controversy of their last meeting. The game hung in the balance,  with only one goal to separating the sides, but try as they might, the Dragons just could not equalise.

The U16 Girls beat Hampstead 3-0 away. The Dragons started slowly – it took a great save from their keeper to realise they were in a game. They then stepped up the pace and a shot from outside the box looped over the Hampstead’s keeper to make it 1-0 to the Dragons. Two more Dragons goals came in the second half. Hampstead kept going but could not break through a resilient defence.

The U14 Girls drew 0-0 at home to Vicky Park Rangers. This was a great performance from the Dragons who looked disciplined and well-trained. Their defence stayed tight, attacking moves were well drilled and the passing effective. The Dragons created opportunities to score but were unfortunate not to find the back of the net.

The U13 Girls just lost to Most Wanted Elite at home. Out on the open fields of Wormwood Scrubs, the Dragons girls showed great mental fortitude to climb out of their trackies and into match shorts in the icy winds. On two previous occasions the Dragons had beaten Most Wanted but this time they fell short. The post-match hot chocolate was never more well deserved.

The U12 Girls trained.

The U11 Girls were beaten by Ruislip Rangers at home. The opposition proved to be too well-drilled, but the Dragons showed immense fight, putting in some serious challenges until the very end: ‘the muddier the kit, the mightier the Dragon’ so might become their motto. The Dragons also showed they have goals in them as they put two past Ruislip – blocks to build on for the rematch.

The new U11 Boys beat Parkfield 5-2 away. A magnificent, massive first win for the new Dragons squad! Despite a long drive out to face their opponents, the Dragons arrived focused, but only just in time, to put in the most sensational display so far this season. A testament to their coaches’ and management’s  effort.

The U12 Boys were beaten by local rivals Old Actonians away. The first half saw the OAs take the lead thanks to questionable penalty decisions, but the Dragons kept their composure and tried to play their own football. Although kept on their toes from the first to last whistle, the Dragons never lost their determination to turn the match around. The Manager is proud of his team, who “carried themselves with grace in the face of defeat.”

The U13 Boys came back from 0-2 down to draw 2-2 at home to Hanwell Town. Playing against a very physical team gave the Dragons a challenge they accepted, but defensive errors meant Hanwell went into half time 2 up, with a huge penalty shout for the Dragons ignored. The second half saw some of the best football the Dragons have produced as they battled to score and then, moments later, to grab the equaliser.

The U14 Boys lost at home to Ickenham. A gutsy defensive performance in the first half, highlighted by their goalie saving a penalty, saw the Dragons hold Ickenham 0:0 at half time. Unfortunately, the teamwork in the first half was undone with two quick Ickenham goals at the start of the second. The score line did not reflect the good progress being made by the Dragons . On to the next match!

The U15 Boys just lost 3-4 at home to unbeaten league leaders, Headstone Manor. The Dragons played with skill and passion, forcing Headstone to near breaking point right up to the final whistle. There was some controversy as to whether a crucial  Headstone goal had gone into the net, rather than through as was generally believed by the Dragons. Playing in a league is a marathon, not a sprint, so there will be many twists and turns to come as the table tightens.

The U16 Boys just fell short to Elite London away. This was a cold contest in Division One of the HYL where the Dragons found the back of the net twice – which would usually earn at least a point – but this time round the Dragons fell short. It is away this weekend to Hanwell Town with a point to prove.

The U18 Boys did not play.

The U10 Boys trained.

Appeal November 2021

Financial Appeal

Can you help?  It costs £100,000/year to run the Dragons – hiring pitches, buying equipment/kit, paying referees’ and coaches’ expenses etc. Each player cost £250/year. The Trustees and Managers are volunteers.

Many find it extraordinary, but in 20 years we have never charged a subscription.  We believe that players should not be prevented from joining in because they cannot afford it. We rely on voluntary donations from parents, players and strangers. Central to our existence is a small group of Patrons who make substantial contributions and also grants from, for example, the John Lyon’s Charity and Grenfell Fund.   We are great value, providing around 30,000 person contact hours/year through our 15 teams. 

Certainly, if your son or daughter plays please make a contribution  – however small or large – by clicking on the Donate button

Results W/E 21st November 2021

Last weekend marked the launch of FA Play Safe in support of the National Safeguarding weekend. Please take a moment to look: . Now to the Dragons action:

The Old Dragonians drew 1-1 at home to Inter SFC. In a hard-fought game, where chances were few and far between, a moment of brilliance from a Dragons centre half caused mass celebration. The ODs went a goal down just before half time but started the second half with renewed vigour. Midway through, the Dragons centre half picked up the ball, moved into Inter’s half, and unleashed a thunderbolt from 40 yards out that whistled into Inter’s net. Cue pitch invasion…

The Blues lost 2-4 away to FC Irish of London. A difficult day for the Blues was made harder with no appointed referee and an experienced opposition who used their supporter’s noise to great effect. The game was evenly contested but key moments were won by the Irish which ultimately led to them taking the points. On a positive note, the ODs debutants had excellent games.

The Firsts just lost 2-3 to AVA at home. Regardless, the coach said it was “a top performance from the Dragons ” who played very well with no subs or natural goalkeeper. The Dragons created lots of chances but eventually the short squad proved costly. A game to build on before the Xmas break.

The U16 Girls lost at home to Barnet Nightingales. The game was always going to be tough with both Dragon’s keepers unavailable against a top team. Nevertheless, the Dragons played with pace and tenacity, hitting the woodwork early on. After going one down before half time, the Dragons started the second half with focus and hit the crossbar! But Barnet again found a way through and kept their own clean sheet. The coach is certain the Dragons will win when they next meet.

The U14 Girls had no game.

The U13 Girls lost at home in the Cup to Enfield Town. A tough game for the Dragons against an U14 team, meaning not only older girls but an increased 11-a-side contest. The Dragons did not let this phase them and fought hard to the bitter end in good spirits, persisting in true Dragon fashion. It is back to the League where they sit almost top table.

The U12 Girls beat Ickenham 1-0 at home. An excellent match with Ickenham proving to be a strong, powerful side. The Dragons held their nerve and at HT it remained 0-0 despite many thwarted attempts on Ickenham’s goal. Finally, persistence paid off with a second half goal. The manager reckons it was “one of the best matches so far” for the Dragons who found a piece of magic to win.

The new U11 Girls lost to Hendon away. It must be said that the Hendon girls were huge and resorted to knocking the more skilful Dragons over, almost at will. The Dragons sorely missed those teammates who were absent. It is a sign of the developing maturity of the Dragons that they were disappointed with the result – having experienced the fun of winning last week they did not enjoy being brought back to earth. There is no getting away from the fact that oppositions will always want to win!

The U18 Boys were beaten at home by Headstone Manor. The Dragons scored three times in an enjoyable game against long term rivals. But after being reduced by injury from a full 11 the Dragons couldn’t withstand their rivals who triumphed this time round.

The U16 Boys lost 0-2 to Hanwell Town at home in a tight game. The Dragons faced a well-organised defence and a goal line block by the Dragons right back kept the first half goalless. Possession and shots were evenly split for most of the game, but Hanwell’s attackers were clinical and put two half-chances away. The Dragons were again reminded of the importance of finishing but can be proud of their defensive efforts.

The U15 Boys drew 3-3 away to Ickenham Youth. Going into the match both teams were equal on points and tied second in the league. Despite Ickenham having a few very good players, including their goalie, it was the Dragons who created more scoring chances. Inevitably this led to goals – the Dragons drew ahead to 3-1 and should have then won the match. Unfortunately, a combination of very good play by Ickenham and defensive mistakes led to them clawing back two goals. The home rematch will be interesting.

The U14 Boys lost on the road to Pinnstars. On probably the biggest sloping pitch in the League, the home side took the high ground in the first half and inevitably used the advantage to net twice. Fortunes should have changed when playing downhill in the second half, but hope was soon dispelled when goal number three went in for Pinnstars. The Dragons will relish the rematch on level soil!

The U13 Boys were beaten 1-3 by Wealdstone away. It was a day where the Dragons were simply not on fire going forward. The defence played well, but further up the field the Dragons couldn’t find their usual performance levels. After going into halftime 0-2 down, the second half saw the Dragons get back into the game via a superbly skilful finish to halve Wealstone’s lead. Alas, on another day the Dragons would have comeback in style but many positives are still to be taken.

The U12 Boys drew 2-2 to Brook House at home. Like the Old Ds, the Dragons found themselves behind until the dying moments when they broke BH’s defensive line, and a defender shoved the Dragon attacker over. They were duly awarded a penalty that was kicked, saved, but still bobbled over the line. Rejoice! One point saved.

The new U11 Boys lost at home to Pinnstars. The new squad played well but couldn’t find the magic spark in the final third to match their opponent’s goals. Still, the squad train hard every Saturday and that peak performance level is in sight!

The U10 Boys trained.