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Results W/E 26th March 2023

What a miserable few wet weeks it has been. The sun and dry weather must come soon. Still, we have won our second league title of the season – the U14 Boys have triumphed as their rivals faltered:

The Firsts lost 0-3 to Stonewall at home. A game played in difficult conditions with a late change in venue. With many games in hand to teams above them in the table, a single win will launch the Dragons up again. A string of wins will see them compete.

The Blues were beaten away at Whistlers. The Dragons were wounded but there was no feeling sorry for themselves as they returned home. They focus on the next fixture and the chance to develop, both as players and people.

The Old Dragonians had no match.

The U14 Boys won their League Title despite their away match against Pitshanger being postponed. Their closest opponents could have only caught the Dragons if they had won but they could only draw leaving it mathematically impossible for them to overtake the Dragons.

The U16 Boys League Trophy Cup match against Pitshanger away will be awarded to the Dragons as Pitshanger could not raise a team. The Dragons will be through to the next round if they win their next match

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

There were no Youth Girls or Boys matches due to waterlogged pitches or no matches being scheduled.

Results W/E 19tth March 2023

We are pushing for the FA Club of the Month – please back us here: voting for us here. The rain prevented many matches:

The New U11 Boys lost 2-3 to Pro FA away. The Dragons were finally halted in their stupendous eight match unbeaten run despite playing well. A football reversal is good for the soul as some fans would put it.

The U12 Boys won 5-4 at home to Kinja Youth. In yet another thriller between the teams this season – and despite already having won the title – the Dragons showed their maturity by not dropping their performance.

The U13 Boys lost 0-4 to FC Starz away in the Group Stage of the League Trophy. This was an odd match as the Dragons attacked for 80 per cent of the time but just could not score – the ball either hit the post or sailed over the top or the shot was too feeble to trouble the goalie. In many ways this was again a much better performance from the Dragons who are waiting for the footballing tide to turn.

The U14 Boys drew 3-3 to Titans at home. An end-to-end game that lurched one way to the other as both teams went all out on attack. There were as many clearances off the line as goals with no give from either side – a draw was fair, just one more point will see the Dragons win the League.

The U15 Boys drew 2-2 away at Super Skills in the League Trophy CupAfter another early 8am start, the Dragons must still have been sleepy at first whistle and found themselves 0-2 down at half time.  A spirted but stern half time talk perked up the Dragons who came back to draw – a triumph in the circumstances.

The U16 Boys and U17 Boys had no games.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls were beaten by Barnet Nightingales away in the Cup. A very difficult fixture for the young Dragons against a well-resourced team with home advantage.

The U13 Girls beat Enfield Town 5-1 away. This was a superb performance by the Dragons and there was never any doubt which team would prevail.

The U14 Girls had no game.

The U15 Girls and the U17 Girls did not play due to waterlogged pitches.

The Firsts and the Blues both had their games postponed due to waterlogged pitches.

The Old Dragonians had no game.

Results W/E 12th March 2023

Pride of place this week must go to the U16 Boys who scored the deciding goal milliseconds before the ref blew the final whistle – leaving their fans gasping for air as they collapsed from the tension:

The U17 Boys home game to Brunswick was postponed.

The U16 Boys beat Hillingdon Abbots 3-2 in the Trophy Cup at home in the most thrilling of matches. Before one could say “the Dragons are a bit rusty because they have not played recently” they were 0-2 down to the consternation of the home fans who are used to winning. The Dragons pulled back to 2-2 and then invaded the Abbots box but just could not score. Finally, in the last minute, the Dragons scored to universal delight – except that is by the good citizens of Hillingdon.

The U15 Boys had no game.

The U14 Boys beat Wealdstone 5-1 away. The Dragons burst onto the pitch, eager to get going after so many games being called off, and ran ransack around Wealdstone. The Dragons were disappointed to concede a goal but are proving they can turn drills and training into results and points.  

The U13 Boys just lost 3-4 to Headstone Manor away. The Dragons scored early from a superb looping shot and from there on it was a competitive, evenly matched game. Headstone were lucky to be awarded a penalty, after a fair barge, which proved the pivotal point. Such is a footballer’s life however and one has to knuckle down and play the game as one finds it. This was a good Dragons performance.

The U12 Boys away game to CS Rangers was postponed.
The New U11 Boys drew 0-0 to Larkspurs Rover at home. The Dragons worked very hard for a goal and despite seemingly scoring twice both were disallowed. Still, the Dragons are unbeaten in eight matches.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U17 Girls home game to Actonians and the U15 Girls home game to Wealdstone were postponed.

The U14 Girls drew 2-2 to Ruislip Rangers away. The Dragons started well with the first goal coming courtesy of a corner kick that flew straight in. In the second half, the Dragons conceded early on but managed to again go one up after a clever tactical switch. An unfortunate defensive mistake let Ruislip equalise to share the points.

The U13 Girls home game to Actonians was postponed.

The U12 Girls were beaten by Most Wanted Elite away. A gruelling double-header where the result was tough to swallow for the young Dragons. They will survive!

The Firsts away game to PFC Vitoria and the Blues home game to Acton Ealing Whistlers were both postponed due to waterlogged pitches.

The Old Dragonians lost 0-1 to Hare & Hounds away. The game could have gone either way as the Dragons battled to the end after going behind to H&H from a 25 yard screamer. It was only the woodwork that prevented the Dragons grabbing a point as a last-minute free kick rattled the crossbar.

This month, the Dragons FC are pushing for the FA Accredited Club of the Month Award. Help us on our journey by voting for us here.

Results W/E 5th March 2023

The Dragons are pushing for the FA Accredited Club of the Month Award – please help us on our journey by voting for us here.

The Seniors lead the way this week with all three teams winning!

The Firsts beat Cricklewood Wanderers 1-0 away. After their defeat last week, the Firsts bounced back with a solid defensive display, and one vital goal to secure the three points. The upper echelons of the table look incredibly inviting as the Dragons games in hand might see them push their rivals to the end of the season.

The Blues won 2-0 at home to London Titans. The Dragons put on a wonderful performance as they shut out the Titans – above them in the League – and scored twice to deny the visitors any chance in this happiest of afternoons.

The Old Dragonians won 3-2 away at One Brotherhood. The Old Ds were caught as cold as the weather on Gunnersbury Park as they went behind early in this relegation 6 pointer, but remained calm and fought back to take the lead early in the 2nd half. After being pegged back in the last quarter with both teams pushing for a vital winner, the Dragons broke down the left wing and a cross was converted to secure the win.

The New U11 Boys beat Wealdstone 4-1 away. In a continued and incredible run of form, the Dragons are unbeaten in 7 matches as Wealdstone added an agreed to tenth outfield player to try to match the mighty Dragons. A great performance.

The U12 Boys beat Princes Park 3-1 at home. And there we have it – The Dragons have won the League! The Dragons recovered from last week’s hiccup to put in a very mature performance against their closest rivals in the table. It was a very exciting post-match atmosphere.

The U13 Boys lost at home to Inv3ntive. The match started evenly before Inv3ntive scored twice but the Dragons then scored a tremendous goal from long range followed by a close-range tussle to make it 2-2. The superior size of the Inv3ntive players proved irresistible towards the end of the second half as they pulled ahead to win.

The U14 Boys won 6-1 away at St Joseph’s. A decisive victory on the road that keep the Dragons at the top of the table by three points. With a handful of games to go, the Dragons know they must remain focused to emulate the U12 Boys emphatic League win.

The U15 Boys won 2-0 to Hendon at home. It was very cold and the Dragons took a while to warm up and get into their stride but did manage to sneak in a goal before half time. In the second half they had many on shots but converted only one. .

The U16 Boys were awarded 3 points as Brook House could not field a team. This leaves the Dragons on equal top points with Old Actonians on the assumption that the OAs win their last match. The title will then be decided in a Playoff.

The U17 Boys lost 0-3 to Hanwell Town at home. Missing their goalie and striker meant versatility was needed. The Dragons held rival Hanwell to a tight first half but eventually succumbed to the pressure and were left imagining what their full side might have done on the day.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls lost at home to Barnet Nightingales. The Dragons played hard to the end, but this time it was not their day against a very good unbeaten team.

The U13 Girls were beaten 1-4 to Ruislip Rangers away. A tough day away from home for the Dragons who tried to extend their three-game unbeaten run, but eventually were tired out. The Dragons stay pushing for runners-up in the League.

The U14 Girls won both contests, 5-1 and 4-0 respectively, in a double header to Kinja at home. Two games, 9 goals, 1 clean sheet, 6 points in the bag. A great day at the office. The Dragons were on the front foot for most of the two games and gained good experience for a second double header due in April.

The U15 Girls lost away at Wealdstone in the Semi Final of the League Cup. The Dragons unfortunately went out with only 10 players and battled from the start of the game until the final whistle. The Dragons nevertheless communicated well, adapted to different positions and maintained high spirits despite losing.

The U17 Girls narrowly lost 1-2 to Highbury Rangers away in the Semi Final of the League Cup. In such a tight game, the Dragons battled Highbury with all their might but were sadly left dreaming of the Final. These resilient Dragons will return!

Results W/E 26th Feburary 2023

This week it was the U15 Boys who lead the way – first by eventually triumphing over public transport and then triumphing again over their well rested opposition.

The U12 Girls thumped Alexandra Park 6-2 away. The Dragons bounced back in style after their wobble last week and, as they put clear space between themselves and AP, the match was headed in only one direction.

The U13, 14, 15 and 17 Girls had no scheduled matches so played friendlies between themselves and others.

The New U11 Boys beat Hanwell Town 2-0 at home. The Dragons are now unbeaten over the last six matches, and this was their third clean sheet in a row. The Dragons played in a professional, well-ordered manner and crucially kept solid in defence, despite Hanwell’s increasingly urgent attacks

The 12 Boys were beaten 1-2 at home by Old Actonians. The Dragons did not get the win they need to secure the League title as close calls in the game did not go their way. It is on to the next match as they chase the title.

The U13 Boys did not play.

The U14 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 away at Acton Ealing Whistlers. A tight contest that the Dragons were keen to put to bed. Although not the result they wanted , the Dragons remain top of the table.

The U15 Boys beat Hendon 4-1 away. After a 2-hour journey on 2 trains and a bus the Dragons arrived in Kingsbury in surprisingly great spirits which was reflected in their confident play and good communication. The home journey, spent with Carabao Cup Final supporters, was rowdy but good fun, as fans nationwide celebrated the Dragons win.

The U16 Boys had no match but look forward to Brook House next week and then possibly a Play Off to decide the title.

The U17 Boys were beaten 1-3 at Wealdstone away. After a dark February struggle to get 11 players to Wealdstone for kickoff, the Dragons rallied quickly to take a first half lead after consistent pressure and possession. Two defensive errors turned the match around and the Dragons final onslaught in the last 20 minutes came up short.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The Firsts were handed a rare defeat at Pitshanger Dynamo away. The Dragons found their usually abudundent squad slightly depleted due to injury and holidays. The Firsts fielded some younger senior Dragons who all have tricks in the book, but not the muscle to overcome a physical Pitshanger.

The Blues were awarded an automatic home win to India Gymkhana. The easiest three points of the season.

The Old Dragonians lost 2-5 to Northfields Badgers at home in the Cup. The Dragons were in control in the first half and were deservedly 2 – 0 up. But a goal on the stroke of half time gave Badgers momentum and they used the windy conditions to grab the win.

Results W/E 19th February 2023


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Results W/E 19th February 2023

The New U11 Boys won 4-0 away at Brook House. The Dragons played fantastically and at 2-0 up Brook House could not recover. The Dragons hope to rise up the divisions in the years to come but know to keep their boots firmly on the footballing grass.

The U12 Boys had no game.

The U13 Boys lost 1-4 to Hanwell Town away. The Dragons were decimated by colleagues being away over half term, but the core group wanted to fulfil the fixture regardless. For much of the match it was 0-0 with the Dragons very marginally the better team. Then, in quick succession, Hanwell scored two runaway goals and a penalty that changed the outcome.

The U14 Boys won 4-2 at home to Brook House. The Dragons found themselves 0-2 down at the break but came back out a totally different team to score 4 goals and stay at the top of the league.

The U15 Boys were beaten 0-3 by Belmont Bees away. The Dragons started brilliantly, playing direct, attacking football. It was a very evenly matched contest before the Bees managed to score just before half time. The Dragons then conceded twice more in what was ultimately a very tough match.

The U16 Boys had no game but remain Title Contenders.

The U17 Boys did not play.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls had no game.

The U13 Girls drew 0-0 to Hillingdon Abbotts at home. A smaller team than usual played brilliantly and had many attempts at goal but could not find a way past the Abbotts resolute defence.

The U14 Girls had no game.

The U15 Girls lost to Hinton & Finchley Revolution in the Semi-Final of the Middlx Cup. The Dragons were unfortunately defeated by a well-drilled team an age-group above, yet they battled till the final whistle. Character building.

The U17 Girls had no game.

The Firsts had no game.

The Blues lost 1-3 at home to Wiseman West. Not the weekend the Blues wanted after taking the lead only to then let the game drift away.

The Old Dragonians lost 1-2 at home to Middlesex Arms. Playing with 10 men, the Old D’s set up to be compact and counterattack when the opportunity allowed, and this worked to perfection as the Dragons frustrated MA and caught them cold in the 80th minute to take a -0 lead. However, this spurred on the Middx Arms who resorted to a more physical approach, shall we say, and scored 2 late goals to snatch the win.

Results W/E 12th February 2023

With half term depleting teams other clubs forfeiting their matches rather than fulfilling their fixtures in contrast to the Dragons who played on regardless:

The Firsts beat OIR 1-0 at home. A great team effort from the flagship Firsts who scored a fantastic team goal and kept OIR firmly shut out. The Dragons are breathing down the necks of third place with two games in hand.

The Blues drew 1-1 away at London Titans. The Dragons are enjoying a better run of form they plan to continue. .

The Old Dragonians were beaten 0-2 at home to Wishing Well Wanderers in Round 2 of the Divisional Cup. An entertaining tie that could have gone either way but a contentious penalty decision against the Old Ds set Wishing Well on their way through to the next round.

The U12 Girls played a season-first Double Header at home to Ealing Trailfinders, losing the first game 1-2 but winning the second 1-0. The Dragons battled hard in this gruelling encounter that, in the first game, went to the visitors. It could easily have gone wrong again after going down to 8 players, but the Dragons miraculously pulled off a win.

The U13 Girls had no match.

The U14 Girls beat Actonians 1-0 at home. A solid performance from the Dragons who, after scoring early in the game, coped with the immense Actonians pressure well to hang on for a hard fought and well-deserved victory.

The U15 Girls were awarded an automatic home win as the opposition didn’t fancy playing the Dragons.

The U17 Girls were beaten 3-7 at Limehouse away. With an under-resourced squad and no subs, the Dragons put up a tremendous fight and managed to score three which normally wins a game. Limehouse unfortunately scored more, but the Dragons can rest knowing they did many things right.

The New U11 Boys beat Belmont Bees 1-0 at home. The Dragons won this much awaited game, cancelled twice before, against their biggest challenger in the League. A brilliant team performance.

The U12 Boys won 3-0 at Princes Park away. The Dragons took another step closer to winning the League by beating closest rivals PP. A very mature performance from this young squad.

The U13 Boys lost at home to Magix. The Dragons were missing players due to half term but bravely played, despite knowing that Magix had discovered the only 6ft 4in 12-year-old in west London. The match was hard fought at times but the difference between the two sides was Magix’s giant who knows how to kick the ball like a rocket.

The U14 Boys lost 2-4 away at Pro FA. A tight game that, despite the result going to the home team, still leaves the Dragons at the top of the League by three points.

The U15 Boys were awarded an automatic home win as LPOSSA forfeited the game.

The U16 Boys were awarded an automatic away win as London Athletic could not raise a side.

The U17 Boys were beaten by Harrow Utd 0-4 at home. Missing two of the squad’s centre backs and the only goalie, this wasn’t the best week to go up against top of the division Harrow United. The Dragons stand-in keeper made a few fantastic saves to keep it close, but ultimately the task was too great.

The 10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

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Results W/E 5th February 2023

With spring trying to thrust aside winter this was mostly an excellent weekend:

The Firsts won 4-2 in a friendly against Hayes & Hillingdon. Although nothing technically was at stake, the Firsts treated the match as they would a Premier Division tie and worked hard to overcome Hayes. The Dragons gather momentum to carry into this weekend’s League contest with OIR at home.

The Blues drew 1-1 at home to Bessingby Park Rangers. The Dragons showed a massive improvement to go head-to-head with a team above them in the League.

The Old Dragonians beat West London Wanderers 4-1. Finally, the result matched the Old Ds performance to secure a well-deserved win in the League Cup with the highlight being a 25-yard screamer to open the scoring. The Old Ds look to take this form into the Divisional Cup Tie next Sunday.

The U17 Girls had no game.

The U15 Girls won 4-0 at home to Enfield Town in the Cup. The Dragons had a very slow start and struggled to create chances but managed to find the back of the net just before the half time whistle. After a passionate halftime talk and a few tactical tweaks, the Dragons stepped back into the game roaring to secure their 9th consecutive win. Time will tell whether they can continue their winning streak into double figures.

The 14 Girls had no game.

The U13 Girls beat Limehouse 1-0 away. A great win for the Dragons in their first league game of 2023. After scoring from a corner in the first half, the Dragons managed to keep Limehouse at bay for the rest of the match and never looked like conceding.

The U12 Girls lost away at Actonians in the League Cup. The Dragons found themselves overpowered on this occasion. These Dragons have shown character to bounce back before and will no doubt do so again.

The U17 Boys lost at home to St Josephs in the fourth round of the Middlesex Cup against an undefeated St Josephs. A few early mistakes put the Dragons down by 2 at half time and the second half was not much better. A good lesson in the importance of staying positive once conceding, as without concentration it can only get worse.

The U16 Boys beat Elite London 9-5 away. This was an extraordinary match with the Dragons scoring in the first 20 seconds and seemingly set to coast to a comfortable win. Elite however are not second in the division for nothing and they clawed their way back to 6-5 with the Dragons just retaining their lead. Elite pressed hard with their footballing tails up, but the Dragons kept their composure and pressed to score a vital 7th goal and from then on were in charge again.

The U15 Boys were beaten at home by Elite London. The Dragons started the match optimistically after their impressive performance last weekend but were beaten where it counts by the visitors.

The U14 Boys beat Hanwell Town 2-1 at home. This was a closely contested fixture at St Marks Park as the Dragons edged the contest before the break to have their oranges one goal up. Hanwell then found a reply. The Dragons piled on the pressure which eventually won them a beautifully stuck penalty to win.

The U13 Boys drew 1-1 with London Athletic at home. This was a closely fought match with the Dragons eventually scoring first from a corner and then keeping the lead – but as the minutes ticked towards the end LA broke down the left side to create a penalty which they converted. The Dragons refused to be downhearted and pounded up to LA’s goal and went very close to snatching back the lead but alas the final whistle thwarted their hopes.

The U12 Boys beat Pinnstars 6-2 away. The Dragons started well and went 3-0 up, before complacency crept in and Pinnstars drew as close as 3-2. The Dragons survived the pressure and regained control after half-time to put the game to bed.

The New U11 Boys beat Spartan 6-2 away. The Dragons started badly and were soon 0-2 down before getting back into the match magnificently to claw back to 2-2 and then pull ahead to a tremendous 6-2 win.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 29th January 2023

The U17 Boys came from behind to beat Hendon 4-2 at home. After a disorganised first half, the Dragons trailed by 2 but then followed their coach’s instructions to put Hendon under huge pressure. The result: a complete turnaround and a four-goal second half. The Dragons’ new January signing scored a hat trick on his Dragons debut.

The U16 Boys had their away match against Hillingdon Abbots postponed due to a reportedly ‘unplayable pitch’. The Dragons sportingly offered their own, but the Abbots declined. Some conspiracists wondered why.

The U15 Boys lost 1-6 to Old Actonians at home. A tough match for the Dragons who were missing key players including their No.1 goalie due to sickness. The Dragons never stopped battling however despite their difficulties.

The U14 Boys thumped Larkspur Rovers 12-0 at home. The Dragons scored almost every goal possible as they registered a dozen against a frail Larkspur side. From corners to crosses, penalties to toe pokes, the Dragons scored them all.

The U13 Boys lost away to Titans on a huge artificial pitch. The Dragons seldom venture as far north as Watford so there was some intrinsic geographical interest in the fixture. The first 20 minutes were cagey, but competitive, with neither side scoring. The Titans then opened leaving the Dragons to create superb opportunities but somehow just not managing to score.

The U12 Boys beat Kinja 5-3 away. The Dragons were 2 goals down towards the end of the first half when the Coaches changed tactics, sent on reinforcements, and changed the game which resulted in a huge Dragons performance to win. There remains some post match controversy as Kinja reported the wrong result but truth will eventually prevail.

The New U11 Boys beat Kodak 2-1 at home. Dragon fans were understandably nervous with a new management and goalie in place against top-rated Kodak. The Dragons however showed tremendous team spirit in this well natured but competitive match. There was a slight tailing off at the beginning of the second half, but the Dragons pulled themselves together to eventually win. Kodak were devastated.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls drew 2-2 with Alexandra Park at home. As is becoming the norm with these young Dragons, the game was full of entertainment with fantastic football on display. The Dragons made a comeback after trailing at half time.

The U13 Girls lost away on dreaded penalties to Barnet Nightingales in the Cup. The scoring stopped at half time as each side netted one apiece to set up a tense second half. With full time ending 1-1 it was on to penalties which, alas, ended 1-4 to Barnet.

The U14 Girls beat Ruislip Rangers 5-1 at home. The Dragons dominated the first half with some good technical play and were unlucky to have conceded just before half time. The second half started well with Ruislip Rangers’ goalkeeper making save after save – but the Dragons stormed the castle with the introduction of a new left-sided player scoring on her debut.

The U15 Girls beat the Heart of Teddlothian 5-0 in the Cup. The Dragons have reached the semi-finals in style with their five goals. The Dragons dominated with shots on target resulting from great teamwork and good communication.

The U17 Girls were beaten 0-4 at home to Actonians in the Cup. The Dragons were on the unlucky side despite playing well and trying to grab the Cup game by the scruff of its neck.

The Firsts lost 1-3 to Bush Hill Rangers away in the quarter final of the Middlesex Intermediate Cup. This was an exciting match for many of the wrong reasons. The result does not of course effect the League position.

The Blues just lost 1-2 away to Sporting Duet Academy in the quarter final of the Middlesex Junior Cup. The Blues always compete but just managed to let the match slip away.

The Old Dragonians just lost 1-2 to Hare and Hounds at home. In a game that the Old Ds were chomping at the bit to win, the visitors got an all-important second goal to leave with the three points.