Results W/E 29th January 2023

The U17 Boys came from behind to beat Hendon 4-2 at home. After a disorganised first half, the Dragons trailed by 2 but then followed their coach’s instructions to put Hendon under huge pressure. The result: a complete turnaround and a four-goal second half. The Dragons’ new January signing scored a hat trick on his Dragons debut.

The U16 Boys had their away match against Hillingdon Abbots postponed due to a reportedly ‘unplayable pitch’. The Dragons sportingly offered their own, but the Abbots declined. Some conspiracists wondered why.

The U15 Boys lost 1-6 to Old Actonians at home. A tough match for the Dragons who were missing key players including their No.1 goalie due to sickness. The Dragons never stopped battling however despite their difficulties.

The U14 Boys thumped Larkspur Rovers 12-0 at home. The Dragons scored almost every goal possible as they registered a dozen against a frail Larkspur side. From corners to crosses, penalties to toe pokes, the Dragons scored them all.

The U13 Boys lost away to Titans on a huge artificial pitch. The Dragons seldom venture as far north as Watford so there was some intrinsic geographical interest in the fixture. The first 20 minutes were cagey, but competitive, with neither side scoring. The Titans then opened leaving the Dragons to create superb opportunities but somehow just not managing to score.

The U12 Boys beat Kinja 5-3 away. The Dragons were 2 goals down towards the end of the first half when the Coaches changed tactics, sent on reinforcements, and changed the game which resulted in a huge Dragons performance to win. There remains some post match controversy as Kinja reported the wrong result but truth will eventually prevail.

The New U11 Boys beat Kodak 2-1 at home. Dragon fans were understandably nervous with a new management and goalie in place against top-rated Kodak. The Dragons however showed tremendous team spirit in this well natured but competitive match. There was a slight tailing off at the beginning of the second half, but the Dragons pulled themselves together to eventually win. Kodak were devastated.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls drew 2-2 with Alexandra Park at home. As is becoming the norm with these young Dragons, the game was full of entertainment with fantastic football on display. The Dragons made a comeback after trailing at half time.

The U13 Girls lost away on dreaded penalties to Barnet Nightingales in the Cup. The scoring stopped at half time as each side netted one apiece to set up a tense second half. With full time ending 1-1 it was on to penalties which, alas, ended 1-4 to Barnet.

The U14 Girls beat Ruislip Rangers 5-1 at home. The Dragons dominated the first half with some good technical play and were unlucky to have conceded just before half time. The second half started well with Ruislip Rangers’ goalkeeper making save after save – but the Dragons stormed the castle with the introduction of a new left-sided player scoring on her debut.

The U15 Girls beat the Heart of Teddlothian 5-0 in the Cup. The Dragons have reached the semi-finals in style with their five goals. The Dragons dominated with shots on target resulting from great teamwork and good communication.

The U17 Girls were beaten 0-4 at home to Actonians in the Cup. The Dragons were on the unlucky side despite playing well and trying to grab the Cup game by the scruff of its neck.

The Firsts lost 1-3 to Bush Hill Rangers away in the quarter final of the Middlesex Intermediate Cup. This was an exciting match for many of the wrong reasons. The result does not of course effect the League position.

The Blues just lost 1-2 away to Sporting Duet Academy in the quarter final of the Middlesex Junior Cup. The Blues always compete but just managed to let the match slip away.

The Old Dragonians just lost 1-2 to Hare and Hounds at home. In a game that the Old Ds were chomping at the bit to win, the visitors got an all-important second goal to leave with the three points.

Results W/E 22nd January 2023

With frozen pitches much time was spent organising matches and players only to then spend more time cancelling those very same matches. Such is the lot of a football club in winter.

The Firsts were lost 2-3 away to Shepherd’s Bush in the most exciting of matches to make it one all in the series. Shepherds Bush scored first and then again to make it 2-0 as the match neared the end, only for the Dragons to play scintillating quick football to draw level at 2-2 with Shepherds Bush reeling at the pure artistry and resilience of the Dragons. Quite why they then let Shepherds Bush score to win will be a Trivial Pursuits question when somebody finds the answer.

There were no other matches with the pitches frozen.

Results W/E 15th January 2023

Shocking weather reduced many pitches to a quagmire and postponed matches:

The U12 Girls smashed Omonia 11-0 away in the Cup. Despite the terrible weather and multiple postponed games, the Dragon’s put last weekend behind them with a thumping victory. Relentless total football from a characterful squad.

The U13, 14, 15 &17 Girls all had their matches postponed due to waterlogged pitches.

The New U11 Boys beat Pro FA 5-2 at home. After conceding two early goals the Dragons made some cute tactical changes and coupled with the right attitude, got right back into the game by scoring 5 on the trot. An inspiring victory at St Mark’s Park that lead to some over excitement and time to reflect.

The U12 Boys narrowly lost 4-5 at St Joseph’s. The first loss of the season for the Dragons but it was another thrilling encounter as both teams chased each other for goals throughout the game. A learning curve for the young Dragons who will want to keep scoring whilst tightening their defence.

The U13 Boys away game to Headstone Manor was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U14 Boys beat Wealdstone 6-0 at home. The Dragons bounced back from last week’s defeat in brilliant style by finding their shooting sensibilities again and pulling together as a squad. A big win for the brave.

The U15 Boys beat Pro FA 3-2 at the Scrubs in an away match. As Pro FA’s pitch was waterlogged the match was switched to the Scrubs. The Dragons battled trough in a close encounter to ultimately win.

The U16 Boys beat Hillingdon Abbots 9-0 at home. The Abbots arrived seemingly in peak condition and indeed took the Dragons a considerable time to score their first goal. The Dragons kept battling their way up the hill only to hit the post, or shoot wide, but eventually the first goal came and from then on there was little doubt as to who would win. The title race is back on.

The U17 Boys away game to Wealdstone Youth was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The Firsts had no game.

The Blues were beaten away at Hillingdon Abbots. A game to forget for the Dragons on a bitter weekend. They look to restore their defences in preparation for the next fixture.

The Old Dragonians had their game postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

Results W/E 8th January 2023

We have started 2023 in mostly tremendous form:

The Firsts beat AVA 3-0 at home. The Dragons bounced back, revigorated rather than somnolent, after the break to dominate the match. Three goals, and that so important a clean sheet, made for a clinical return to football.

The Blues had no game.

The Old Dragonians were beaten by Northwood Stags away. The Old Ds had a gruelling fixture in sweeping rains and hail. Despite fielding 10 players, the Dragons produced a spirited performance in a goalless first half. Losing another 3 players to injury meant however the Old Ds eventually succumbed to defeat and returned to the changing rooms to thaw off.

The U17 Boys beat Harefield United 3-2 on penalties in the Middlesex Cup at home. The Dragons provided early New Year drama in the heavy rain. After finishing 1 apiece in normal time, the Dragons faced penalties for the second cup match in a row. They were 0-2 down after the first two rounds. Harefield then incredibly missed their next 4 attempts – including being thwarted by two fantastic saves by the Dragons keeper who then wrapped up to win

The U16 Boys had no match.

The U15 Boys won 4-1 away at London Athletic. The driving rain and muddy pitch couldn’t stop the Dragons who were on fire to win convincingly. A good three points on the road.

The U14 Boys lost 1-4 at home to Acton Ealing Whistlers. Despite a good performance in difficult conditions the Dragons took longer than their opponents to warm up after the break.

The U13 Boys had no match.

The U12 Boys beat London Eagles 3-2 away in a thriller. Another epic game for the undefeated Dragons this season. The last 10 minutes proved immense as the Dragons scored twice to after being behind for most of the 2nd half.

The new U11 Boys had no match due to Larkspur’s pitch being waterlogged.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U17 Girls had no match.

The U15 Girls thumped Enfield Town 6-1 away. The Dragons picked up where they had left off to win their 7th straight match in a row. Even after a slow start, and going 0-1 down, the Dragons work rate progressively improved as they made increasingly better decisions to power ahead.

The U14 Girls beat Actonians 4-2 away. This was all about the team performance after going 1-2 down the Dragons came back to win. They showed grit and determination to move to second in the table. Onwards and upwards!

The U13 Girls beat Wealdstone 1-0 at home. This was a surprisingly physical match, but the Dragons weathered the storm to go 1-0 up early in the game. It was then a case of defending gallantly to cling onto their lead in a tense encounter.

The U12 Girls lost 0-2 to Aspire FC at home. A tough result for the young Dragons after the festive break but they have lots to be proud of as they return to the fray.

Update 23rd December 2022

It has been a very good first half of the season as we break off for Christmas and New Year:

The Firsts have recorded some tremendously exciting wins, including against our nemesis Clapton Community FC
The Blues have steadily improved, recording isolated wins
The Old Dragonians challenge at every match but are often just pipped at the goal post by an irritating single goal.
The Boys’ Teams have won many more matches than they have lost
The Girls’ Teams have been fantastic, and we must now have one of the largest group of girls’ teams in London
In short, we have much to look forward to as we enter 2023.

Thank you for all your support in so many ways – we are a community club so rely on the selfless help of many people.

Results W/E 18th December 2022

In short there were none. The pitches came tantalising close to be useable as the weather warmed but it was not to be. Frozen pitches were not the problem in Doha as the World Cup Final went from being an inevitable win for Argentina to the most exciting of matches with France coming from behind to give the spectators their money’s worth. Such was the excitement that some have even compared it to the Dragons U12 Girls beating Acton Ealing Whistlers 5-4 in the Middlesex Cup back in November.

The Dragons are in good shape as we head into 2023. We continue however to rely on voluntary donations and fundraising so that everybody can join in. It cost at least £250/player per season so if you can help please do so. We will be having our SUPPORTERS PARTY in February for those who donate £250 or more and then our PATRONS DINNER in March so there is much to look forward to – the reward will not just be in heaven. Just click on the DONATE button.

Happy Christmas if such felicitations are not too early

Results W/E 11th December 2022

It will come as no surprise to fans worldwide that most matches were called off due to frozen pitches and the one that did proceed probably wished it hadn’t:

The Firsts just lost 1-2 to Pitshanger Dynamo at home. On a bitterly cold but bright Saturday, the Dragons fell on the short end of an important mid-table clash. A score that was soon to be replicated in Doha…. With one more fixture before the holiday break, the Dragons will look to find three points in their collective stockings.

Results W/E 4th December 2022

A cracking weekend with the Firsts leading the way with a tremendous win, the U13 Boys winning against all odds, and the U15 Girls, U14 Boys and U12 Boys all continuing their winning streaks:

Thank you for all those who have made a voluntary donation. We do not charge membership fees so rely on the “generosity of strangers” to misappropriate Mark Carney’s description of the UK economy. Donating is easy – just click on the Donate button.

The Firsts beat League Leaders Shepherds Bush 2-1 at home. The tension left the crowded stands exhausted as the Dragons held on to a precarious 1-0 lead only for their local rivals to equalise just near the final whistle. Potential salvation for the Dragons appeared by means of a penalty but superb goal keeping kept it still at a nail bitingly 1-1. As the seconds ticked away in the darkening gloom the Dragons rose to the occasion magnificently, showing fight, determination, and desire to beat their talented opposition with a cracking winning goal just before the final whistle. The Firsts look to stay in the top half of the table for Xmas – who knows how far they will go?

The Blues were beaten 2-4 away at Bessingby Park Rangers. A brace for the Dragons that on another day might have won three points.

The Old Dragonians Cup tie to West London Wanderers was postponed.

The U17 Girls had no game.

The U15 Girls beat Enfield Town 2-1 away. Despite the girls dominating with some great defensive tackles and good passing, it was not their best performance – they had many opportunities to score but were unable to finish. Their winning streak however continues.

The U14 Girls lost 1-4 to Actonians away. Three mistakes led to three goals in the first half, and it was an uphill battle from there. The Dragons started the second half better with more possession and a better shape to pull one back. Unfortunately, another mistake lead to a last goal.

The U13 Girls narrowly lost 1-2 to Barnet Panthers at home in the Cup. A game of two halves! If the second half was in isolation, it would have been a win for the Dragons with the girls showing amazing resilience and an improved attack.

The U12 Girls did not play.

The new U11 Boys just lost 0-1 to Belmont Bees at home. This was a vastly improved performance from the away leg at the start of the season which saw the Dragons lose 2-4. This home leg saw the Dragons narrowly lose with the winning goal coming in the first half. The Dragons pushed hard for the equaliser and on another day would have found it.

The U12 Boys beat Old Actonians 2-1 away. The Dragons maintain their good run of form – more trials and tests are no doubt ahead but they remain in pole position.

The U13 Boys beat Titans 2-0 at home. The Dragons have hitherto been shy of pushing themselves forward to score goals. Titans are a formidable team with skilful and sometimes huge players. The Dragons, however, refused to wilt but rather ran at the Titans, and opened the scoring by literally barging through a phalanx of Titans to score. A thoroughly deserved win.

The U14 Boys beat Brook House 5-1 away. The Dragons ensured they got the points on the road in style and retained their 100% win record in the League this season. Incredible.

The U15 Boys lost 2-6 to Old Actonians away. On a positive note, it was a better result than when the Dragons played them last time. The OAs Coach commented on the team’s improvement, however it was not their best football today. On to the next match…

The U16 Boys lost 4-9 to Old Actonians in a lacklustre performance. If the truth be told the Dragons had become complacent. The Dragons can, and indeed should, win the League as they had previously beaten the OA’s. The Dragons must pull up their footballing socks with this reminder of how difficult it is to go all the way and win a title.

The U17 Boys lost 1-3 to London Tigers away. Despite dominating possession in the first half the Dragons had to respond to a quick opposition strike with a nice set piece header to go one apiece at 45 mins. The Dragons pressed and created many chances but ultimately gave away two second half goals on counter attacks. Very nice display of skills but they don’t give you points for that!

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 27 November 2022

The Dragons press on as other clubs wilt in the winter gloom. Yet again more matches were won than lost with the Girls, Youths and Seniors teams all vying to be League winners:

The U17 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 4-3 away. A dramatic match for the Dragons who were up 3-2 with minutes remaining until the referee called a soft penalty allowing AEW to equalize. The glimpse of the Dragons’ first three points almost slipped away before a last-minute throw into the box lead to a score and with it a dramatic Dragons victory.

The U16 Boys beat Harrow St Marys 11-0. This was a little disappointing from the Dragons who mustered a bare eleven players. It could so easily have gone wrong if a couple of players had been injured in the match as there were no substitutes. As it was, the Dragons ran riot and for once kept a clean sheet.

The U15 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 to Southall Athletic at home. A tough one to articulate – the Dragons were leading 2-1 against the current league leaders with less than 10 minutes to play until their guard dropped leading to conceding 2 late goals. Still, the Dragons passing and communication were mostly a joy to watch.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U13 Boys lost 1-5 to League Leaders LPOSSA at home. Despite the score this was yet another improvement from the Dragons who were much better in the second half than the first. A couple of freak goals distorted the score. The big challenge for the Dragons is to press hard, and in doing so they will discover the delicious delight of scoring.

The U12 Boys drew 3-3 with Southall Athletic at home. The Dragons became complacent and were losing 1-3 to a team they had scored a dozen against 6 weeks ago. Luckily, they woke up 10 minutes before the end to score twice and save a draw.

The new U11 Boys had no game due to their opposition’s waterlogged pitch.

The U17 Girls were closely beaten 2-3 by league leaders Highbury Rangers away. The Dragons started strongly, were focused, and mentally tuned in resulting in them being 2-1 up at halftime. Alas in the second period Highbury took advantage of positional confusion to score twice in the last 20 minutes.

The U15 Girls beat Barnet Nightingales 4-0 at home. The Dragons went out with all guns blazing to secure their 5th win in a row. Simply put, they played some outstanding football.

The U14 Girls beat Kinja 1-0 away. The Dragons had most of the play in the first half with Kinhja’s goalkeeper making save after save. The second half was more of an even affair but eventually the Dragons persistence lead to the winning goal.

The U13 Girls lost 2-4 to Alexandra Park away. A trip into north London proved fruitless this time around despite a strong Dragons performance.

The U12 Girls were beaten 1-2 by Ealing Trailfinders at home. Both teams fought hard to get the win. But in the end, despite the tremendous effort, it was not destined to be the Dragons day.

The Firsts beat Wilberforce 3-2 away in the Cup. The Dragons made hard work of this victory but were saved by their own composure in front of goal.

The Blues were beaten 1-2 at home by Portobello FC. A first game against new local rivals was a close affair as each side sized each other up. The Dragons look forward to the reverse fixture.

The Old Dragonians were beaten at home by Newton City. The recent run of huge scoring games for the Old Ds came to an end. The Dragons got on the scoresheet but were outgunned.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

Results W/E 20th November 2022

This was an excellent weekend with the Dragons mostly winning, lead by the Firsts and the U12 Girls who won the most thrilling of matches.

The Firsts beat AVA 4-1 away. A much better performance this week with the Dragons clinical in front of goal. The cherry on top would have been a clean sheet but the Coaches were none the less broadly happy.

The Blues beat Indian Gymkhana 3-2 at home. This was another stupendous result for the Dragons playing a side a league above. They worked tirelessly for the win and were well rewarded.

The Old Dragonians played their part in another thriller, but sadly lost 4-8 to Larkspur Rovers at home. Despite leading 3 times, and the game on a knife edge at 4 apiece, The Dragons had a poor last 20 minutes conceding a further 4 goals in quick succession.

The Under 17 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 to Hanwell Town away. Playing on a 3G pitch, the Dragons superior technical skills were on show after a brilliant second goal by the Dragons winger to lead 2-1 by the break – but Oh, how quickly a match can turn! A simple defensive error and a penalty left the Dragons pointless – but the positives are starting to come through.

The Under 16 Boys beat London Athletic 10-2 at home. This resounding win takes the Dragons three points clear at the top of the table. It was unfortunate that complacency crept in to concede two goals in the second half.

The Under 15 Boys beat London Athletic 5-1 at home. The Dragons were on fire and were in total control from start to finish. Good communication and accurate passing throughout culminated in a solid win.

The Under 14 Boys beat the current league Titans 5-2 away. The Dragons remain undefeated and this level of concentration and effort will surely keep them in the title race.

The Under 13 Boys drew 1-1 to London Athletic away. This was again a much better performance from the week before. The Dragons did most of the attacking and should really have won the encounter.

The Under 12 Boys beat Football Samurai 8-0 at home. The Dragons dominated from the start against Football Samurai who lacked players again for the return game. Teams are beginning to lack confidence against this superb Dragons side.

The new Under 11 Boys won an automatic three points after Kodak forfeited.

The Under 12 Girls beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 5-4 at home in the Middlx Cup. In a huge win for the Dragons, the game was a 9-goal thriller, a box-to-box display of ups and downs against local rivals AEW.

The Under 13 Girls played a friendly against Aspire.

The Under 14 Girls lost at home to St Albans City in the Middlx Cup. On this occasion, the Dragons were on the receiving end of a footballing masterclass by a very technical side. The Dragons will no doubt bounce back.

The Under 15 Girls won 2-1 away to Omnia in the Middlx Cup. This was yet another example of the Dragons’ fighting spirit who played extraordinarily as a team, communicating well and working hard.

The Under 17 Girls had their game postponed.

The Under 10s trained in preparation for entering the League.