Results W/E 28th May 2023

Results W/E 28 May 2023

With the season hurtling towards the End of Season Presentations and BBQ on Sunday June 11th there were few matches:

The Club was Awarded the MCFA Club of the Month. A remarkable accolade when one considers that the are 2,000 teams playing in Middlesex. Well done all of us!

The U15 Girls were narrowly beaten 3-5 at home by Wealdstone. In this last game of the season against the League’s winners, the Dragons conceded two early goals but came back fighting with two fantastic goals of their own to draw level by half time. In the second half, the Dragons scored a third to take the lead but, despite their relentless determined battling, were unable to stop Wealdstone scoring again to win.

The U17 Girls lost to Highbury Wolves at home. The Dragons tried to stick to their game plan which did result in goals. Highbury however had won the League unbeaten for good reason and each time responded to extend their lead to retain their record. 

The Old Dragonians lost to Middlesex Arms away. Another difficult end of season clash against the League winners ended as one would expect, but the Old Ds relished the opportunity all the same. It is time to focus now on a summer of rest and recovery.

There were no other matches as teams instead prepared for the End of Season Tournament and Awards on Sunday, 11th June.

Results W/E 21st May 2023

End of Season Tournament, Presentations and  BBQ on Sunday 11 June at LCS.

It was the U15 Boys who lead the way this last weekend to increase the Club’s total of winning cups to four this season:

The U15 Boys beat LPOSSA 2-0 to win the League Trophy Final. In an end-to-end game, the Dragons went 1-0 up and then doubled their lead by halftime. LPOSSA came back onto the pitch determined to  throw everything they had at the Dragons but, try as they might, they could not penetrate their mighty defensive wall. The Dragons did create their own chances to extend their lead but it was to remain 2-0 as the longest final minutes a Dragon has ever endured crept towards the final victorious whistle.

The U17 Girls were awarded an automatic home win to Highbury who could not raise a side.

The Firsts drew 3-3 with CB Hounslow at home. A six-goal thriller which the Dragons should have won. They pulled ahead to 3-1 but could not close the match down as CB Hounslow refused to concede. The Dragons almost scored a fourth down the right, with Hounslow’s goalie stranded, but alas the ball hit the side netting. Hounslow however pounced on a Dragons error to score and were delighted to draw whereas the Dragons regretful.   

The Blues were beaten at Old Hat away in a double header. A tough final game against the Old Hat side who have finished second in the League.

The Old Dragonians and all other Youth sides had no games and instead prepared for the Dragons End of Season Awards, BBQ and Tournament on Sunday 11th June.

Results W/E 14th May 2023

End of Season, Tournament and Awards on Sunday 11 June at LCS.

With the season rapidly coming to an end it was the U13s Girls who provided the excitement:

The U13 Girls beat Actonians 3-2 at home. This was a genuine tale of two halves. In the first the Dragons were almost dormant but finding themselves behind at halftime roared back into action to retake control and steal the game 3-2 as Actonians furiously tried to regain their lead. There were audible sighs of relief when the final whilst blew.

The U15 Girls drew the first game 1-1 and narrowly lost the second 2-3 in the double header to Broomwood at home. Despite the scores the Dragons played fantastic football and should be proud of the effort they put in, including a halfway line goal worthy of the Hall of Fame.

The Firsts lost 0-1 to CB Hounslow away. On a weekend where it seems Premier League title contenders Arsenal lost the initiative, the Firsts similarly found themselves on the losing side of a result they needed despite having controlled much of the match.

The Blues lost at home to Kodak. The Dragons are having a better second half of the season with better performances and better results. Whilst this wasn’t one of them, they still have a chance to finish strong.

The Old Dragonians and all other Youth sides had no games, instead preparing for the End of Season Awards, BBQ and Tournament on Sunday 11th June.

Results W/E 7th May 2023

With the Coronation celebrations preparing us for the Dragons end of season Presentations, BBQ and Tournament on Sunday June 11 it was the U15 Boys who shone:

The U15 Boys beat Foxes 4-2 at home to reach the League Trophy Final. The Dragons played an outstanding game and found themselves 4-1 up with a seemingly healthy lead to protect. With 9 minutes to play, Foxes scored and from there tempers began to flare as the contest grew feisty. An uncomfortable end, but the Dragons prevailed and now an win more silverware.

The U12 Girls beat Rose FC 9-0 away, twice. The Dragons were quite unstoppable in a double header that saw them score a collective 18 goals. The Dragons showed the League their intent for the years ahead with a performance worthy of Champions..

The U14 Girls drew 4-4 with Most Wanted away. What a game to close the season with end-to-end excitement. The Dragons came back from 1-2 down at halftime to lead 3-4 before conceding to end the match level pegging

The Firsts lost 1-4 to Camden United at home. In an important match in the League the Dragons jostled with Camden for position. Not the result they wanted but with a handful of remaining games there remains time to finish strongly.

The Blues and the Old Dragonians had no games.

All the other Youth Teams had no games.

Results W/E 30th April 2023

A decidedly mixed weekend as the sun shone:

The Firsts drew 2-2 to Stonewall away. An away draw would be regarded by some as a reasonable result but the Dragons were not happy with their performance and think this was a match they could have won.

The Blues beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 2-1 to at home. The Dragons have improved markedly during the season. At the start there were many near misses, and even thumping losses, but more recently it has been a string of wins.      

The Old Dragonians lost to Larkspur Rovers away.

The U17 Boys did not play.

The U16 Boys lost to Celtic in the League Trophy. The Dragons experience of triumphing against the odds in their earlier momentous League Title Play Off had knocked the physiological stuffing out of the team. Celtic had also won their League title but in a higher division but were not so good that the Dragons could not match them on a good day. Finally, with only 10 men left on the field,  the Dragons sprung into action to score twice – time will tell if that will be enough to go through to the semi finals on goal difference.

The U15 Boys had no match.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U13 Boys lost 1-4 to Headstone Manor in the League Trophy. This was the first time the Dragons had played on the LCS centre pitch and it certainly felt a lot larger than their customary St Marks. This was an even match for much of the time with the Dragons playing their best in the last quarter. It is always frustrating when superb shots by a Dragon sail over the bar or wide by a whisker but that is a footballer’s life.

The U12 Boys lost to FPF at home in the League Cup. This was rather a rude awakening from the Dragons who were a trifle shocked at FPF’s scoring machine. The goal of the match must however be awarded to the Dragons

The U11 Boys had no match.

The U10 Boys trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U17 Girls lost against Actonians in a double header at home.  The main beneficiary of double headers appears to be the referees who earn a double fee. The Dragons ran themselves into the ground in the sun and did better in the second session as compared to the first.  

The U15 Girls drew 1-1 (1-1 and 0-0) in a double header to Barnet Nightingales away. Not the result the Dragons wanted but they kept fighting and managed a clean sheet in the second leg.

The U14 Girls won 3-2 (2-1 and 1-1) in a double header to Most Wanted at home. The Dragons won every battle and generally put in a solid performance in the first match but tired legs from both sides lead to them sharing the points in the second –  a fair result.

The U13 Girls No Match

The U12 Girls lost at home to Aspire . This was a tough match as even the most devoted Dragons fan would have to say that Aspire were a better side. Still the sun shone.

Results W/E 23rd April 2023

On the whole a good weekend as we head towards the End of Season Presentations and BBQ on Sunday June 11:

The U12 Girls won 7-1 (2-1 and 5-0) after a double header to Denham away. The Dragons battled well with only 8 players. After coming from behind the Dragons rescued the first game from the jaws of defeat and with confidence high went on to storm the Denham castle in the second leg. A tremendous performance.  

The U13 Girls beat Alexandra Park 5-3 to at home to secure a top three place. The Dragons have a big game next weekend against Actonians who currently lie second – an exciting end to the season is in store.

The U14 Girls lost 2-3 to Ruislip Rangers away. The Dragons started well with two chances in the first 5 minutes. Ruislip then scored and went on to dominate the first half, leaving a mountain to climb for the Dragons in the second half. The Dragons played aggressively, scored twice in quick succession and could have equalised in the last kick of the match, but it was not to be this time.

The U15 Girls won 3-1 (1-1 and 2-0) in a double header to Islington at home. A fantastic performance. Following 6 weeks of no games the Dragons could be excused for being rusty. However, they stepped up showing their strength and value as a squad. Big shout out to the Dragons first-time keeper who performed very well.

The U17 Girls did not play.

The U17 Boys were beaten 1-4 to Brunswick at home. The Dragons struck first after putting immediate pressure on Brunswick’s back line and took a 1-0 lead into halftime.  However, in the second half the Dragons paid the price of having no subs and the energetic defence of the first half was long gone. 4 second half opposition goals left many a Dragon muttering to themselves.

The U16 Boys had no game.

The U15 Boys beat Southall Athletic 2-1 to at home. This was a magnificent performance from the Dragons in a very tense match. All the goals were scored at the very end  with Southall being particularly aggressive leading to the Dragons being awarded two converted penalties.

The U14 Boys beat Pitshanger 7-0 away. The Dragons won this itle decider in exhilarating fashion, earning them the top spot and promotion. Hats off to all Players, Coaches and Managers in this fantastic squad, and of course, their fans.

The U13 Boys had no game.

The U12 Boys beat CS Rangers 3-0 away. The Dragons won their final League match of the season. A great performance in the defensive and midfield areas and, if being hypercritical, were slightly wasteful in the final third. Even so, a 3-0 win on a ‘bad day’ is not so bad.

The U11 Boys had no game.

The U10 Boys trained in preparation for entering the League.

The Firsts were beaten 0-3 at Clapton Community away. The final score flattered the opposition but three mistakes cost the Dragons the game against the wily Clapton. Another chapter in this strong modern rivalry.

The Blues and the Old Dragonians had no games.

Results W/E 16th April 2023

With the Easter holidays there were again fewer matches than usual as the Dragons notched up their third League Title this season:

The U17 Boys beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 3-2 at home. With only 12 players available and 4 fasting, the Dragons faced an uphill battle. After conceding from an early corner, the momentum shifted quickly with the Dragons putting in three quality goals to take the lead in the second half.  AEW’s one goal wasn’t enough and the Dragons held on to the lead to emerge triumphant. 

The U16 Boys beat Old Actonians 4-0 away in the Divisional Play Off to win the League Title. The Dragons were missing players against the OAs, who have a prolific scoring record, so had a monumental task ahead of them. To make matters worse, a Dragons defender committed a  “professional foul” on OA’s striker who would have otherwise scored. The referee had no option but to show a red card leaving ten doughty Dragons fighting for survival.  It is one of life’s unsolved mysteries as to how they managed it, but managed it they did, to score four very welcome goals and keep a clean sheet. A tremendous team effort to win the Title.

The U12 Boys beat Wealdstone 5-3 away in the League Trophy. Even though these mighty Dragons conceded three, which would usually lead to a loss, they found the back of their opponents net more times to win by the final whistle.

The Firsts were beaten 0-2 at Kodak away. Unfortunately, the Firsts were not able to build on last week’s victory despite having a fair share of chances. The Dragons could not convert while the home team were clinical when it mattered.

The Blues won 4-2 at home against West London Wanderers. A commanding win from the Blues who look to take this momentum into the end of the season.

The Old Dragonians did not play.

All other Youth Boys and Girls teams had no games.

Results W/E 9th April 2023

With the Easter holidays upon us there were no youth matches

The Firsts beat PFC Victoria London 2-1 at home. This was a tense match with the Dragons scoring first and then Victoria taking advantage of play stopping after a shocking challenge on a Dragons player – Victoria’s goalie picked up the ball in the confusion, threw it 20 meters to the right which lead to a cross and goal.  Somewhere in the mix  the Dragons had missed a penalty and so, as the clocked ticked towards the end, it was a nail biting 1-1. The Dragons attacked down both sides, won a corner and scored from a bullet header in the dying minutes. Phew!

The Blues lost 1-2 away at Portobello. The Blues were unlucky not to cap a brace of wins for the Senior department but learnt some crucial lessons in their development. 

Results W/E 2nd April 2023

Yet again rain played havoc with matches:

The New U11 Boys drew 4-4 away. An almost great Dragons performance as they came back from 0-2 down only to give it away when 4-2 up – an emotional rollercoaster for their fans.

The U12 Boys beat Kinja 3-2 at home in the League Trophy. The Dragons played well despite the luxury of already having won the League. Some are dreaming of yet another title in the League Trophy but others are suggesting there will be tough matches to come. 

The U13 Boys narrowly lost 0-1 to Pinner United in the League Trophy at home. Pinner were under pressure for most of the match but then scored the only goal via a technically correct, but arguably harsh, refereeing decision which led to an indirect free kick in the penalty box. The Dragons’ stand-in goalie, who had played magnificently, noticed his shin pads needed adjusting so put the ball down, adjusted the pads and picked the ball up which is against the rules; a goalie can bounce the ball but not put it down to pick up again. One lives and learns.

The U14 Boys had no game.

The U15 Boys were awarded an automatic home win in the League Trophy as Old Actonians defaulted.

The U16 Boys had no game.

The U17 Boys League home game to St Joseph’s was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U12 Girls, U15 Girls and U17 Girls all had their games postponed due to waterlogged pitches.

The U13 Girls and the U14 Girls had no games.

The Firsts just lost 2-3 to Cricklewood Wanderers at home. The Dragons’ had an uncharacteristically poor performance and started slowly once again. That old adage remains the case: “When you give the ball away too often, you get punished”.

The Blues had no game and the Old Dragonians were awarded an automatic home win as One Brotherhood could not field a team.

Results W/E 26th March 2023

What a miserable few wet weeks it has been. The sun and dry weather must come soon. Still, we have won our second league title of the season – the U14 Boys have triumphed as their rivals faltered:

The Firsts lost 0-3 to Stonewall at home. A game played in difficult conditions with a late change in venue. With many games in hand to teams above them in the table, a single win will launch the Dragons up again. A string of wins will see them compete.

The Blues were beaten away at Whistlers. The Dragons were wounded but there was no feeling sorry for themselves as they returned home. They focus on the next fixture and the chance to develop, both as players and people.

The Old Dragonians had no match.

The U14 Boys won their League Title despite their away match against Pitshanger being postponed. Their closest opponents could have only caught the Dragons if they had won but they could only draw leaving it mathematically impossible for them to overtake the Dragons.

The U16 Boys League Trophy Cup match against Pitshanger away will be awarded to the Dragons as Pitshanger could not raise a team. The Dragons will be through to the next round if they win their next match

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.

There were no Youth Girls or Boys matches due to waterlogged pitches or no matches being scheduled.