Results W/E 21st January 2024

This was a good weekend, despite the early freezing conditions, with 39 Dragons Goals to a more modest 12 for the combined oppositions:

The Firsts and the Blues had their games called off due to frozen pitches. 

The Old Dragonians beat Inter Manor 2-1 away. Earlier on in the season the ODs would have lost such a game but this win highlights the progress they have made. After missing a couple of good chances early on, the Dragons conceded a sloppy goal to go one down. The Dragons then showed great character and determination to be rewarded late in the game, with two goals from free kicks, to clinch the win.

The U18 Boys thumped Brazil Development 10-1 at home. The scoreline flattered their opponents. If the Dragons had been more clinical the goal tally would have been doubled. A fantastic attacking display from the Dragons who, when they are firing on all cylinders, are very, very difficult to beat.

The U17 Boys played magnificently to beat Headstone Manor Red 6-1 away.  The prognosis was not good. The match was scheduled at what passes for the crack of dawn for an average Dragon and was away to boot, on the back of a miserable performance the previous week. Headstone were out in force with their massed players pirouetting elegantly on the pitch as they warmed up early whereas the Dragons started with 10 players –  the 11th forgetting that football boots are a helpful accessory. The dynamic Dragons Coach brushed aside the feeble attempts of the Manager to delay and  bravely started with 10 Dragons v 11 Headstonians. The Dragons were however a revelation and within minutes had scored twice.  From then on they were in control, with more passing than fiddling, as they dominated Headstone who were simply not good enough to match them.

The U16 Boys won 5-1 away at Old Actonians. Despite being tight on numbers again, the Dragons were in good spirits as they trudged down a muddy lane and across a muddy field to an equally muddy pitch. The Dragons were focused from the start, passing and communicating well and their first goal came early. Thereafter, they were completely in control. Several factors led to the Dragons being reduced to 10 players, however the remaining team battled on and the way they moved the ball was impressive. Even their coach, who is tough to please, produced a look suggesting he was impressed.

The U15 Boys did not play.

The U14 Boys beat Brookhouse 11-2 away in the most pleasing of results. This was a match where the players, supporters and coaches all worked together to overcome the vagaries of SatNav to find the pitch then play the match and wash the shirts afterwards. The score was 3-2 at half time and it looked as if the result could go either way.  Few would have forecast an 11-2 win as the whistle blew to restart. In the event the Dragons gave a masterclass in working together and then finishing in front of goal. A very good result.

The U13 Boys just lost 3-4 away at London Athletic. Ultimately, a disappointing game. After leading 3-1 for much of the game, the Dragons just lost their focus in the final five minutes. A lesson in playing to the final whistle.

The U12 Boys Red lost 0-2 to Belmont Bees at home. A very intense game where the Dragons had their chances but just couldn’t find the back of the net. Two goals within two minutes of each other from the Bees made it an uphill battle from then on but the Dragons kept their heads up showing a never die attitude.

The U12 Boys White just lost 0-1 at home to Bessingby Park. It was always going to be a tight, hotly contested match against the current League leaders. The Dragons, who are very much in the title fight in second place, had everything to play for. Bessingby found a winner and held on to the home fan’s dismay. With a game in hand and everything still to play for, the Dragons will keep their minds on the long-game.

The new U11 Boys beat St Josephs 2-1 at home. The Dragons had a tight first half with the score hanging in the balance at 1-1. The Dragons then went on to dominate after their halftime oranges to regain the initiative. As the match drew to an end a Dragons player was shown a red card and they had to survive a late onslaught by St Josephs. The Dragons goalkeeper was finally called upon to face a last minute penalty that could have potentially ruined the party – to thunderous cheers and whoops around St Marks he saved it and the Dragons had won!

The U10 Boys trained.

All Youth Girls games on Saturday were called off due to frozen and unplayable pitches.