Results W/E 4th February 2024

The Blues were awarded an automatic home win as Goan United could not raise a side.

The Old Dragonians drew 1-1 to Harrow Hive at home. This was a really competitive match between two well-matched sides. HH took the lead but the Old Ds replied midway through the second half with a move of beauty: a few passes in midfield then a defence-splitting pass put the Dragons overlapping player clear, who delivered a great cross which was found with a pinpoint header from the forward. The Old Ds nearly won the point with the last chance of the game but the HH keeper just tipped another header over the crossbar when it was destined for the net

The new U11 Girls beat Whetstone Wanderers 4-0 at home. “A great performance from every single player,” said the Manager. As simple as that.

The U13 Girls beat Denham 9-2 away. The Dragons with three hat tricks as they stormed the Denham castle and played fantastically well together. A wonderful three points to take back home.

The U14 Girls lost 0-3 to Broomwood away. This was very much a game of two halves as the Dragons couldn’t match Denham’s passing skills in the first half and conceded three goals. In the second half the Dragons regained their composure and shape to keep a clean sheet. The final score reflects rather unfairly on the Dragons.

The U15 Girls had no game.

The U16 Girls had no game.

The U18 Boys beat Football Samurai 3-1 away in the League Trophy. The result is what matters in a Cup tie and the Dragons duly delivered. A scruffy game against an opponent who the Dragons had beaten twice in the League. That said, the Dragons were complacent and thought they’d just have to turn up to win. It was only when Samurai equalised after 60 mins that the Dragons kicked into gear and 10 mins of quality football resulted in 2 goals and game over.

The U17 Boys beat Pitshanger Red 2-0 at home.  This was an odd game. Seldom have the Dragons passed so well to keep possession. There were even judicious passes backwards to catalyse attacking moves forward – a combination not hitherto always found in the Dragons repertoire.  But no goals! Finally, Pitshanger clearly felt that the Dragons exhibition football deserved some result so kindly headed the ball into their own net. The Dragons continued to dominate and eventually, towards the end,  scored without any assistance from Pitshanger. 

The U16 Boys did not play.

The U15 Boys beat local rivals Acton Ealing Whistlers 2-1 at home. The Dragons put in a massive performance to win after initially going a goal behind. The Dragons scored the winner in the last minute to take all three points to the elation of the manager, players, coach ands the massed fans. A fantastic turnaround from previous weeks.

The U14 Boys frustratingly drew 2-2 with Harrow St Marys away. It would be fair to say that the HSM organisation was not the brightest star in the footballing firmament and they were doubly hampered by the appointed referee not turning up. The Dragons were ahead by one goal twice but each time HSM drew level again. It would be indulgent to lay the lack of a win at the door of the referee – the Dragons simply were not at their best and HSM kept battling.

The U13 Boys beat Super Skills a huge 11-0 away. The result speaks for itself. The Dragons played impressively and used the time on the pitch to reestablish their self-confidence and belief. 

The U12 Boys Red beat London Eagles 3-2 at home. This was a dominant display by the Dragons from the very start – their dribbling and passing was first rate whilst the keeper put on a show with multiple acrobatic saves. It was only a couple of communication errors at the back that lead to the Eagles scoring.

The U12 Boys White beat Super Skills 3-1 at home. The Dragons had to battle hard against a very physical team. In the end, the Dragons’ supreme teamwork won the day.

The U10 Boys trained.