Results W/E 17th March 2024

Results W/E 17th March 2024

Yet again the “Wet from the West” frustrated many Dragons:

The Firsts drew 1-1 at home to PFC Victoria. This was a decent result for the Dragons all things considered. PFC Victoria are very much in the title race and the Dragons managed to give them a frustrating afternoon and could have won. They will regret the missed opportunities.

The Blues were awarded an automatic away win as London Europeans have forfeited for the season.

The Old Dragonians were awarded an automatic home win as London Samurai couldn’t raise a team. Much to the annoyance of the Dragons who were chomping at the bit to play after 4 weeks of inactivity due to the wet weather.

The new U11 Boys lost 1-3 to Wealdstone away. The Dragons lost despite taking the initiative first to lead 1-0. Muddy conditions made a messy affair.

The U12 Boys Red home game to London Athletic was postponed.

The U12 Boys White won 1-0 at home to Pro FA in the League Trophy. A great win for the Dragons to the elation of home fans. They scored the only goal and defended well to keep Pro FA out.

The U13 Boys had no scheduled game.

The U14 Boys lost 2-6 at home to London Athletic in the Group Stage of the Trophy Cup. The Dragons assumed they would win but were rudely awakened by LA. The Dragons were lucky that this was not a League Match where they are title contenders. If excuses were needed one could say that the recent string of cancelled matches, due to waterlogged pitches, was not the best preparation for the Dragons

The U15 Boys won 8-3 at Hanwell Town away in the Trophy Cup. The Dragons, after taking an early lead, conceded soon after and the game looked like it would continue in such fashion: the Dragons went 2-1 up, then Hanwell equalised again to 2-2. The Dragons reassessed and then took complete control and put in a world class, team performance to soundly regain the lead and extend it.

The U16 Boys had no scheduled game.

The U17 Boys lost to Wealdstone away in the Group Stage of the U17 Trophy Cup. Wealdstone were a good side and the combination of having not played for weeks, their goalie being ill, and some finding the location a geographical challenge, all contributed to the Dragons being outplayed – they were lucky this was not a vital League match and they could still progress beyond the Group Stage in the Cup.

The U18 Boys had no scheduled game.

The U10 Boys trained.

The new U11 Girls were awarded an automatic home win over Enfield Town.

The U13 Girls won 5-1 away at Ealing Trailfinders. The Dragons put in a huge performance and, perfectionists that they are, will be frustrated to have conceded. A stellar win on the road and a good win before the Easter break.

The U14 Girls home game to Barnet Nightingales in the Semi Final of the Cup was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U15 Girls had no scheduled game.

The U16 Girls home game to Islington Borough was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.