U14B dig deep to earn League Cup win

The U14B’s beat  Willesden Constantine 2-0 at St Marks in a gritty League Cup win. With only 11 strong the Dragons slowly wore down Constantine by staying positive and keeping shape.  The stand in goalie had a clean sheet as he played  tall and rejected surge after surge.  The first 40 minutes saw both teams creating chance after chance as the slippery pitch created surprises for both sides but all to no avail and it remained 0-0 at full time. It was on to extra time despite a reluctant referee who was desperate to earn money elsewhere. The Willesden Coach unhappily refereed the first half before losing his composure to shout at all and sundry whilst the Dragons kept focused to score. It was then the turn of the rather more calm Dragons coach to take over the referreeing. Good manners prevailed as yet again the Dragons went on to score.  Willesden came back with a furious barrage but the Dragons defence slid, nicked, and fought through assault after assault to keep Willesden from scoring. Well done in the most difficult of circumstances.