U16’s miss out in League Trophy

The U16’s lost 0-2 to Pinnstars at St Marks in the League Trophy Cup. The game had previously been awarded to the Dragons but with Pinnstars appealing to the HYFL the match had to be rearranged. The game was close with either side giving every impression of being able to win. However, a fumbled save on the goal-line followed by a quick recovery put Pinnstars in the lead to make it 0-1 at half time. Back on the pitch the Dragons tested Pinnstars’s goalie but were frustrated and a runaway goal gave Pinnstars too easy a goal. The Dragons played well to the end with one remarkable free kick almost finding the back of he net, but it wasn’t to be the Dragons day, and they gracefully conceded defeat to Pinnstars.

Match date Sunday 6th May.