Tough defeat for the U12s

The U12’s lost 0-6 against Kodak at St Marks. It was a confusing start with Kodak wearing brand-spanking-new kit, identical to the Dragons. With the referee lost in transit the Dragons coach bravely stepped forward to officiate. There was nothing to separate the teams before Kodak unleashed their secret weapon – giving the Dragons a goal kick. To quote the exasperated Dragons Manager “Of all the cynical, underhand tactics they had to resort to this. How could they be so ruthless and cold-hearted? We took the kick and they took the lead”.  The Dragons responded by playing from the back with some excellent link-up play, especially down the left-hand side. Just as the Dragons were gaining a foothold Kodak employed their secret weapon again – they gave the Dragons a goal kick and it was 2-0 to Kodak. (Editor’s note: not sure I follow the game plan here).  The second half saw more of the same with squandered chances for the Dragons and seasonal gifts for Kodak.