Firsts stay at the summit with away win

Kilburn 0 v 4 Kensington Dragons

The feeling amongst the group that the recent results that have not gone our way was down to more the sub-standard levels of performance from the collective. It would be required therefore to put this right before the momentum that the group had worked so hard to achieve would be lost and or have a negative impact on our season.

Therefore everyone crossed the line with something to prove to themselves as much as to the Manager that they are up for the season long challenge rather than just a part of it.

It would be against the free-scoring Kilburn side that on their day can hurt anybody and would require a concentrated hard working performance to gain the result.

Things started in favour of the away side as the opposition only had ten men on the pitch but Dragons failed to take advantage of this, not able to use the extra man to create good goal scoring opportunities. Soon enough the opposition were restored to a full compliment and with the greater frequency of opportunities that this created for Kilburn.

Dragons were forced to up the level of their game. Better goal scoring opportunities where now being created by Dragons and it seemed a matter of time before they would find a break through. A free kick from 25 yards out allowed Nalu Moso to line up the strike and in doing so he found his free kick sneak through the wall and past the outstretched goalkeeper to give Dragons the lead.

The game now had a nice flow from end to end but it was Dragons who still carried the greatest threat, but with all their possession at this time there was nothing incisive enough to break through the Kilburn rear-guard.

A greater level of urgency was needed about Dragons play and they started the second half off with a high tempo and a good move down the left hand side and the cross into the box made its way to Maxwell who’s low cross shot rolled into the far corner and extended the lead.

With Dragons now in control of the game substitutions could now be made with players off the bench who also wanted to make an impression and it was the two subs that combined for the third goal as the ball at Maddens feet on the edge of the box was able to square to Meremikwu and his low hard shot into the corner flew past the keeper with ease.

The only disappointment at this point in time for the Dragons was from the referee who seemingly lost control of the game and was frustrating players with his incompetence. it did not stop Dragons desire to remain focused in getting three points.

The final substitute at this point had time for his impression to be made on the game when he was found on the edge of the box and Malone had no hesitation in pulling the trigger and his shot was deflected and gave the goalkeeper no chance. A decisive performance and victory for Dragons and a good confidence boost with the home draw up next to the leaders of the division above in the cup.