Reserves come good away to Kodak

Kodak Reserves 2 v Kensington Dragons Reserves 3

1st Half

7minute: Habib pressures opponent defender, forces him to make a mistake before giving it to mario who shifts the ball to his right foot and shoots across goal, just wide.

10minute: Kodak come close to scoring, after cross in from the right hand side, drops to a Kodak player and shoots wide.

12min: Dragons receive their first corner of the game, not an effective one.

15min: GOAAAL Adam through ball in behind opposition defenders. Mario runs in behind to score with his right foot and allowing no time for the rushing out keeper to settle.

26min: Kodak receive their first corner of the game, no problems for Dragons.. power header clearance from Karris.

37min: Kodak play through ball to their right wing who is offside, ref ignores his linesman, ball is crossed in to the box and Kodak player heads it past Dragon’s keeper.

38min: Dragons Matt plays through ball to Habib who finds himself offside.

40min: Dragons give away a free kick down on the right side, ball crossed in, Kodak player hand balls it ref ignores before Dragons manage to clear it.

43min: Dragons 2nd corner of the game, straight to goalkeepers hands.

45min: Dragons Matt plays through ball once again to Habib who yet finds himself offside again.

2nd Half

46min: GOOAAALL Dragons press from kick and Kodak make a mistake from the back, Mario gets to it, has a shot, keeper makes a mess of it and is followed by Habib who taps it in to the goal.

47min: Dragons press them again, win the ball and an Adam Finch through ball to Habibi with one v one with keeper but misses it.

49min: GOAAAALL Rafal finds Mario with a super pass, Mario then lobs the keeper from outside the box. Dragons up 1-3

52min: Dragons running riot on opposition, Habib shoots from edge of the box, inches away from the post.

53min: Dragons sub Matt for Miley.

54min: Dragons on top, chance after chance.

59min: Dragons free kick, Abs crosses ball in the box, Habib can’t control and keeper collects it.

61min: Dragon Alex makes a mistake at the back, Kodak striker finds himself 1v1 with Dragons keeper Alex, Kodak striker makes a mess of his shot, easy save.

63min: sub for Dragons: Justas for Rui.

65min: Habib once again 1v1 with keeper after Miley puts him through, yet again missed it.

67min: Dragons good exchange of passes from the back, Rafal received in the middle and runs with the ball goes past 3 players then passes ball to Miley, sharp turn then shoots on goal, keeper saves it.

70min: Habib comes off for Mo.

75min: Kodak break away, 4 v 3, no problem for Dragons defence, Abs wins the ball from the back and finds his tracking midfielders.

82min: Dragons switch off. A sloppy pass cut out by Kodak player, then make the most of their 2nd and only chance of the 2nd half, Goal 2-3.

87min: Long free kick sees the ball into the box from Kodak, drops to their player who send his shot to the corner flag.

90min: GAME. Ref blows the whistle 2-3 Dragons win.

Match Report by Assistant Coach Basil.