Reserves miss their chance to go top

Kensington Dragons Reserves 1 v Fire United Christian Reserves

Kensington Dragons Reserves faced the last team in the league table at home on Saturday afternoon. Another game against a team which had been beaten by Dragons before appeared to be easy. It was a difficult experience especially when the opponents brought almost a whole new team to the pitch.  Players were sure before the kick off that it might be the most difficult game of the season and they had to put maximum effort to bring another 3 points.

Dragons came back into their original 1-4-2-3-1 line up however the squad changed just before the game as some players turned up just before kick off.  The team started very very slowly and was not able to deliver the expected quality for the first 45 minutes. It made their manager sure that it would be a very difficult game. Players didn’t realise the tactical approach and one mistake led to more mistakes across the side. One part of the team doing their job was the defence line who were strong and accurate not letting their opponents create any chances. A Jon Laycock injury made all circumstances even harder. Alvaro took his first match minutes after a 6 game ban and a 0-0 half time score gave Dragons a chance to think about a possible happy end.
At half time something had to change. Quick but true opinions and game approaches made the team come back full of hope. Unfortunately ambitions and attitude were only 2 things which the players could show over the game. A lack of football quality let the opponents take a lead after a corner kick. Dragons showed before that they never give up. Players increased the game tempo and believed they could turn the game around. A few minutes after the goal, team captain Adam Finch crossed from a free kick and Ashley’s header let Dragons back into the game. The Manger decided to send out a 2nd striker onto the pitch and Elhabib replaced Justas. It gave another option up front but unfortunately the team couldn’t take their opportunities to score. A few minutes before Gina’s whistle Adam Finch took a brilliant shot from distance but the opponent goalkeeper made his job and saved the team.

One of the worst games this season meant Kensington Dragons Reserves couldn’t go top in the league table. The players to their credit understand that there is a lot of work to do if they want to stay such a successful team as they have been before.