U15A hit 9 past Portobello

Kensington Dragons U15A 9 v 1 Rugby Portobello Trust

The team today won 9-1 in a match that saw 4 players of the opponent team sent off with red cards.

After the Dragons scored 1-0, in rapid succession a Portobello’s player was sent off on a (probably unintentional) foul, a penalty kick was assigned on another foul (which the Dragons converted to 2-0), and another player was sent off after addressing the ref with “you are a cheat!”.
Before the end of the first half another two players were sent off in two separate last man fouls.
At this point the Dragons lost motivation in getting the job properly done, probably feeling sorry for the opposition and, at the beginning of the 2nd half they conceded a goal to the opposition as our captain in central defence was busy watching a match in the pitch next to ours.

The Dragons finally pulled their act together, became more coordinated and generous in delivering the ball and closed the match at 9-1 with two hat tricks by JP and Conrad and one goal each by Shaba, Abdullah, and Harry. The score could have been even higher if the boys focussed earlier in finishing the business.

Bottom line, as Coach Gilbaut told the boys “we play by the whistle, cannot afford to feel sorry for something that we are not responsible for, and must focus on getting the business done”.

Next up away vs Forest United