Christmas Message 23rd December 2021

One way of describing the last couple of years is that at least they have been interesting.  Now, just as it looked as if we were putting Covid behind us, Omicron has struck – akin to the opposition scoring a last-minute equalizer.  It is a huge credit to Dragons everywhere that we have managed to keep going, in some form or another, right through the pandemic – donors kept donating, matches played, training sessions held etc. .  If nothing else, we are certainly resilient – it is difficult to be anything else when you have lost as many matches as we have on pitches that have seen better days. Anybody taking their first tentative steps into our world soon has resilience thrust up upon them – if they were not that way to start with. Almost surprisingly it is usually great fun and certainly engaging.  After all, what could be better than meeting at 9am on a cold, wet December morning to find one’s way to the depths of outer London, with three players late,  the goalie leaving their gloves at home etc only to come back triumphant with the sun shining. Who could ask for more?

We are going to make great strides next year and by 2023 we will be the talk of the footballing world. We will make history no less.

The days have started getting longer and it will not be long before the sunlit uplands of spring will be with us and hopefully Covid will have retired hurt – or at least penned in by vaccines.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everybody

Best wishes