Donation appeal


The Dragons do not charge to play football – contributions are voluntary and the coaches do not know who has paid. Players are treated the same regardless of whether they have contributed thousands or nothing. The rest of the world is rather crueller and we have to pay for pitch hire; equipment; ref’s fees, coaches’ expenses; kit etc etc. Training and matches etc cost over £100,000/year or around £250/player/season. We rely on voluntary donations, grants, sponsorship and in particular our small group of anonymous Patrons. Please, especially if you are a player, or a parent of a player, contribute by clicking on the Donate Button below. Your reward will not only be in heaven as you will also secure an invitation to the Annual Supporters Party on Tuesday 28 February. For those who are able to make a substantial donation and join the small group of anonymous Patrons please get in touch – the Patrons Dinner is on the 14th March. Please click the DONATE button.