Results W/E 13 October 2019

New Arrival: Leaving no stone unturned to improve performance our First Team coach’s wife, Beata, has delivered a new Dragon named Marcel. Marcin reports “He is a happy little dude”.  It was rain, rain, rain as the Dragons dodged the rain drops:

The New U11 Boys improved fantastically to lose against ProFA at home as they scored their first ever goals. This was the Dragons only second ever match, but they are quick learners and it was a real contest with the defence more organised and the offence getting into their stride. A long way to go but the shocking first ever 15 minutes of last week is even now receding into history.

The New U11 Girls played Actonians at home. There was a stressful start as the Park Keeper could not open the door behind which lay the vital goal nets. Finally a set of huge, aging nets was found to wrap around the goal posts.  The talented Actonians controlled the ball for much of the first stanza, testing the Dragon defences to force their goal keeper to turn away several shots from point blank range. As the Actonians took a comfortable lead the new Powerplay Rule came into force, and inspired by the half time pep talk, the Dragons went on the attack, but despite rattling the woodwork they ended a few goals short.

The U12 Boys just lost 1-3 to ProFA at home. The Dragons are turning the footballing corner.  Despite missing 4 key players they had a much-improved game.  Showing commitment and energy the Dragons fought to the end with the game decided by small errors.  As they adapt to being promoted the Dragons are following much the same pattern as last season, with the gap closing week by week.

The U12 Girls just lost 4-5 away to Wealdstone FC.  The Dragons started well to score first and then again shortly after. A third goal was scored after a run from the half way line and it appeared that the Dragons were on fire as they lead 4-1 at the break. Unfortunately, as the second half progressed it became clear that only having 8 players was taking its toll as the Dragons tired, allowing Wealdstone to score 4 goals.  Overall however this was a great Dragons performance. 

The U13 Boys beat Brentham 6-3 away. On a weekend of rain, the Dragons started well to grab two goals. As the 2nd half started the next goal, from either side, was going to determine the game. It was the Dragons who scored the vital goal which then led to more goals to add to their tally. Overall this was a Dragons excellent performance with a lot more to come. As the Manager said at the post match press conference “Keep on working Dragons

The U14 Boys lost 1-3 at home against their nemesis, league winners Hanwell. The Dragons conceded an early penalty to go down 0-1 at halftime. Frustratingly after applying most of the pressure at the start of the second half, Hanwell capitalised on a long ball over the Dragons defence to go up 0-2.  More pressure and some desperate defence gave the Dragons a free kick just outside the box which was converted with an incredible curling shot into the top corner of the goal.  The Dragons pushed for the equaliser but through extending themselves, allowed in a 3rd goal to end the match 1-3.  

The U14 Girls lost away against Sporting Duet.  The Dragons are progressing and scored one goal in each half, but Duet were stronger. The Dragons squad is getting bigger and the challenge is now to keep building the girls’ confidence as they meld into a cohesive team.

The U16s lost to Wealdstone away in the Middlesex Cup. Although the Dragons lost, they really are amongst the best in the division. The Dragons started badly, letting in 3 goals in the first 15 minutes, which led fans to think this might be a  long match. But as the rain descended, and another cheap goal went in, a single tackle changed the game. The Dragons new signing was not going to accept defeat and pulled off a sliding tackle that wrested control back from Wealdstone. His grit was infectious and at half time the Dragons were 0-4 down but with their fire was up. The Dragons then forced Wealdstone to defend, defend, defend as they finished 2-4 “bloodied but unbowed”. As the poetry loving Manager opined:  “We know now that we are ‘Masters if our Fate, Captains of our Soul’!” 

The U17 Reds had no match as Western Ballers gave the Dragons a Walkover in the Middlesex Cup.

The U17 Whites at home drew at full time and then lost in extra time to Whetstone Wanderers in the Middlesex Cup. A great Dragons performance up to the end of normal time with lots of positives to take forward into next week.

The Firsts lost to Pitshanger 1-4 at home whilst their coach became a father for the first time. Congratulations!

 The Reserves lost 1-6 to Ickenham despite being in control of the game. The Dragons controlled the ball well, in line with recent coaching sessions, to create chances but missed a penalty before being denied another clear penalty and then have a good goal disallowed!  Very frustrating. Ickenham scored from 6 individual mistakes. 

The U10s trained as they prepare to be entered in the League