Results W/E 18th December 2022

In short there were none. The pitches came tantalising close to be useable as the weather warmed but it was not to be. Frozen pitches were not the problem in Doha as the World Cup Final went from being an inevitable win for Argentina to the most exciting of matches with France coming from behind to give the spectators their money’s worth. Such was the excitement that some have even compared it to the Dragons U12 Girls beating Acton Ealing Whistlers 5-4 in the Middlesex Cup back in November.

The Dragons are in good shape as we head into 2023. We continue however to rely on voluntary donations and fundraising so that everybody can join in. It cost at least £250/player per season so if you can help please do so. We will be having our SUPPORTERS PARTY in February for those who donate £250 or more and then our PATRONS DINNER in March so there is much to look forward to – the reward will not just be in heaven. Just click on the DONATE button.

Happy Christmas if such felicitations are not too early