Results W/E 20th November 2022

This was an excellent weekend with the Dragons mostly winning, lead by the Firsts and the U12 Girls who won the most thrilling of matches.

The Firsts beat AVA 4-1 away. A much better performance this week with the Dragons clinical in front of goal. The cherry on top would have been a clean sheet but the Coaches were none the less broadly happy.

The Blues beat Indian Gymkhana 3-2 at home. This was another stupendous result for the Dragons playing a side a league above. They worked tirelessly for the win and were well rewarded.

The Old Dragonians played their part in another thriller, but sadly lost 4-8 to Larkspur Rovers at home. Despite leading 3 times, and the game on a knife edge at 4 apiece, The Dragons had a poor last 20 minutes conceding a further 4 goals in quick succession.

The Under 17 Boys narrowly lost 2-3 to Hanwell Town away. Playing on a 3G pitch, the Dragons superior technical skills were on show after a brilliant second goal by the Dragons winger to lead 2-1 by the break – but Oh, how quickly a match can turn! A simple defensive error and a penalty left the Dragons pointless – but the positives are starting to come through.

The Under 16 Boys beat London Athletic 10-2 at home. This resounding win takes the Dragons three points clear at the top of the table. It was unfortunate that complacency crept in to concede two goals in the second half.

The Under 15 Boys beat London Athletic 5-1 at home. The Dragons were on fire and were in total control from start to finish. Good communication and accurate passing throughout culminated in a solid win.

The Under 14 Boys beat the current league Titans 5-2 away. The Dragons remain undefeated and this level of concentration and effort will surely keep them in the title race.

The Under 13 Boys drew 1-1 to London Athletic away. This was again a much better performance from the week before. The Dragons did most of the attacking and should really have won the encounter.

The Under 12 Boys beat Football Samurai 8-0 at home. The Dragons dominated from the start against Football Samurai who lacked players again for the return game. Teams are beginning to lack confidence against this superb Dragons side.

The new Under 11 Boys won an automatic three points after Kodak forfeited.

The Under 12 Girls beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 5-4 at home in the Middlx Cup. In a huge win for the Dragons, the game was a 9-goal thriller, a box-to-box display of ups and downs against local rivals AEW.

The Under 13 Girls played a friendly against Aspire.

The Under 14 Girls lost at home to St Albans City in the Middlx Cup. On this occasion, the Dragons were on the receiving end of a footballing masterclass by a very technical side. The Dragons will no doubt bounce back.

The Under 15 Girls won 2-1 away to Omnia in the Middlx Cup. This was yet another example of the Dragons’ fighting spirit who played extraordinarily as a team, communicating well and working hard.

The Under 17 Girls had their game postponed.

The Under 10s trained in preparation for entering the League.