Results W/E 21st November 2021

Last weekend marked the launch of FA Play Safe in support of the National Safeguarding weekend. Please take a moment to look: . Now to the Dragons action:

The Old Dragonians drew 1-1 at home to Inter SFC. In a hard-fought game, where chances were few and far between, a moment of brilliance from a Dragons centre half caused mass celebration. The ODs went a goal down just before half time but started the second half with renewed vigour. Midway through, the Dragons centre half picked up the ball, moved into Inter’s half, and unleashed a thunderbolt from 40 yards out that whistled into Inter’s net. Cue pitch invasion…

The Blues lost 2-4 away to FC Irish of London. A difficult day for the Blues was made harder with no appointed referee and an experienced opposition who used their supporter’s noise to great effect. The game was evenly contested but key moments were won by the Irish which ultimately led to them taking the points. On a positive note, the ODs debutants had excellent games.

The Firsts just lost 2-3 to AVA at home. Regardless, the coach said it was “a top performance from the Dragons ” who played very well with no subs or natural goalkeeper. The Dragons created lots of chances but eventually the short squad proved costly. A game to build on before the Xmas break.

The U16 Girls lost at home to Barnet Nightingales. The game was always going to be tough with both Dragon’s keepers unavailable against a top team. Nevertheless, the Dragons played with pace and tenacity, hitting the woodwork early on. After going one down before half time, the Dragons started the second half with focus and hit the crossbar! But Barnet again found a way through and kept their own clean sheet. The coach is certain the Dragons will win when they next meet.

The U14 Girls had no game.

The U13 Girls lost at home in the Cup to Enfield Town. A tough game for the Dragons against an U14 team, meaning not only older girls but an increased 11-a-side contest. The Dragons did not let this phase them and fought hard to the bitter end in good spirits, persisting in true Dragon fashion. It is back to the League where they sit almost top table.

The U12 Girls beat Ickenham 1-0 at home. An excellent match with Ickenham proving to be a strong, powerful side. The Dragons held their nerve and at HT it remained 0-0 despite many thwarted attempts on Ickenham’s goal. Finally, persistence paid off with a second half goal. The manager reckons it was “one of the best matches so far” for the Dragons who found a piece of magic to win.

The new U11 Girls lost to Hendon away. It must be said that the Hendon girls were huge and resorted to knocking the more skilful Dragons over, almost at will. The Dragons sorely missed those teammates who were absent. It is a sign of the developing maturity of the Dragons that they were disappointed with the result – having experienced the fun of winning last week they did not enjoy being brought back to earth. There is no getting away from the fact that oppositions will always want to win!

The U18 Boys were beaten at home by Headstone Manor. The Dragons scored three times in an enjoyable game against long term rivals. But after being reduced by injury from a full 11 the Dragons couldn’t withstand their rivals who triumphed this time round.

The U16 Boys lost 0-2 to Hanwell Town at home in a tight game. The Dragons faced a well-organised defence and a goal line block by the Dragons right back kept the first half goalless. Possession and shots were evenly split for most of the game, but Hanwell’s attackers were clinical and put two half-chances away. The Dragons were again reminded of the importance of finishing but can be proud of their defensive efforts.

The U15 Boys drew 3-3 away to Ickenham Youth. Going into the match both teams were equal on points and tied second in the league. Despite Ickenham having a few very good players, including their goalie, it was the Dragons who created more scoring chances. Inevitably this led to goals – the Dragons drew ahead to 3-1 and should have then won the match. Unfortunately, a combination of very good play by Ickenham and defensive mistakes led to them clawing back two goals. The home rematch will be interesting.

The U14 Boys lost on the road to Pinnstars. On probably the biggest sloping pitch in the League, the home side took the high ground in the first half and inevitably used the advantage to net twice. Fortunes should have changed when playing downhill in the second half, but hope was soon dispelled when goal number three went in for Pinnstars. The Dragons will relish the rematch on level soil!

The U13 Boys were beaten 1-3 by Wealdstone away. It was a day where the Dragons were simply not on fire going forward. The defence played well, but further up the field the Dragons couldn’t find their usual performance levels. After going into halftime 0-2 down, the second half saw the Dragons get back into the game via a superbly skilful finish to halve Wealstone’s lead. Alas, on another day the Dragons would have comeback in style but many positives are still to be taken.

The U12 Boys drew 2-2 to Brook House at home. Like the Old Ds, the Dragons found themselves behind until the dying moments when they broke BH’s defensive line, and a defender shoved the Dragon attacker over. They were duly awarded a penalty that was kicked, saved, but still bobbled over the line. Rejoice! One point saved.

The new U11 Boys lost at home to Pinnstars. The new squad played well but couldn’t find the magic spark in the final third to match their opponent’s goals. Still, the squad train hard every Saturday and that peak performance level is in sight!

The U10 Boys trained.