Results W/E 23rd October 2022

An exciting week but with fewer games due to half term:

The Firsts drew 2-2 with Sarratt away in the Anagram Cup and then lost on penalties. The Dragons dominated to lead 2-2 and then hit the post rather than make it an unassailable 3-0.  Sarratt proceeded to attack with energy and venom but only created two opportunities – both of which went in to make it 2-2. The Dragons came back with a rush only to hit the post another 4 times and leave it 2-2 at the final whistle. Penalties are not a favourite occupation for the Dragons and so it proved again. This was a most exciting match with the Dragons by far the better side but they lost. Character building.   The Blues beat Kick X 2-0 in Round 2 of the Middlesex Cup at home. The Dragons played mostly good football and it was a joy to see them working on some of the mistakes they had been making in the past. A cheering result.

The Old Dragonians were beaten 0-2 by Northwood Stags at home. A thoroughly entertaining game was played on the rain swept Scrubs between two good footballing sides. The bounce of the ball went against the Old Ds to give the Stags a 2-nil victory, but the Dragons were satisfied with a decent performance.

The U11 Boys played the U12 Boys at home as neither had a match. The U12s are now of course gnarled veterans and were prepared to give their younger friends a lesson in competitive football. The U11s are however a feisty lot and gave as good as they mostly got. To save the U12s their blushes the U11s eventually let in more goals than politeness strictly dictated to allow the U12s a sound win.

The U13 Boys lost in the last minute 1-2 to Headstone Manor at home. The Dragons scored first but eventually Headstone pulled back and then it was a tense competitive affair with the Dragons making much of the running. The match was great fun to watch and both sides gave it their all. Headstone got a lucky, decisive goal at the end, but a draw would have been a fairer result.

The U14 Boys away game to Acton Ealing Whistlers was postponed.

The U15 Boys narrowly lost 3-4 to LPOSSA away. What a game! – it was the best the Dragons have played so far this season. Against last year’s League winner, and without their regular keeper, the Dragons kept fighting but just couldn’t get the equaliser. The final whistle came too soon!

The U16 Boys beat Elite London 1-0 at home. In many ways this was an extraordinary match. The Dragons scored in the first eight seconds to possibly break the record for a quick score. And that was it. Both sides battled and battled and battled but neither could score again. The Dragons came closest with a penalty towards the end but alas the goal posts suddenly shrunk as the ball hurtled towards it to go over the top.  This was a very well-deserved win.

The U17 Boys were beaten at home to London Tigers. Still chasing a win in the very competitive top tier, the Dragons under their excellent coaching team will keep grinding through the gears to improve.

All five Girls teams trained with no matches scheduled.

The U10s trained in preparation for entering the League.