Results W/E 24th September 2023

This last weekend saw all the start of all the Leagues which lead to the frenetic registration of hundreds of players by the deadline. As one sunk back for one’s well earnt rest one assumed that other clubs would sail through the challenge with hardly a murmur. One would be wrong! Come Sunday we were besieged by other clubs letting us down as they shamefacedly confessed to missing the deadline and having to default their matches. Grateful though the average Dragon is to rack up 3 points we would rather play football:  

The Firsts lost to Slough Town at home in the Premier Division Cup. This was a tight match until the last 15 minutes when, almost inexplicably, the Dragons defence decided to take the rest of the afternoon off with predictable results.

The Blues had no game.

The Old Dragonians drew 4-4 to WOW RDM FC at home in an eight-goal belter. A great improvement on last week’s performance saw the Old Ds dominate for 70 mins, playing some outstanding football and extending their lead to 4-0, before allowing WOW  to scramble back in.

The U14 Girls beat Barnet Nightingales 1-0 away. The Dragon’s winning goal was a corker and came in the first half from a free kick. The result could then have gone either way. This was a brilliant start for the newly promoted Dragons. 

The U16 Girls lost narrowly 3-4 to Barnet Nightingales at home. Due to some early season admin issues, both sides agreed to make the fixture a friendly – but in name only. The match was ferocious and well-contested, with plenty of goals to delight the crowd.

The U11, U13 and U15 Girls had no matches.

The U11 Boys trained in preparation for their first match.

The U12 Boys were awarded an automatic home win against Harrow St Marys who could not field a team – tut tut!

The U13 Boys thrashed Super Skills 13-2 at home. The Manager’s match report wisely put a cap on any over enthusiasm by simply stating “a good start to the year in the new 11-a-side format.” A fantastic result for the Dragons but with more tests ominously ahead.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U15 Boys lost 3-6 away to TAP. In their first game since promotion, the Dragons faced one of the strongest in the new division. A tough battle commenced and, despite losing, the Dragons can rest knowing they held their own – including scoring an already goal-of-the-season contender.

The U16 Boys were awarded an automatic home win against Pinnstars who could field a team – tut tut!

The U17 Boys were awarded an automatic home win against Headstone Manor who could not field a team – tut tut!

The U18 Boys had no match.

The U10s trained with the new U11 boys.