Update W/E 25 September 2022

The Season has well and truly started with only the Under 11 Boys to left to have their first match.

The U12 Boys walloped London Eagles 7-2 at home in their first League match. Put simply by the Manager, “a first victory in a long time.” The squad basked in the sunlight enjoying the moment.

The U13 Boys were beaten away by Magic Youth. In the first game of the season, the Dragons battled on against some of the biggest 12 year olds to grace a football pitch and kept playing to the end. It is now back to the training ground in preparation for the next match.

The U14 Boys beat Hanwell Town 4-0 away in their first game of the season. The Dragons went 1-0 up after 10 minutes and held onto the lead until the break.  The second half started as intensely as the first with the Dragons doubling their lead. A penalty in the closing stages and two more away goals left the Dragons firmly in the lead. The Manager lauded a “very good start to the season and a wonderful performance.

The U15 Boys beat Southall Athletic 4-1 away. This was a tremendous result and great credit must be given to the whole squad for not only finding their way to the away ground but winning when thy got there.

The U16 Boys were awarded their match as Pro FA could not raise a team. Instead, the Dragons played a hard pressed, competitive friendly against a higher placed Pro FA Team to the advantage of both.

The U17 Boys lost 0-3 away at St Josephs. In a tough draw to start the season playing one of the Premier Division’s top sides, the Dragons showed grit and determination to make it 0-0 at half time. The pressure ramped up in the second half and the Dragons wilted ever so slightly to let the ruthless St Josephs take advantage.

The U12 Girls just lost 1-2 away to Most Wanted Elite. The Dragons showed great passion to overcome many challenges throughout the game. The comeback was almost complete but alas their amazing free kick just hit the post and the subsequent volley was only whiskers wide.

The U13 Girls won 2-0 at home to Enfield Town. The Dragons played extremely well and enjoyed a whopping 75% of the possession – yet the bountiful shots on target came to no avail in the first half. The Dragons made amends in the second to finish two goals up with a clean sheet.

The U14 Girls won 4-2 at home against Kinja. The Dragons were in good form and started the season with a strong win.

The U15 Girls just lost 2-3 away to Barnet Nightingales. The Dragons put up a serious battle, making themselves and the Club proud! Despite the Dragons creating opportunities Barnet managed to thwart them one way or another. The Dragons showed great resilience and belief that will surely see them succeed as a team.

The U17 Girls were beaten 3-5 by Highbury Rangers at home. The Dragons shot themselves in the foot from the beginning as 4 players entered the field with no shin pads which lead to the match starting with 8 Dragons and after 15 mins they were 2 nil down. Despite a valiant comeback there was no time to overcome the initial wobble – the Dragons won’t make the same mistake again!

The Firsts narrowly lost 0-1 at home to League Leaders Indian Gymkhana. A disappointing result but an entertaining end-to-end game. The Dragons had the better chances but couldn’t convert and unfortunately gave the opposition a penalty which decided the contest.

The Blues had no game.

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost their first game of the season 2-3 to Newton Town away. Despite a promising performance, and being ahead twice, the Dragons succumbed to three set piece goals.