Results W/E 30th April 2023

A decidedly mixed weekend as the sun shone:

The Firsts drew 2-2 to Stonewall away. An away draw would be regarded by some as a reasonable result but the Dragons were not happy with their performance and think this was a match they could have won.

The Blues beat Acton Ealing Whistlers 2-1 to at home. The Dragons have improved markedly during the season. At the start there were many near misses, and even thumping losses, but more recently it has been a string of wins.      

The Old Dragonians lost to Larkspur Rovers away.

The U17 Boys did not play.

The U16 Boys lost to Celtic in the League Trophy. The Dragons experience of triumphing against the odds in their earlier momentous League Title Play Off had knocked the physiological stuffing out of the team. Celtic had also won their League title but in a higher division but were not so good that the Dragons could not match them on a good day. Finally, with only 10 men left on the field,  the Dragons sprung into action to score twice – time will tell if that will be enough to go through to the semi finals on goal difference.

The U15 Boys had no match.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U13 Boys lost 1-4 to Headstone Manor in the League Trophy. This was the first time the Dragons had played on the LCS centre pitch and it certainly felt a lot larger than their customary St Marks. This was an even match for much of the time with the Dragons playing their best in the last quarter. It is always frustrating when superb shots by a Dragon sail over the bar or wide by a whisker but that is a footballer’s life.

The U12 Boys lost to FPF at home in the League Cup. This was rather a rude awakening from the Dragons who were a trifle shocked at FPF’s scoring machine. The goal of the match must however be awarded to the Dragons

The U11 Boys had no match.

The U10 Boys trained in preparation for entering the League.

The U17 Girls lost against Actonians in a double header at home.  The main beneficiary of double headers appears to be the referees who earn a double fee. The Dragons ran themselves into the ground in the sun and did better in the second session as compared to the first.  

The U15 Girls drew 1-1 (1-1 and 0-0) in a double header to Barnet Nightingales away. Not the result the Dragons wanted but they kept fighting and managed a clean sheet in the second leg.

The U14 Girls won 3-2 (2-1 and 1-1) in a double header to Most Wanted at home. The Dragons won every battle and generally put in a solid performance in the first match but tired legs from both sides lead to them sharing the points in the second –  a fair result.

The U13 Girls No Match

The U12 Girls lost at home to Aspire . This was a tough match as even the most devoted Dragons fan would have to say that Aspire were a better side. Still the sun shone.