Results W/E 5th November 2023

Rain and storms battered the Dragons all week into Saturday before receding to allow many matches to proceed:

The Firsts’ League match v Slough Town was called off due to a waterlogged pitch. 

The Blues match against Acton Ealing Whistlers was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

The Old Dragonians beat AFC Heathrow 7-0 away. This was a dominant Dragons performance from start to finish with seven goals, including a hatrick for the Dragons’ forward and a clean sheet. Job done with all the hard work in training now paying off.

The U18 Boys Cup match against Norseman was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

The U17 Boys lost to Omnia Gold U18s at home in the Middlesex FA Youth Cup. The Dragons had a reduced squad whilst Omnia were effectively an adult team, with the added advantage of hailing from Enfield – never a happy place for the Dragons in Cup matches. The Dragons held Omnia to 0-0 at half time. On the return however Omnia scored twice whilst the Dragons were tying up their bootlaces. Rather than cave in, the Dragons pressed and pressed but the Omnia defence was rock solid and inevitably they scored breakaway goals.

The U16 Boys lost to Northwood EJA away. The opposition were all tall, strong, fit and well drilled. Even so the Dragons started off positively and held their own. Unfortunately, as the Dragons’ energy levels dipped the goals started to go in, and to be brutally honest Northwood dominated the second half. However, this Dragons team lost the first round of the cup last year but ended up winning the group so it is not over yet.

The U15 Boys away game to Challenger was abandoned.

The U14 Boys lost 2-4 away against Acton Ealing Whistlers in the Middlesex FA Youth Trophy. The Dragons were generally a little below par and realised later that this was a match they could have won.

The U13 Boys beat Singh Sabha 6-0 at home. A stellar performance with their first goalkeeper back in action. After drawing 2-2 to the very same team last week, the experience of having a full squad made the Manager exclaim, “What a difference!”

The U12 Boys Reds beat Go Stars 7-1 away in the Middlesex FA Youth Trophy. A brilliant performance from the Dragons in this cup match, coming back from 0-1 down to 1-1 by half time, to then completely dominate the second half to score another six goals.

The U12 Boys White beat Super Skills 3-1 away. A great result away from home for the Dragons which brings them three points away from the top spot and secures their title chase.

The new U11 Boys lost 1-3 away to Wealdstone. This was a competitive match with the Dragons mostly holding their own against a more experienced side.

The U10 Boys trained.

All Girls’ matches were called off on Saturday due to a spate of waterlogged pitches across London.