Results W/E 9th October 2022

This was a mixed week for the Dragons with the Firsts holding their own leaving the younger teams to bang in the goals.

The Firsts drew 1-1 at home to Kodak. The Dragons were rather disappointed to draw rather than build on their momentum from last week’s Cup win. They fought well for the point and will practice spot kicks to make sure they bag more points going forward.

The Blues narrowly lost 2-4 away to India Gymkhana. Despite losing on the road, the Dragons proved to themselves they can create chances and finish them. Plenty more of the season to come.

The Old Dragonians narrowly lost to Cricklewood FC 1-2 at home in the Middlesex Cup. The Dragons were made to rue missed chances after going 1-0 up early in the tie as their speedy forwards terrorised Cricklewood’s back line. Cricklewood then changed tactics and effectively “parked the bus” to thwart the Dragons attacking threat, whilst pouncing on the break to steal the tie.

The U12 Girls won 3-0 away at Aspire Warriors. What a performance the Dragons put in. Training is paying off with a win that shows how the team is taking shape, using the whole pitch, holding their positions, and working together.

The U13 Girls beat Limehouse 4-1 at home. A well-paced game from the Dragons who mounted increasing pressure on Limehouse’s goal to create lots of opportunities.

The U14 Girls were beaten 1-4 away at Most Wanted. Both teams were evenly matched in the first half, going toe-to-toe for most of the game with goals coming against the run of play. The Dragons gave it their all and worked hard as a unit..

The U15 Girls narrowly lost 3-5 away at Islington. Despite losing, the Dragons showed great effort and fighting spirit. The Dragons were not outplayed by the opposition but outrun – spare a thought for this squad about to put through fitness drills in training.

The Under 17 Girls had no match.

The U11 Boys beat LLJ 3 – 2 at home in a terrific game. This was a hard-fought match for the Dragons in their second only ever game – they are quick learners. LLJ never gave up and almost added to their tally of gaols but for the Dragons goalie saving from a one on one. All three goals were reportedly scored by one Dragon who has in the past habitually lurked in defence.  

The U12 Boys won 12-1 away at Southall Athletic. Another great victory for the Dragons who are racking up a serious number of goals. Great team spirit.

The U13 Boys were beaten 3-5 at home by Pitshanger. The Dragons put in a mighty and hearty performance against the unbeaten Pitshanger. Scoring three goals would usually win you three points – alas, the Dragons succumbed to more.

The U14 Boys had no match.

The U15 Boys lost 2-8 away to Elite London. The Dragons started brilliantly and went into the break 2-1 up. Unfortunately, a quickly conceded penalty in the first minute of the second half opened the floodgates in the wrong direction.

The U16 Boys were beaten 2-4 at home to Hillingdon Abbots. The Dragons largely dominated play in both halves and were leading 2-0 early on with the vast majority of possession but had their pockets picked on the counterattack twice before half time. The Dragons will rue the squandered chances and need to take their opportunities to score, as demonstrated twice more by the opposition. 

The U17 Boys just lost 2-4 at home to Wealdstone. The first 5 mins of the match and the final 5 minutes saw two incredible strikes from the Dragons midfielder for the home team’s two goals. Unfortunately, the middle 80 minutes saw Wealdstone put in four well worked goals with multiple breaks through the Dragons defence. More work to do.