Update 13 August 2022

I am sure you are enjoying putting your footballing feet up in this heat, but we thought it would help to put some dates in our footballing diaries:

  • The Senior Teams have been training over the summer and look forward to their matches which start before the those of the Youth teams
  • Our Youth training and match pitches are booked from the first week in September
  • We will have a Full Youth Council Meeting, followed by a Reception, for Managers, Coaches, and Officers on Tuesday 13 September
  • The CGL matches for the girls start on Saturday 17 September
  • The HYFL matches for the boys start on Sunday 25 September

During the first couple of weeks in September we will use the match pitches to play other Dragons sides to get into peak condition for the first competitive matches.

Inevitably there will be some kerfuffle as we dust off our somnolent soccer selves but very quickly we will be surging ahead. 

This will be a very exciting season for reasons which will become apparent as it progresses.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer.