Update 26th March 2021

Last Dragons Zoom “Fitness Sessions For All During Lockdown” this Saturday at  9.30am. To join, click on the link at 9.25am  https://zoom.us/j/93010985110?pwd=TDRZLyswaU9ySGF4L1RXbmZpcFNnZz09    . This is your last chance to join in – you will be glad you did. The session starts at 9.30am sharp and will last 45 minutes.

Restart of Football Training and Matches:

We restart the much interrupted 2020/21 Season from this coming Monday 29th March, with the season extended to the end of June.  The Managers and Coaches of each team will contact their players to let them know the plan.  

Next Coaches’ Conference – Set for 27 April:

The next topic will be “Technical Principles for Young Goalkeepers” . There remains a national shortage of goalies so this is a very important topic. By the time of the Conference our goalies will have let in a few goals, but hopefully saved more, and be keen to learn techniques from their coaches to improve their performance.

Best wishes