Update W/E 13th June 2022

Our End of Season Presentations, Tournament and BBQ on Sunday were an absolute triumph of ambition over organisation.  

The Youth Tournament matches started on the near dot of 10am with teams playing three matches each against other Dragons teams.  Of particlualr note was the U10 Boys against the U11 Girls. The boys rather swaggered onto the pitch only to find the ruthless Girls push them aside to calmly score.  All the Dragons youth teams turned up in force and it was joy to watch the good natured but competitive matches  

The Presentations started 6 minutes late but a sharp increase in pace towards the middle kept the schedule to time. As the players bounced up to the podium near professional volunteer photographers recorded each presentation. There was no sign of attention flagging in the crowded room as tension mounted in anticipation of the coveted Players’ Player awards being revealed. There was near total silence as the Returning Officer strode into the packed hall to hand over the prized envelopes containing the names of the players who had received most votes from their teammates.  There was then a deafening crescendo as each name was revealed.  Finally the new Social Media Champions Awards were announced before the Dragons chant to end the Presentations.  

The BBQ was a massive success. The Mystery Chef was revealed as non other than Pepe who is known throughout the London Hotel five-star culinary world as a chef of distinction.  A particular highlight were the delicious, delectable hamburgers which one French epicurean described as “the best I have ever eaten” – praise indeed.  

The Senior Matches were great fun. With teams made up from players in their peak to others whose peak may have slipped a little the competition was fierce. It was a delight to see some of the Club’s superbly gifted First Team players marvel at the skills of supposedly retired players who clearly had not forgotten all they had learned. Added to the excitement was an All Stars Match with youth players mixing with the Coaches to take on all comers.    

All in all, it was a great day out which was made possible only by the Dragons working together as one huge team.