A light U14B lose away to TFA Totteridge

TFA Totteridge 2 v 0 Kensington Dragons U14B

The Dragons 14B Played against a strong, bearded team of players from Totteridge.  Fielding essentially 11 strong, the Dragons played like Spartans despite their light numbers.

Newcomers Liam Fribley and Ali Mattawa played extremely well blending into the existing team and bringing some welcome energy to the squad.  TFA drew first blood with a short toe punch past Miles O’Reilly who was caught in no mans land. The Dragons began to play well moving the ball across the pitch and came close to equalising a number of times.  Jack Ryan again caused his marker problems as he regularly sprinted past to attack goal.  Will Fox anchored the center of the pitch well and distributed the ball despite being pulled down repeatedly after the play had moved on.  The second half was a one sided affair as John Carrefiell proved to be up to the task of marking a new player who was seen last year playing in the FA Cup qualifiers for QPR.  Carrefiell enjoyed stifling the dancing Ronaldo pretender.  A second goal from Totteridge took some of the ambition out of the Dragons but Captain Will Fox picked his team up with aggressive play, quality passing and unrelenting energy.

The Dragons are a full squad away from being a force to reckoned with.