Results Round-Up 10 February 2012

A wet week dribbled into a damp weekend and many games were called off:

The Firsts beat C.B Hounslow 6-1 at home in the Quarter Final of the Middlesex County Cup.

The Reserves drew 3-3 at home to Sporting Hackney. With a weakened squad the Dragons needed to produce their best and the early signs were they would rise to the challenge. A frantic first half began with the Dragons pulling ahead to 2-0 only to make errors and concede before then scoring again to make it 3-2 at halftime. The Dragons dominated the second half before the sucker punch came from a loose pass from defence being miss controlled and Hackney pounced to make it 3-3 which is where the score stayed despite the Dragons best efforts.

The U17’s beat Hillingdon Borough 6-3 theoretically away but actually at Birbeck. Despite the biting wind and horizontal rain the Dragons opened the play with a lovely early goal slotted in by the right wing which was soon followed by a converted penalty. With Hillingdon becoming increasingly frustrated in the heavy rain they conceded another penalty before pulling back a goal to make it 3-1 at half time. Back on the pitch the weather had deteriorated even further and it was difficult to move about the pitch and the ball stuck when kicked. Not deterred the Dragons spirits remained high and they scored again and then again. Hillingdon plugged away to score twice but were finally thwarted by the final Dragons goal to leave it 6-3.

The U15’s lost 3-4 to Belmont away whilst playing magnificently. Finally the Dragons began to show what they are capable of and controlled the game playing thrilling football on a muddy pitch. With the Dragons deservedly winning 3-1 Belmont were effectively given the game when the Dragons goalie collided with their striker and had to leave the pitch. Belmont showed no compassion and quickly scored twice before the Dragons goalie returned. The Dragons were awarded a penalty to win the match minutes from the end but in sporting gesture booted the ball over the cross bar and then let Belmont score to win. Life is cruel and football crueller.

The U14 Eagles drew 1-1 with Heathrow. To quote “It was a day of what ifs and might-have-beens: what if just one of our many rasping shots had hit home? What if our defender had not slipped in the mud to gift them an early goal? What if our mighty captain’s last second header had struck the inside rather than the outside of the post? And what if the Dragons management had called the game off instead of forging bravely ahead on that cold, wet, fateful February morning? For such is the fine finesse of our game nowadays that a dodgy pitch will always favour our opponents and hit us hardest. We equalised soon after Heathrow’s surprise opener, and for the rest of the game we pushed and passed and ran and trudged and even, in one stunning passage of free-flowing improvisation, recalled the penalty-box ballet of George Best’s famous strike for the San Jose Earthquakes back in 1981 Except of course that our finish cleared the bar. And the only trembling here was from the spectators as the quagmire did its best to suck all quality from the game. With ten minutes to go the ball burst and along with it, our hopes. So when, with the whistle in the referee’s lips, that final rising header skinned the post we all knew which way the ball would fall. It is true we needed to take our chances. But we also need to take some heart: for the roaring cheer from the away support, management and players that exploded at the final whistle spoke volumes for our growing reputation. Heathrow had stolen a point from the mighty Eagles. For us it was two valuable points lost, but a whole lot of mighty pride maintained.”

All other games were called off due to waterlogged pitches