KDFC U15 Eagles

U15B need their whole squad to pull together

Willesden Constantine 5 v 1 Kensington Dragons U15B

The floods of February may have floored us, but the rising tides of March had seen our rocky spirits lift. A second place finish now seemed once more within our grasp. Until this Sunday, of course. Already shorn of players, including our leading striker, we lost another key mid-fielder to a last-minute no-show. And despite our recent heroics when, outnumbered, our plucky few had penned legends in the West London clay, we knew the mighty Constantine would prove a different prospect.

An old foe with whom we have tussled, unfruitfully, on many an occasion, Willesden are a more than willing side. Our ten men were never going to be enough. Two goals shipped in the opening five seemed to sink us and while, of course, we fought and passed and probed and crafted highly polished chances we were simply too wasteful when it counted. So 5-1 it was. The defeat still sharply stings. Can our enormous promise deliver as we enter the season’s unforgiving end-game?