KDFC U15 Eagles

U15B seek teeth for Christmas

Brook House B 2 v 0 Kensington Dragons Eagles

Here’s a question for all Eagles fans to ponder: is our third loss in a row a sign of crisis or simply one of the great mysteries of our time? The result certainly doesn’t look good on paper. But on the pitch ­well, the form that gave us a run of six scintillating wins in October and November was still there for all to see. Despite the winter mud clawing at our heels we maintained the passing, patterns and persistence that have become our trade-mark. And yet…

Two goals against the run of play, and a second half camped around their penalty box striking posts, skying shots to the darkening skies and denied a fair goal by the opposition’s linesman and we’ve come away with nothing yet again. Perhaps it’s a compliment. League sides are now defending deeply against us, aware of the skill and adventure in our side. But if schooling kids in the moribund arts of gamesmanship and bus parking is their problem, scoring now appears to be ours. It’s one we’ve got to solve. And quickly.