KDFC U15 Eagles

U15Bs defy the odds and soar to victory

Kensington Dragons U15B 3 v 1 Forest Utd

After the broken arms and broken hearts could we break our recent run of luckless, morbid form? With a thumping away win against our opponents back in the golden days of Autumn, we certainly hoped so. Until two late no-shows saw us down to a far from comforting starting ten before the lonesome whistle blew. But here is the curious thing: a sense of up against it, of ‘what more can we face?’ seemed to set us free. We were, simply, magnificent – and before the massed, ranks of an initially delighted Forest Utd our midfield stoked the fires on which our wingers soon took flight. At 1-0 up the kicks and swipes began. At 2-0 they increased until they had us down to nine. And while they lucked a soft and open goal back, with our keeper off his line to stop a fight unspotted by the ref, the result was never really in doubt. For spirit such as ours on Sunday is simply unconquerable. When our third unanswerable shot rifled into the back of their almost well-defended net, the message, or the hope, was as clear as the piercing mid-Spring sunlight: the Eagles, surely, are on the rise again.