The U17s triumph in local derby

The U17s played FC Kensington at home at our Birkbeck grounds. This was only our second time playing at this home pitch, and the boys felt very privileged, and it was a lovely bright sunny morning for it. The squad were eager to get underway, and scored an early goal off Miley Casey from just outside the box. The Dragons continued to dominate the game throughout the first half but were unable to put the ball in the back of the net. In the final minutes of the first half the opposition managed to score from a mix-up in our defence. However back on the pitch, the opposition again scored and then proceeded to try to slow the game down with time wasting to try to hold on to the lead. However, the Dragons equalised with a nice ball slotted in by Mohammed Mohammed from a clean pass from Carjez Best-Bryan. The opposition became more aggressive and loud in the face of the equaliser, but were unable to score again. A fantastic goal for the Dragons came when a corner was headed out by the opposition but was volleyed home by Mohammed Mohammed which put victory beyond doubt. A richly deserved win for the Dragons with the final score at 3:2.