Kensington Dragons FC Results W/E 29 October

With half term interrupting many teams the Dragons pressed on regardless, particularly the Reserves who amazingly recorded their fifth clean sheet in a row:

The Firsts just lost 0-1 to Brentham at home. The Dragons KD started well with both possession and attempts on goal but in the 45th minute a throw in on the half way line resulted in a miss placed pass to the Brentham midfield player who played forward to their striker to clinically score. In the second half the Dragons continued to press but just could not put the ball in the net.

The Reserves beat Hendon Springfield 5-0 away. The Dragons first goal came within ten minutes and then soon thereafter a second before making it 3-0 at halftime. The second half was like a training session with the Dragons controlling the game to finish with their 5th clean sheet in a row.

The U18s were beaten 0-6 away by Harrow St Mary’s in a more even match than the score-line suggests. The difference was that Harrow St Mary’s converted their chances whereas the Dragons did not. Particularly  effective was the St Mary’s striker who was in great form (he scored 4 of the 6). The Dragons need to find a way of stopping him when the teams meet at home next Sunday

The U15As lost 1-3 at home to Hendon in the League Cup with a reduced squad. The Dragons created chances early on but then conceded two goals in quick succession.  In the second half the Dragons again created chances but failed to convert. On another day the result could have gone the other way.

The U15Bs lost 1-5 at home to Brook House in the League Cup.  The Dragons went a goal down in the opening minute and it didn’t get much better. Nothing they tried worked. As the Manager said “One to put behind us and move on from – it’s back to the serious business of the league next weekend”

 The U14s beat Cademy 4-3 away in the League Cup. The Dragons were like condemned men as they faced up to higher placed Cademy after several recent thrashings.  The Dragons knew they were in for a rough ride. With the coach away it was up to Max to steady the Dragons ship. The game started and 10 minutes later the Dragons had scored but Cademy came straight back and so in continued. Every player from both teams left their heart on the pitch as the Dragons ultimately prevailed. What a match! What leadership!

 The U13s beat Premiership Langley 8-6 at home after penalties in the League Cup. Langley tried to intimidate the Dragons by complaining about the pitch but as soon as the whistle went the game was on. Langley pushed forward and soon the Dragons were 0-2 down! Another team would have crumbled but not the Dragons who worked harder to pull back to 2-2 at the break. Battle recommenced and at the final whistle it was still a draw and then on to extra time and then on to penalties. Langley missed and the Dragons 3rd penalty was the decisive winner. A game worthy of being televised

The U12s were awarded three points as Totteridge could not field a team due to half term absences.

 The U11s lost 2-5 at home against Acton Ealing Whistlers. The Dragons were missing key players and found it difficult to cope with the Whistlers really talented forward. This was a great effort by the Dragons & many lessons were taken to help the team move forward.

The Girls trained as they did not have  a scheduled match