Kensington Dragons Results W/E 4th November 2018

Fellow Dragons

There were some particularly tense matches this week:

The Firsts drew 2-2 in the Premiership with Lampton away.  The first half was tight, if a bit boring. The Dragons created chances but could not score, whilst their stand in goalie did a  great job at the other end so at half time it remained 0-0.  A Few minutes into the 2nd half the Dragons scored from a brilliant 25 yards free kick and then a few minutes later the Dragons scored again from great team play. Unfortunately Lampton recognised that the Dragons had an outfield player in the goal and started sending long balls into the box to score. With 10 minutes to go a Lampton player was sent off and it seemed the game was over. The Dragons were playing fantastically, creating chances but alas, 20 long seconds before the final whistle, Lampton scored from a free kick to draw.

The Reserves lost 1 – 6 to Ruislip Town.  A combination of Dragons poor defending and missing clear chances led Ruislip to lead 1-2 at half time. The second half started better for the Dragons only for them to miss a clear one on one with the keeper.  After that it was fast downhill for the Dragons as Ruislip took their opportunities.

The U16 Reds beat  Brook House 2-1 at home.  The Dragons knew it would be tough, especially after a slim away victory against Brook house earlier in the season. The game started tightly, with both teams having their fair share of opportunities. Brook House missed 2 one on ones and Dragons hit the bar at least 4 times. With the score 0-0 at the break, the message from the coaches was clear: put away our chances.  Instead the Dragons restarted slower to allow Brook House to break the deadlock, after their striker tapped the ball into an empty net. The Dragons recouped and, after missing  a few clear chances, scored to go into the lead.  The Dragons then defended very well, under extreme pressure, to see the game out and win. Tense!

The U16 Whites just lost 1- 2  to Chiswick Youth at home.  The Dragons lost by the slenderest of margins to to the League leaders in an ill-tempered affair. The visitors took the lead but parity was quickly restored. In spite of a systematic series of cynical fouls, that broke up the Dragons’ attacks, they had the ball in the back of Chiswick’s net twice but both were disallowed. They were also denied a blatant penalty. Eventually the Dragons succumbed under a barrage of long balls, long throws and ‘crazy-gang-esque’ tactics. The Dragons had their opportunities to win but just couldn’t take them.

The U15s  were robbed 3-4 away against Hanwell Town. The Dragons went a goal down from an unflagged offside pass but came back to make the score 2-2 at half time. The Dragons then  pulled ahead to 3-2 before Hanwell came back to  3-3. Then in the last couple of minutes the Dragons goalie saved a goal from in front of the line and, with both hands on the ball, a Hanwell player kicked it – still in the goalie’s hands and still not over the line. The Dragons lineman flagged the foul but the ref gave a goal, saying later “I discounted your flag because you are the Dragons manager”. Outrageous as the world knows that by definition “A Dragons Manager is Fair Manager

The U14s had no match

The U13s Boys lost the first half and then improved to draw 2-2 against Premiership Ruislip Rangers in the Cup. This was a match of two halves in the second round of the League Cup. The Dragons had only two subs available but still got stuck in and improved immeasurably in the second half.   It is hard to call an 2-8 loss inspiring but if the Dragons can maintain the intensity of the second half they will have many wins ahead of them.

The U13s Girls had no match

The U12s drew 0-0 with Pro FA at home in a very lively and entertaining match. Both teams had chances to win but both failed to in their attempts on goal, in most cases due to excellent goalkeeping. This was the most exciting of matches  – despite no  goals being scored. Tense!

The U11 Boys lost 1-3 to Hanwell Town at home. The Dragons started the match up hill, leaving Hanwell to romp down to score three times before half time. It was then the Dragons time to romp down the hill and the opportunities to score came thick and fast, without the ball actually finding its way in Hanwell’s net enough to earn the deserved draw. A great match. This new  Dragons team is learning fast.  

The U11 Girls lost 0-1 at home to Vicky Park Rangers in the Cup to record their first defeat of the season. Vicky Park scored within the first 3 minutes of the match and then spent the rest of the match defending as the Dragons peppered the Rangers gaol without success .  

The U10s trained in preparation for joining the league next season