Kensington Dragons Results W/E 15 October 2017

Fellow Dragons

A glorious weekend lead to dramas, losses, triumphant wins and philosophical thoughts.

The Girls were awarded a walkover into the next round of the League Cup as Hampstead Rubies defaulted.

The U11s lost at home by more than planned to Pitshanger in the first half and then recovered magnificently in the second to end the match on a high.

The U12s just lost to Greenford Celtic with three key players away on a school trip to the Isle of Wight.

The U13s walloped  Larkspur Rovers 6-1 at home. The massed Dragons fans were dismayed when Larkspur scored first in a wakeup call to the Dragons who recovered to lead 2-1 at the half. The Dragons took the game to a different level in the second half  with one marvellous goal after another. Indeed such was the excitement that one Arsenal fan is considering cancelling their season ticket in favour of the Dragons.

The U14s match is under review as Sandgate transgressed. To date Sandgate has pulverised other sides –  beating last week’s opponents 17-2. This week however they came across the calm mature professionalism of the Dragons and resorted to loutish behaviour. The current position is that Sandgate scored 4 to the Dragons 3 but the match may be subject to a disciplinary hearing.  The Dragons came away satisfied that they had shown great strength and skill to survive a bruising encounter against a formidable team.

The U15As won a fantastic Middlesex Cup tie 6-4 against Hendon after going down 0-3 in the first half.  Back on the pitch the Dragons scored 3 well deserved goals to force the match into extra time where the Dragons scored 3 more goals – one from a penalty and two spectacular team efforts.

The depleted U15Bs just lost 1-2 away to Ruislip Town at home.  The Dragons had a slow start and then, just as they started to get the balance right, Ruislip scored a really soft goal. The Dragons battled hard and finished the half on the top but without creating too many chances.
The visitors started the second half being pushed back into their box leading to the Dragons scoring to get back into the game. Unfortunately from the restart Ruislip kicked long to their striker who ran on to score and with it win the hard fought match

The U18s drew 1-1 in normal time of the League Cup to eventually lose 1-3 to Fusion in extra time. The Dragons fought valiantly through the 120 minutes of cup football, coming back from a goal behind at the half before equalising in the second and then, despite playing their best football,  being unable to convert the pressure into goals and missing a penalty along the way. It was then onto extra time but the Dragons were never able to reproduce their superb form and Fusion made them pay by taking advantage of a couple breaks to score

The Firsts just lost 1-2 at home to Pitshanger Dynamos. The Dragons started well but Pitshanger capitalised when the referee allowed play to carry on while a KD player was down injured. The Dragons reacted with a couple of half chances before finally pulling back to make it 1-1. In the second half both teams had chances but fortune was to favour Pitshanger who scored 10 minutes from the end to win

The Reserves remained unbeaten by drawing 0-0 away to Ruislip Town. As soon as the Dragons arrived it became clear that the match was  going to be a nightmare.  As soon as opposition manager had cleaned dog shit from the pitch the referee blew his whistle. The Dragons kept running up and down the hill but could not just get the vital goal to win the 3 points. In the last minute of the game the Dragons goalkeeper made a fantastic save to preserve the Dragons unbeaten record.