Finch brothers cap fine Reserves win

British Airways Reserves 0 v 3 Kensington Dragons Reserves

It was necessary for Kensington Dragons Reserves to win against British Airways Reserves on Saturday. At the same time it was absolutely clear that Dragons could not afford for a second loss in as many weeks. With John Hammond returning to the defensive line and Jamanhi Henry just behind the striker it was clear that the team was complete and well balanced.

Dragons started as their Manager asked, careful, calm and patient. The ball stayed mainly in the central areas and the very physical style of the opponents didn’t surprise the Dragons but we knew we would have to compete in those areas to deserve 3 points. The forward players started with great determination but unfortunately El Habib Oumar and Andrew Scheck missed their chances against the goalkeeper. Both of them missed the goal in great situations but the team stayed calm and looked for other chances. All plans came true in the 28th min when Andrew Scheck crossed the ball into the box. The ball came straight to Matt Finch who fired home to put Dragons into the lead. Unfortunately, Dragons were playing against the wind and their opponents took advantage of that fact. Several dangerous crosses just missed their intended target and when they did, Dragons keeper David Hills was up to the task. The team survived the pressure and went into the half time with 1 goal lead.

The Manager didn’t make any subs over the 15 minute brake and asked the team to stay united and careful. A few minutes after the restart and Dragons won a corner kick. Adam Finch took a chance and delivered the ball into the box. Playing with the wind the ball went straight into the goal. 2-0 for Dragons. It was the first game this season when twins brothers Adam and Matt Finch both registered. That was not enough for the team and the players wanted to score more goals. 5 minutes later another corner kick and Adam Finch crossed again. This time, one of the opponents, very unfortunately changed the ball’s direction and scored an own goal. A Situation in the 65th minute gave the team even more confidence. A missed tackle from Kamal Romain saw an absolutely unacceptable reaction from the opponent who tried to attack the referee who had no choice but to send him off.


Over the last 25 minutes, 3 substitutions meant Dragons could keep up their pressure. Justas Krisciunas replaced Matt Finch, Lamelle Williams replaced El Habib Oumar and Reiss Corr took the place of Jamanhi Henry. 3 fresh legs up the front and absolutely great combination play in the middle and on the side brought many more chances. The best of them unfortunately  missed by Lamelle whose shot clipped the far post of the goal.

This game clearly showed that Kensington Dragons Reserves had done their homework and the team played well, performed well and fully deserved their three points. There is no man of the match as the whole team was fantastic and should take a prize.

There was also an incident in the first half when Kensington Dragons Reserves Manager was abused on the nationality/ethnic basic. Unfortunately not all of the people involved in modern football have the same standards and their minds and world understanding are still narrow or closed. The team, over whole 90 minutes showed them that football is the same game in every part of the world.