Reserves through in cup thriller

Kensington Dragons Reserves 7 v 3 Wembley Park Reserves –  Divisional Cup

Cup games are always very interesting as you have to put maximum effort to go into the next round. Today’s opponents had problems with completing a full squad so the referee decided to delay the game for 15 minutes. Dragons with their attacking mindset didn’t look at their opponents and were purely focused on their job. The team started with a 1-4-2-3-1 with 3 midfielders very narrow just behind the strikers. Unfortunately the boys couldn’t take advantage from their approaches for the first 35 minutes of the 1st half. What is more, Wembley made use of their free kicks and from one, headed the ball straight into the net. Dragons had to work harder but they have showed before that they are able to come back quickly. A few minutes after conceding,  Dragons striker Jermenhi nipped in to steal a back pass and placed the ball into the right bottom corner of the goal. This reaction pushed the team on to get their reward for the majority of ball possession. Just before the half time, Ali Soussi made a great run from the middle of the pitch, passed through the defense line, straight to Andrew Scheck who put the team in the lead.

After the half time break, the  team brought more quality into the game. This led to better and more enjoyable football for all, as well as more chances to score for Dragons. The Manager was sure that more goals had to be scored soon and a few minutes after the restart Dragons took a corner kick. The  ball was placed just in front of the goal, where unmarked Jerminhy scored his 2nd goal of the game. Dragons domination from there couldn’t be  questioned. The team wanted to score more goals and they did it. A few minutes later, another chance for Dragons, and Ali Soussi, scored another goal. This was a really good piece of football. Unfortunately Dragons made a terrible mistake at the back and conceded once. After 2 mistakes of CB and keeper the ball dropped 2yrds in front of the goal just in front of Wembley’s striker. This goal didn’t disturb the boys’ attacking mindset. Few minutes later beat the keeper and scored his 2nd goal this afternoon. Dragons wanted to score more but this game they haven’t got luck with them. Few absolutely lucky saves of Wembleys keeper saved the team couple of times. The last goal for Dragons came from big cross from left side and long sprint of Hassan Osman who closed the action on the opposite wing and placed the ball into the net.

Overall Kensington Dragons Reserves played very good football in the cup game against Wembley Park Reserves. The team achieved their aim and progressed into the next round of the cup. The player of the game was CB Will Conway, a 19 year old who cam through the youth system and who showed real quality into the defensive team game allowing others to attack with freedom.