U14B draw away to Wealdstone

Wealdstone Youth 2 v 2 Kensington Dragons U14B

The U14Bs took on the Wealdstone team from the top of the table.  Early play was defined by inconsistent passing and counterattacking from both sides. Liam Fribley was a stalwart at the back and parried shot after shot.  The Dragons were beginning to put themselves in position to score as Will Fox, and Jimmy Wafa pushed forward.  Ali Muttawa was relentless at pursuing the ball to control midfield and a number of chances just missed the mark.  Early in the second half, the Dragons were called for a handball, and the subsequent penalty kick found it’s mark.  1-0 down the Dragons began to take control of the match.  Jack Flaherty seemed to have an open shot but the ball just missed the mark.  Ali Muttawa slotted in the levelling goal with a nifty over the shoulder shot that found the far side of the goal.  Will Fox pressed forward time and again and was awarded a penalty for his hard work.  Jordan The Iceman Koski coolly put the ball in the net for the go ahead goal. The Dragons continued to play aggressive football and seemingly had the game in hand as Cole Charnetski ensured that we had support at both ends of the pitch.  With time seemingly well run out, the referee seemed to find it difficult to blow the whistle lodged in his front teeth for minutes on end.  Wealdstone pressed forward and caught out the Dragon goalie with a fluke, looping shot.  Coincidentally the whistle blew as the ball hit the net.  The game ended in a draw 2-2.