Results W/E 15th March 2020

We live in odd times with Mexico urging Trump to hurry up with the “Wall”. In the meantime, the Dragons had a few last matches before they were suspended due to Coronavirus:

The U14 Boys beat Brunswick 3-1 at home in the League Trophy Cup. This was a solid performance from the Dragons playing a team in the division above. They scored quickly to draw 2-0 ahead only for Brunswick to score a superb, efficient goal. There was the potential for a wobble, but it did not happen, and the Dragons scored again to make the point. Every Dragon won their individual battles which contributed to this solid, enjoyable victory.

The U12 Girls just lost to Ruislip Rangers at home in the League Cup despite putting in a fabulous performance. The match was slow to start with, as some would describe it, the overly precise Ruislip Manager being the first person ever to minutely measure the pitch. There was much excitement comparing length of strides with the added confusion that some thought in yards whilst others preferred meters. The calm referee injected sense into the proceedings by wondering we should just get on with the match. The Dragons went on to display fantastic team work to end the first half 1-1. The second half began with the same intensity with the Dragons showing tremendous determination and persistence, despite not having their usual goalkeeper. There were some outstanding individual performances, but the real achievement was their team performance. Ruislip scored a few lucky goals late in the second half to win but the Dragons should be very proud of themselves.

There were no other matches