Results W/E 8th March 2020

What a season! Thank goodness years of character building has inured us to the fleeting difficulties of the wettest winter, Corona Virus and now staving off a global downturn. We press on:

The Firsts beat Stonewall 2-1- away. This was a good Dragons performance as they controlled the game from the beginning to score in the 35th minute. The second half was more equal but Stonewall could not create scoring opportunities whilst the Dragons scored again from a penalty before conceding from a corner.

The Reserves had no match

The U17 Reds had no match
The U17 Whites match v Belmont United was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U16s just lost 2-3 at home against Concorde Rangers in the League Trophy Cup group stage. This was a close match and, despite the result, it was good to be back in action

The U14 Boys match against London Eagles was called off due to a waterlogged pitch

The U13s beat Celtic 6-3 in the League Trophy Cup group match at home. Both teams had been having a good season, but it was the Dragons who performed best to lead 4-0 at the break. To give Celtic credit they performed better in the second half to score twice before the Dragons responded. In truth the Dragons had stepped down a gear but nevertheless kept their 100% cup record. A wonderful goal from their centre back and a first goal from the other centre back were both worthy of special celebrations.

The U12 Boys had an unfortunate time against Pro FA away in the Trophy Cup. All started well enough, but two Dragons had to retire from the pitch which left a small band of resolute Dragons trying to stem the tide against overwhelming numbers. These things happen – at least it was better than being stuck on a cruise liner.

The U12 Girls had no match

The U11 Girls lost to Vicky Park Rangers. A last-minute venue change, coupled with some injuries, left the Dragons’ match day roster depleted. Still, they rose to the occasion and made progress against a strong opposition. The Dragons also welcomed one new teammate who made an immediate positive impact. Watch out when the squad gets back to full strength!

The U11 Boys lost to Hanwell away. Again, this was an improved performance from the Dragons who are beginning to play as a team. The main weakness of the Dragons is the lack of a striker.

The U10s trained in preparation to joining the League