Results W/E 15th October 2023

With so many teams there are always triumphs to report in between the character building reversals and so it proved this week:

The Firsts narrowly lost 1-3 at home to Pitshanger Dynamo. It was a tough fixture against the League’s leaders. The Dragons competed almost to the end and then conceded in the last period.

The Blues beat Hillingdon Abbots 5-2 away. The Dragons started well and went 4-1 up in the first half before letting the Abbots back in before reasserting themselves to record the win.

The Old Dragonians just lost 3-4 to Veneceremos at home in the Cup. The Dragons were shocked to find themselves 0-3 down at halftime. The Coaches then introduced a tactical masterstroke that the Dragons implemented to near perfection to pull back to 3-3 with 10 mins to go. To the ODs dismay they then conceded from a corner in the dying minutes and there was no time for a rescue. The match also saw a Dragon U18 stepping up to senior football.

The U18 Boys lost 2-4 to Regent’s Park at home. A repeat of last week led to the Dragons giving up three first half goals due to sloppiness at the back. The halftime  Dragons coach talk led to much better possession and control resulting in two second half goals but unfortunately more were needed.

The U17 Boys lost to North London Stars away in a shocker. The saving grace is that there are home and away legs in the League so a 1-0 win at home will even out the points. Less dribbling, more passing and more movement are needed from the Dragons.

The U16 Boys beat Hendon 6-4 away in another great result. The Dragons started well and by half time were 4-1 up. All seemed set fair but Hendon pulled back to 4-4 with a frisson of fractious frenzy creeping in before in the dying minutes the Dragons slammed in two goals to win.

The U15 Boys lost 0-2 away to Explorers in the Cup. The Dragons faced a tough Premier Division team with the home advantage. A goal in each half gave Enforcers the win but it was an extremely tight contest.

The U14 Boys beat Pro FA 4-3 at home in a thriller. Finding the pitch on the wild expanses of Copthall Playing Fields proved to be only the start of the challenges facing the indomitable Dragons. Before one could say “Where’s Pitch 305?” the Dragons were 0-2 down. It is great credit to the team that they clawed back to compete and then eventually win 4-3.

The U13 Boys beat Hanwell Town 6-4 away. Another win despite a few mistakes that enabled the opponent to come back to 4-4 after initially leading 4-2.

The U12 Boys Red lost 1-4 to Princes Park at home. The Dragons played well but just didn’t finish the chances they had against an evenly matched side.

The U12 Boys White lost 0-2 at home in the Cup to London Eagles. This was a well organised performance considering it was the Dragons’ third only game playing together. The goals conceded were simply unlucky: a freak goal for the 1st and the 2nd was the last kick of the game.

The new U11 Boys just lost 1-3 to Wealdstone at home in their third match ever. Wealdstone were 3-0 up at halftime and the new Dragons team could have crumpled but instead they shored  up their defence and pressed to score whilst keeping a second half clean sheet.

The U18 Girls had no game.

The U16 Girls beat Ruislip Rangers 6-4 away. This was a tough fixture away for the Dragons, which turned out to be a very exciting. The Dragons played their hearts out, followed their Coach’s instructions and sealed a big win against an historically tricky side.

The U15 Girls and the U14 Girls had no games.

The U13 Girls were beaten by Hinton and Finchley Revolution at home in the Middlesex Cup. The fixture was inexplicably deemed to be played at  eleven a side rather than the usual nine a side.  A game to forget for the young Dragons. 

The New U11 Girls lost 0-2 to St Joseph’s away. The Dragons showed incredible spirit and they continue to improve day by day, match by match. The results will soon reflect their up-and-coming talent.

The U10s trained with a view to becoming next season’s U11s