Results W/E 22nd October 2023

In a good weekend marked by more wins than losses:

The Firsts beat Stonewall 2-1 away in a hard-fought match. The Dragons went 0-1 down after ten minutes but then dug deep, displaying great determination, to not just get back into the game but to win it. Well done!

The Blues beat Southall Athletic 2-1 in the Middlesex Cup at home. After much toing and froing to settle on a venue the match turned out to be a thriller. Southall scored first before the Dragons drew level and then finally pounced to score the decisive winning goal. 

The Old Dragonians lost 2-4 away to The 3Steps. The game showed how this year’s ODs have progressed in the last 6 weeks. They were by far the better team and opened the scoring with a 35-yard screamer but a physical opposition and eccentric ref saw 3Steps snatch the points. It’s only a matter of time before the results match the performances the Dragons deserve. 

The U18 Boys had no game. 

The U17 Boys beat Old Actonians 8-3 away. This was a test of character for the Dragons after their shocker of a defeat the previous weekThey scored first before the OAs drew level but from then on it was the Dragons all the way except for a late OAs flurry. Unfortunately, just after the final whistle, some disgruntled OAs let their disappointment get the better of them and not all the Dragons handled themselves with the forbearance that they have yet to become accustomed to. Just as one asked oneself “Goodness where is this going to end?” calm was restored with both sides shaking hands leaving their respective Hon Secs to waste hours writing pleas of mitigation.     

The U16 Boys drew 5-5 at home to Trailfinders. This was a very frustrating match in which the score didn’t represent the game. Without their regular keeper a brave young Dragon valiantly stepped into the breach.  The Dragons were the better team and scored 5 brilliant goals. Trailfinders were lucky to secure the draw. It will now be a test of the Dragons character and teamwork as they look out for one another to bounce back. Still, one point is better than none. 

The U15 Boys lost 3-5 away to Eight FC. Eight came out fast and strong and at halftime the Dragons were shocked to find themselves 1-3 down. They pulled back with two well deserved goals to draw level at 3-3 but Eight FC went on to clinch two late winning goals. 

The U14 Boys were awarded an automatic home win against Harrow St Marys who defaulted 

The U13 Boys home match was called off due to a waterlogged pitch. 

The U12 Boys Red narrowly lost 3-4 to Belmont Bees away. The Dragons showed determination to level the score twice and then pull ahead to 3-2 with 10 minutes left. Ultimately only having one Dragons substitute then decided the result. 

The U12 Boys White were awarded an automatic away win as Ruislip Town defaulted. 

The New U11 Boys recorded their first win beating Celtic 2-1 away in a thriller. With only two previous matches under their footballing belts the Dragons showed the resilience and focus worthy of veterans. It remained 1-1 as the closely fought match hurtled towards the end when, with 20 seconds left on the clock, the Dragons were awarded a corner. West London held its breath. Surely the match was destined to be a draw but no – the Dragons scored to win! 

The U18 Girls, U16 Girls, U15 Girls and U14 Girls had no matches scheduled. 

The U13 Girls Cup match away against Hinton, Finchley and Haringey was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. 

The U11 Girls and U10 Boys did not train due to a waterlogged pitch.