Results W/E 23rd May 2021

A mixed week with some stupendous results:

Congratulations to Rose, our U12 Girls Coach, for being only the 3rd person  in England to complete the new FA online coaching course.

The U11 Boys soundly beat LFF Frontiers 11-1 away in their seventh win in a row.  LLF were actually not a bad side and were certainly a pleasant group of parents and players. The Dragons played rather cramped, messy football at times with enthusiasts trying to dribble through banks of defenders in vain attempts to score a wonder goal. There were other times however when the slick, quick passing of the Dragons was simply too much for their opposition and as a result the goals piled up.   

The U11 Girls lost to Pitshanger away. The Dragons trekked all the way to Ealing at the crack of dawn to play an exciting, but ultimately losing, game against Pitshanger. The phrase “character building” was on the lips of many a Dragons fan.

The U12 Boys beat Football Samuri 4-3 at home in an absolute thriller to secure the division title. With 15 minutes to go the Dragons were leading 3-2 with Samuri pilling on endless pressure to draw level. The Dragons then scored to make it 4-2 and seemingly win. Samuri however had not given up and scored from a penalty to make 4-3. The whistle finally blew, to the relief  of the Dragons who had recorded a tremendous win.

The U12 Girls lost to FC Starz away. This was a challenging match with the Dragons missing key players and Starz having an extra player on the pitch.  It took the mathematically minded Dragons at least five minutes to finally make the referee aware of the disparity ! Starz are a strong team and they played well,  assisted, one would have to add,  by their referee – Starz’s first goal was clearly offside and numerous handballs and fouls  were ignored. The Dragons kept their spirits up however and almost scored numerous goals of their own.  It was a tough game but the Dragons had learnt a lot.

The U13 Boys trained but had no match.

The U13 Girls trained but had no match.

The U14 Boys trained but had no match.

The U15 Boys just lost 2-3 against Hanwell Town away. This was an intense match, not help by the appointed referee pulling out. It was agreed that Hanwell referee the first half and the Dragons the second. The post-match discussions were rather marred by Hanwell getting over excited and not showing the maturity that parents are expected to display.

The U15 Girls trained but had no match.

The U17 boys lost against Headstone Manor away. The Dragons Manager said after the match: “I can’t really say much about the match to be honest. It went against the run of play in the first half but our defenders  welcomed the ball into our net with alacrity.” 

The U18s just lost at home 1-2 to Magix. The Dragons took the lead with a penalty but were missing a few players through injury, Magix equalised and then took the lead. The Dragons tried to find the equaliser but it failed to come. The Dragons need to win last game to match the league leaders in points

The U10s trained before playing a friendly against the U11 Boys. Rather than crowding the pitch substitutes were used for the first time to create more space on the pitch and to accustom players to the concept of substitutions.  

The Seniors had no match